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Jimmy Fallon

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon spitting food on each other is truly gross


Candice Chung Think dry biscuits and plosive sounds.

Sabina Altynbekova

Kazakhstan teen volleyball player slammed by critics for being 'too beautiful'


Candice Chung Apparently Sabina Altynbekova "is so attractive that it's a distraction to the sport".

Going viral

Couple comes up with genius way to put off anti-abortion protestors


Candice Chung If you can't beat 'em, mock 'em.

GOT at Comic-Con

No one likes to Instagram more at Comic-Con than the GOT cast


Candice Chung Adorable pictures of Westeros citizens in civvies ensue.

Dear White People

Watch: Dear White People is the racial satire you've been waiting for


Candice Chung Warning: Aggressive levels of LOLs ahead.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham starts viral Twitter conversation on why people use birth control


Candice Chung Nailed it, Lena. Nailed it.

Art of 'Columbusing'

Foods we've discovered thanks to white people


Candice Chung A food lover's guide to the fine art of 'Columbusing'.

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Going viral

The three girls with cancer in viral photo are now in remission


Candice Chung Prepare for tears of joy from their photos of recovery.


Website sells glue for babies' heads so you can stick on girlie accessories


Candice Chung Ain't nothing worse than unfeminine she-babies.

Going viral

Watch: What happens if women said the things men say


Candice Chung A new gender flipping video shows exactly everyday sexism sounds like.

Things Kanye says

The most lavishly WTF moments from Kanye West's GQ cover interview


Candice Chung “Like they said in Step Brothers: Never lose your dinosaur."

Going viral

Guilty beagle apologising to baby is the best thing you'll see all day


Candice Chung This beagle knows it's done the wrong thing by the baby and is doing everything to make up for it.

Adorable apology

NYPD officers apologise for scaring Taylor Schilling


Candice Chung What happens when police officers become fangirls of Orange is the New Black.

Stuff Esquire says

Esquire writer bravely deems 42-year-old women f-ckable


Candice Chung Esquire writer Tom Junod declares it no longer gross to sleep with older women, attributes it to "changes in sexual fashion".

Battered Disney princesses shows domestic violence can happen to anyone

Disney princess

Candice Chung Artist creates jarring series that shows no one is immune from domestic abuse.

Hari Kondabolu

Watch: Comedian Hari Kondabolu sums up the essence of discrimination in five minutes


Candice Chung "Before I begin I'd like you to know that the theme of my set tonight will be colonialism. Which is why I am speaking only in English."

Going viral

Brad Pitt's 80s Pringles ad is still enjoyable today


Candice Chung This will be the best 30 seconds of your day.

Dating site will find you a match based on photos of ex partners


Candice Chung Online matchmakers argue we are all attracted to a 'type'. But is it a good idea to go down that path?

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Going viral

What happens if Asians said the stuff white people say


Candice Chung "Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? I'm so into white culture." OH it's good.

Peggy Olson-ing

'Are you Peggy Olsoning me?'


Candice Chung The awkward moment when you’re told to take an insult as a compliment.

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