Does belonging to more groups make us happier?

Clem Bastow How the answer affects your happiness and self-worth.


Will Rachel McAdams be the flawed female detective we've been waiting for?

Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell in True Detective season two.

Clem Bastow McAdams is a welcome female addition to the typically very male "troubled cop" canon.

Winter watches

A guide to winter binge-watching

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow on why you should just crash on a couch or lock yourself in a cinema for the next month or so (there's just so much to watch).

Six things you should forget about once you turn 30

Clem Bastow Up to your eyeballs in opinions about what you simply must do by the time you turn 30. Here's an alternative.

Is it time to shelve the #maletears approach to internet feminism?

A misandrist cross-stitch

Clem Bastow Perhaps what's really needed in the push for liberation isn't irony but plain old-fashioned earnest fury.

Bodies of work

Hollywood's eating and exercise plans are special effects, not diets

ScarJo described her prep for playing Black Widow in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' as

Clem Bastow So why are they sold to us as aspirational?

Women in Film

I want more women to make films I loathe

Director Kathryn Bigelow on the set of The Hurt Locker.

Clem Bastow Just as I want to celebrate films that are truly great. After all, that's how it is for the guys.

A short history of things that have been compared to rape

The anti-vaccination Facebook post.

Clem Bastow When things that are not at all like rape are described as being "like rape".

Clem Bastow

We need to talk about Joss Whedon's 'feminism'

Where is all the Black Widow merch?

Clem Bastow As the man at the helm of a movie that will make billions, Whedon is in a position to insist upon real change. So what's he doing?

Clem Bastow

Six things I've learned from doing stand-up comedy


Clem Bastow Anxiety, addiction, critics... But it's still the best feeling in the world, writes Clem Bastow.

Mad Men

What I hope happens to all the Mad Men characters

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss) in <i>Severance</i>, the first episode of the final season of <i>Mad Men</i>.

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow imagines what the rest of the 20th century holds for her favourite (and least favourite) characters.

Clem Bastow

What is a 'Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl'?

Clem Bastow Does anyone really only carry around a Penguin classic, a set of keys, and one flat-dried rose kept folded in a silk handkerchief?

Should we be treating periods as a feminist issue?


Clem Bastow "Society’s problem with periods is one thing; expecting all menstruating people to embrace their periods as somehow divine or sacred is entirely another," writes Clem Bastow.

Men who cried misandry over Sarah Silverman's 'rape prevention tips'

Sarah Silverman is no stranger to rape jokes or the accompanying controversy.

Clem Bastow With depressing predictability, the #NotAllMen brigade were soon out in force, accusing Silverman oftarring all Good Men with the same "potential rapist" brush.

Adult preschoolers

So now there is a preschool for adults


Clem Bastow Yep, we've officially hit peak kidulthood.

Online etiquette

How should a person be (on other people's social media feeds)

Social media

Clem Bastow Clem Bastow on six passive-aggressive thoughts everyone's had while scrolling through their social feeds.

Creative pay gap

Is there a pay gap for creative women?

'It's our time': Patricia Arquette made a passionate call for wage equality for women during her Oscar acceptance speech for best supporting actress.

Clem Bastow While Patricia Arquette might have fluffed the delivery of her call to arms, she had a very good point to make.


Tinder thinks you should pay for being an older single person

TinderPlus will cost more if you happen to fall into the over 28 age bracket.

Clem Bastow The paid service goes against everything Tinder stood for in its glory days.

You need to know about Tink


Clem Bastow Five female musicians who should be on your radar right now.

#AskHimLess: Oscar suits hits and misses

Oscars day: Chris Pratt on the red carpet.

Clem Bastow Why talk about anything else when we can focus on all the red carpet action at the Oscars?