Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle

Writer, blogger, National Indigenous Organiser

Federal election

Federal election 2016: The indigenous women giving me cause to hope

Celeste Liddle My entire life watching politics has been tainted by seeing non-Indigenous politicians make a bunch of decisions about Indigenous people without any consultation. The tide could finally be changing.

Domestic Violence

How victim blaming is heightened when sexism intersects with race

Adeline Yvette Rigney-Wilson.

Celeste Liddle The reporting of the horrific death of Yvette Rigney-Wilson and her two young children last week was despicable, Celeste Liddle writes.

Celeste Liddle

Nova Peris didn't 'let the team down', she blazed a trail

Ms Peris announces her departure from politics on May 26.

Celeste Liddle The reaction to Nova Peris quitting has shown just how far Australia still has to go when it comes to racism and sexism.

Celeste Liddle

Travelling as a solo woman is not lonely or scary, it's freeing

As a woman, travelling alone overseas is an incredibly freeing experience.

Celeste Liddle The idea that a woman travelling along is taking some sort of unnecessary risk seems to be wedged in the minds of many, but the statistics tell a different story.

Celeste Liddle

Yes there is confusion, but it's not from the Indigenous community

There is little confusion from the Indigenous community with regards to their broader aspirations.

Celeste Liddle The Indigenous community is clear on what it wants, the real puzzle is why the government mostly ignores their calls for change, writes Celeste Liddle.

Reproductive freedom

Why the reproductive rights of Indigenous women cannot be ignored

Members of Australia's Stolen Generation react as they listen to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deliver his apology on February 13, 2008.

Celeste Liddle The fight for reproductive freedom doesn't start and end with contraception and abortion: Australia's legacy of eugenics continues to impact Aboriginal women.

Stolen wages

The stolen wages that continue to hold indigenous Australians back

Celeste Liddle It's time Australia stops profiting from the free labour of Aboriginal people, writes Celeste Liddle.

International Women's Day

Let's stop neglecting the unique struggles of Aboriginal women

Celeste Liddle It is important to remember that "herstory" in this country will never be complete without the voices of Aboriginal women.

Celeste Liddle

I am glad people aren't shy about saying 'vagina'. But why can't they refer to the right body part?

 Edwina Bartholomew.

Celeste Liddle There is an inherent misogyny attached to the continual mislabelling of female anatomy.

Celeste Liddle

Indigenous Australians have a right to speak our first language

Bess Price, a minister in the Northern Territory government.

Celeste Liddle The fact that a member of parliament can be ruled disorderly the minute she does something a bit "too native" shows anyone can fall victim to racism.

Celeste Liddle

Australia doesn't need more 'Stolen Generations'. We need to stop validating broadcasters like Alan Jones

Alan Jones has reiterated his claim that Australia needs more stolen generations.

Celeste Liddle I wonder what my grandmother, a stolen generation child back in the 1930s, would make of Jones's claim that it was "for her own good"?

Celeste Liddle

Why Constitutional Recognition isn't necessarily the answer to improving Indigenous rights

Aboriginal flag mural at Redfern's The Block reads 'sovereignty never ceded'.

Celeste Liddle There are good reasons the Indigenous community is supporting a treaty over Constitutional Recognition.

Invasion Day

How to show solidarity with Indigenous Australians this Invasion Day

Celeste Liddle.

Celeste Liddle Celeste Liddle on the things you can do to not erase the views, history and struggle of Indigenous people on this national holiday.

Celeste Liddle

Why is the WA government cutting funding to a crucial ear clinic for Aboriginal children?

Celeste Liddle Aboriginal children experience ear ailments at a rate ten times that of other children - so why is the effective 'Ear Bus' program being shut down?, asks Celeste Liddle.

What the final hours of Ms Dhu's life tells us about our broken justice system

Ms Dhu's relatives in mourning.

Celeste Liddle At every turn, Ms Dhu was failed by a state which imprisons impoverished Aboriginal people so willingly.

The grandmothers who are stopping the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their homes


Celeste Liddle When it comes to the safety of Aboriginal children, Australia certainly shouldn't be looking to repeat history.

Celeste Liddle

Family violence isn't something that happens to 'unsuitable women'

Celeste Liddle.

Celeste Liddle "To state plainly that social disadvantage is the cause of family violence ignores the gendered power which lies at its root."

The hypocrisy of calling Aboriginal women on welfare 'cash cows'

Former Labor MP Gary Johns made the controversial comments on Channel Ten's Bolt Report on Sunday.

Celeste Liddle It's despicable that discussion on violence affecting Aboriginal women is dodged in such a ludicrous way.

National Sorry Day

'Reconciliation' shouldn't just be driven by Indigenous people

Celeste Liddle:

Celeste Liddle Celeste Liddle: "In my mind, it should be the other way around."

Indigenous affairs

Fighting domestic violence shouldn't mean revoking Aboriginal rights

Celeste Liddle If governments truly want to protect Aboriginal women, why are they cutting back the very services which save lives?