Andrew P Street

Andrew P Street


Male feminists

Men, here's what to do before you declare yourself a 'feminist'


Andrew P Street You like and respect women. You recognise male privilege is a thing. Your hackles and ire are legitimately raised by structural inequalities you see facing women every day. So are you a feminist?

Lies, damned lies

What to do when a Twitter troll starts spouting statistics at you

Andrew P Street "If someone with an axe to grind starts quoting numbers that seem unlikely, there's a decent chance you're being misled," writes Andrew P Street.

Q&A recap: Laurie Penny makes salient point on casual sex and the hook-up culture


Andrew P Street Laurie Penny: "It's not sex that is bad for women, sexism is bad for women."

Prediction: what the PM's 'last chance' speech at the Press Club today will sound like

Andrew P Street Despite literally everything that's been going on over the last 24-hours-to-18-months, Tony Abbott is pretty clear about the best thing about the federal government: Tony Abbott.

Budget cuts protests

Thousands gather across country to protest ABC cuts

Protesters gather in Federation Square to voice anger at cuts to the ABC.

Andrew P Street "No ifs, no buts, no ABC cuts"

Misogynist economics

Are you worth your Cost Per Orgasm?


Andrew P Street Because you don’t want to price yourself out of the sex-market – right, ladies?

Can this app save you from yourself?

Andrew P. Street One of the biggest design problems with the human brain is that it's inconveniently stuck inside one's skull instead of standing in the beer garden at 2am slapping the phone from one’s hand and...

Life of a TV recapper

The (unexpected) pleasures and sorrows of writing TV recaps

the voice

Andrew P Street Andrew P Street attempts to justify an entire genre of pop-journalism.

Watch: a depressed goat become overjoyed when reunited with his donkey best friend

Andrew P Street Grab your tissues, here's the best thing on the internet today - Mr G and Jellybean's reunion.

RIP lad culture

Farewell Nuts: a eulogy for lad culture


Andrew P Street Weep into your airbrushed photographs of female genitalia, gentlemen: Nuts magazine has announced plans to close.

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Going viral

The five things wrong about the 'air sex' video


Andrew P Street Comedian pranks women by filming himself pretending to penetrate them while they go about their daily activities.

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Awkward dilemma

Being friends with someone you find attractive


Andrew P Street Must friendships and sexual attraction be mutually exclusive?

Funny women

Can men be as funny as women?


Andrew P Street Andrew P Street wants to settle this once and for all.

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Flirting manual

A guide to not giving women ‘the wrong idea’

man manual

Andrew P Street Andrew P Street has some solid advice for all the confused men out there in the work place.

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Creepy dating manual

A 99 page manual on how to date this guy


Andrew P Street Including: His 'Imaginary Wake-up Test', moisturising regime and yep, preferred terms for his penis.

Sexual harassment

Mayor blames city for his sexual misconduct


Andrew P Street Okay, that's a new one.

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Joke that backfired

When women are offered as job 'perks'


Andrew P Street It's not sexism, guys. It's just a bit of 'bromedy'!

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High rent ruining love

Is high rent ruining your love life?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 09:  Sarah Ann Macklin model with David Gandy model on day 3 of London Mens Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013, on January 09, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/FilmMagic)

Andrew P Street How the property market is affecting relationships.

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Marriage equality

In defence of marriage


Andrew P Street Andrew P Street on why the chance to be married (whether you choose it or not) is still worth fighting for.

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Should relationships last 'til death do us part'?


Andrew P Street ANDREW P STREET would like a more realistic timeline, please.

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