Clem Bastow

6 other iconic characters it's time to genderswap


Clem Bastow Gillian Anderson officially threw her hat in the ring to take on 007 - Clem Bastow suggests some other characters who are ripe for a re-cast.

Clem Bastow

The emails I receive from entitled male readers

Clem Bastow "It's the expectation that you owe these men the time and effort it takes to read their work and help them that stings," writes Clem Bastow.

Clem Bastow

Why the internet's whiny male trolls can't wait to see the new 'Ghostbusters' fail

Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon in the upcoming <i>Ghostbusters</i>, out in July.

Clem Bastow "The amount of dislikes the Ghostbusters' trailer is receiving is in no way organic. This is witless misogyny run rampant," writes Clem Bastow.


The onscreen double standard it's time to flip


Clem Bastow "As far as I'm concerned, feminism won't have won until I can tune in to Game Of Thrones and see Podrick making bread while his wang flops about in the wind," writes Clem Bastow.

Delivered meals

The shame of not having the time (or skills) to cook for myself

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow made a decision to stop feeling guilty about not having the time to cook for herself.

Kesha shouldn't have to work with the man who allegedly raped her

Singer Kesha cries as she learns she will not be released from her record label contract in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday.

Clem Bastow How a judge's focus on what's "commercially reasonable" comes at the expense of a female artist's mental wellbeing.

How well does 'feminist Tinder' work, really?

Clem Bastow 'Bumble' worked for Amy Schumer, but how does it actually stack up in real life?

The five kinds of guys who would buy a 'period tracker for men'

Clem Bastow's list of possible customers for Frederick.

Clem Bastow Yep, we're talking about the app that promised to help your average bro out: "Track her cycle, keep your sanity."

Gender roles

Five products desperately in need of a gender overhaul

Clem Bastow Advertising agencies, please send all intellectual property royalty cheques to Clem Bastow.

Dating 'advice'

Eight places women should forget about going to 'meet men'

Grocery store romances are grossly over-represented in cheesy rom coms.

Clem Bastow Single women who are actively 'looking' are inevitably directed to certain locations to 'find' someone.

Happy NYE

Why I dread New Year's Eve even more than Valentine's Day

Harry and Sally's New Year's Eve might've ended with a kiss, but yours doesn't have to, writes Clem Bastow.

Clem Bastow Forget When Harry Met Sally, in Clem Bastow's book NYE is "a tear-stained holiday more dreaded than Valentine's Day and more emotionally charged than Christmas morning".

Teen dreams

How to holiday like a 16-year-old this summer

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow: "Inhabit the mindset of a surly teen: right now all you care about is Impulse, Recovery, who you'll have as home teacher next year, and whether or not there'll be cute guys at the...

Festive Season

The 8 people you'll meet at every Christmas party and how to survive them

Clem Bastow The Christmas party season strikes fear into the hearts of mortals.

Coping mechanisms

Seven things to do when the state of the world is getting you down

A young girl lights candles to honour victims of the Paris terror attacks at a vigil in Manila, Philippines.

Clem Bastow It's hard to watch the news coming in from around the world without feeling hopeless. Here's a few ways to cope with that.

Cup Day

Why you might want to rethink your Melbourne Cup themed Tinder profile photo

What does a person with an

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow decodes the real message your race day picture sends out to a potential right-swiper.

Film industry

Imagine if half the people directing films were women

Clem Bastow If the proposed Screen Australia quota was adopted, what would the film industry look like?

Laugh out loud

9 female comedy bits everyone should know

Comedian Aparna Nancherla.

Clem Bastow A small smorgasbord of funny chicks whose work you may or may not have seen.

Textual relations

Are our archived conversations causing us unnecessary heartache?

Those of us prone to replaying conversations in our minds are entirely likely to endlessly rake over a message archive or inbox to see where it all went wrong.

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow is familiar with the awkwardness of revisiting on painful old texts.

Anti-femmo clickbait

If things said to female writers were clickbait headlines

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow: "I'm taking these dudes' hurtful, irritating or just plain stupid comments, emails and tweets, and turning them into something beautiful."

Clem Bastow

The one rom-com trope that's still affecting our love lives

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in <i>When Harry Met Sally</i>:

Clem Bastow The movies tell us if your relationship doesn't start this way, you're probably not going to end up together. And somehow, we believe it.