Alecia Simmonds

Alecia Simmonds

Sovereign borders

Why we need a reminder about Australia's imperialist history with Nauru

Alecia Simmonds If Australian borders are 'strong', it is only because for over a century we've treated our neighbours' borders with contempt, writes Alecia Simmonds.

Student sexism

Are student evaluations fair on female teachers?

According to a recent French-American study, a very compelling reason exists for ditching evaluations: they discriminate against women.

Alecia Simmonds There are compelling reasons for universities to ditch student evaluations as a tool for assessing professors.

Do women really need to sound 'more confident'?

Alecia Simmonds "I think what the world needs right now is less brashness and more genuine doubt. We need more honest admissions of uncertainty."

Footy culture

Why do we care more about racism when it happens on a footy field?

Goodes shows that the equality we imagine defines football and Australia, in reality rests on exclusion.

Alecia Simmonds Football matters to us, Alecia Simmonds argues, because we see it as representative of what we are as Australians.

How can a mini-series about British settlement show no Aboriginal people?

Banished 2.jpg

Alecia Simmonds The show is historically inaccurate, politically retrograde and, quite simply, racist.

Flying solo

The unbounded joy of solitary outings

Alecia Simmonds There's a massive gulf between how much people think they'll enjoy doing things alone, and how much fun they have when it happens.

History Lesson

Australia needs to own up to its slave history

Ben Affleck has an ancestor who owned slaves, something the star was hoping to keep hidden.

Alecia Simmonds Ben Affleck and Australia share a lot in common: we’re rich, we're pretty, and we'd rather not own up to our history of slavery.

Billy Gordon

What we're missing in the attacks over Billy Gordon's character

Former Labor MP Billy Gordon.

Alecia Simmonds It’s hypocritical for us to ask indigenous politicians to redress their communities’ problems and then be shocked when it turns out that they have experienced those problems.

My Family stickers

Why do people put those 'My Family' stickers on their cars?

My Family

Alecia Simmonds Narcissism? Delusion? A simple celebration of familial love? A new study into the phenomenon has an interesting answer.

Annabel Crabb

We need a male equivalent to the term 'working mother' and other lessons from Annabel Crabb's book The Wife Drought

Annabel Crabb, author of The Wife Drought.

Alecia Simmonds Women need wives and men need lives: an interview with political commentator, social satirist, TV-presenter, scribbler, baker, author and mother of three, Annabel Crabb.

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Say it in writing

Why don't we write love letters anymore?


Alecia Simmonds Why letter-writing will improve your love life.

Literary crush

Everything you've always wanted to ask Jeanette Winterson

Winterson.Sydney.April 15th, 2012.Photo.Sahlan Hayes.Story.Damien Murphy.English author Jeanette Winterson, in Sydney as part of the Sydney Writer's Festival.

Alecia Simmonds Love, relationships, mothers, madness... and Tony Abbott.

A la French

Is it a good thing the French force couples to reunite to say goodbye?


Alecia Simmonds "I got divorced on a near-perfect spring day in Paris."

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'Save some for later'

The biggest lie we've been told about pleasure


Alecia Simmonds Alecia Simmonds' case against Pleasure Delay.

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Is Instagram soft porn a good thing?


Alecia Simmonds A new site is supposedly 'redefining porn for women'. But is it too tasteful for its own good?

Alecia Simmonds

Four countries that treat asylum seekers better than Australia

Image of Reza Berati. Photo taken from facebook page of Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. FAIR USE.

Alecia Simmonds We're being shown up by countries far more disadvantaged than we are.

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Marius and the sharks

Should animals have legal rights?


Alecia Simmonds Will animals always be our property to breed, kill, study or incarcerate at our will?

Aussies hate earnestness

Why 'taking yourself seriously' is such a crime

man wrapped in Australian flag towel with blue sky

Alecia Simmonds The damaging phrase most often said by Australians.

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Happy relationships

Are gay couples happier than straight ones?

My idiot brother

Alecia Simmonds Three things gay couples do better than the heteros in their relationships.

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French PM scandal

Is it more progressive to be accepting of affairs?


Alecia Simmonds Or is it absurd to expect female partners to suffer this humiliation in silence?

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