Dragon-skin ice found in Antarctica

Dragon-skin ice found in Antarctica (Thumbnail)Click to play video

A rare sea ice referred to as dragon-skin has been seen for the first time in a decade by an research expedition in Antarctica.

Naked Mole Rats: Ugly, but hardy.

No only do naked mole-rats not get cancer, not feel pain and don’t have warm blood like other mammals, they also don’t need very much oxygen to live, per a new study in the journal Science.

Badger buries cow. Can ya dig it?

A small American badger has buried a 22-kilogram calf carcass and it was all caught on camera by scientists at the University of Utah.

How spinach can help rebuild hearts

How spinach can help literally rebuild hearts  (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Popeye has nothing on these bioengineers, who have taken a simple spinach leaf and transformed it into a sheet of beating human heart tissue.

Black hole and white dwarf in cosmic dance

A quick look at X9 in 47 Tucanae  (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Scientists have discovered the closest ever orbit between a black hole and a companion white dwarf star on the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy.

Scientists find world's oldest fossils

Scientists find world's oldest fossils  (Thumbnail)Click to play video

A team of scientists at University College London claim to have found the remnants of structures made by micro-organisms that are the oldest fossils on Earth. Vision courtesy Nature.

Giant spider crab migration begins

Thousands of giant spider crabs have begun their migration to the shallow waters of Port Phillip Bay early this year.

The search for planet nine

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Astronomers from NASA and the University of California, are asking for people's help in searching for a possible ninth planet in our solar system.

Chief scientist goes off at Trump

Chief scientist goes off at Trump (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Science is under attack, says Australia's chief scientist Alan Finkel, who has likened Donald Trump to Stalin. Video courtesy: ANU

Australia's seven strangest sea creatures

There are some weird and wonderful things going on beneath our salty waters.

Scientists grow first human-pig embryos

A team of scientists have grown the first human-pig hybrid embryos, opening up a route for growing transplant organs. Vision courtesy Salk Institute.

The surprising ways my family grieved after Dad died

Alexandra Newmarch Therapy can be helpful, but it's not for everyone.

'Getting divorced doesn't mean my marriage was a failure'

The paradigm of marriage is of a relationship that lasts forever.

Kerri Sackville We don't regard friendships as failures when two people drift apart. So why do we demand so much from relationships?


Q&A: White man on all-white panel says he 'loves hearing hate speech'

Jenny Noyes Brave freedom fighter Brendan O'Neill then goes on to call people of colour "cowards" for pursuing justice against hate speech in court.

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Life on the land: years of big-city living and an urge to return to the bush

Nicole Alexander Born and bred in the country, author Nicole Alexander still works and loves the land of her forebears.

Getting sound financial advice is crucial for us all, but especially for women

Jane Caro.

Jane Caro There's a high price to pay for not worrying your pretty little head, says Jane Caro.

My blind dating experiment: 10 lessons for finding romance

A person is more than just an awkward greeting at the start of a date, or a profile on Tinder.

Madeleine Dore If we can change our exercise and diet habits, can we make over our dating lives?

The prize of the Incas: mystery and majesty at Peru's Machu Picchu

Tatyana Leonov Visiting Machu Picchu is an experience one never forgets. Tatyana Leonov embarks on an extraordinary - and luxurious - journey to this historic city.