Girls as victims

Raising girls as victims


Amy Gray Are teenage girls really in the middle of a psychological catastrophe?

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A farewell

Girls Gone Wild, a eulogy

This cover image released by Girls Gone Wild shows the September 2009 issue of

Amy Gray A fitting tribute to one of the sleaziest, most exploitative, slut-shaming franchises ever invented.

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Understanding Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome


Amy Gray When Elliott was born his mother was told he had six months to live. Seven years later, Elliot is still here. This is their story.

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Creating a child you won't raise

I donated my egg to a family


Amy Gray And the kid is exactly like me.

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Back to school

5 ways to pack your kids off to school


Amy Gray A veteran's guide to navigating through the admin-ageddon.

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Parenting stereotypes

Why single Mums make us uncomfortable

Hands making a heart shape

Amy Gray A look at the pervasive myths of single-parenting - and the facts.

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Does Rape justify Revenge?


Amy Gray In fighting against the horror of one pack, are we creating yet another pack mentality?

Social media don'ts

The cult of the selfie


Amy Gray Why your flattering self-portrait shared via social media is probably an intimacy killer.


Mothers, take off your capes


Amy Gray We are not supermums, we are parents.

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