The women who deserve medals for their bravery

Clementine Ford There is no valour for women who survive violence. But here's why things should change.

Clementine Ford

Put down the bathrobe. This is what women really want this Mother's Day

Clementine Ford What does a mother want for Mother's Day? Don't ask. No, seriously, don't ask her damn thing, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

Johnny Depp's career will be fine, and that's part of the problem

Amber Heard.

Clementine Ford For those of us who work to raise awareness of men's violence against women, there are fewer things more demoralising than the constant tide of double standards that rises up to wash away any signs...

Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford: This is what a rapist really looks like

Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford Society has an insistence that a rapist is a foreboding man with a discernable air of violence. The reality is quite different.

This is what equality looks like

Ted McMeekin.

Clementine Ford At a time when our male politicians are paying lip service to the f-word, this man is showing them what it actually takes to be a feminist.

Clementine Ford

What Australia can learn in the aftermath of the Brock Turner case

Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford We are at a point of real, possible change. But first we need to tackle Australia's blind spot, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

It's not 'just a joke' and it's okay not to laugh

Eddie McGuire.

Clementine Ford We're frequently told it's 'political correctness gone mad', but here's how you can tell when 'playful banter' has crossed the line.

Clementine Ford

Real change requires work - something not all men understand

If you really feel like it's not about you, stop making it about you.

Clementine Ford We have seen significant progress on violence against women, so it was disappointing to hear this dummy spit.

The epidemic of rape culture in schools can no longer be ignored

Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford We are approaching a crisis point with the way masculinity is constructed and excused, especially in schools and online.

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Five reasons Australia should care about Women's History Month

Fanny Cochrane Smith

Clementine Ford Here's to the unsung women who've been either left out of the pages of history or reduced to merely a footnote in it.

It’s not enough for men to turn up. They have to do the work.


Clementine Ford Why do men continue to reap the rewards and accolades just for the incredible act of turning up?

Clementine Ford

The women who deserve medals for their bravery

Why don't we give medals to women who've survived violent or escaped their perpetrator?

Clementine Ford There is no valour for women who survive violence. But here's why things should change.

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Anti-rape underwear

Is anti-rape underwear a step forward?

anti-rape underwear

Clementine Ford Three engineering students have developed anti-rape underwear in India. Does this signal change or more victim blaming?

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Why 'Can you have it all?' is this century's dumbest question


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on the middle class obsession of our time.

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Clementine Ford

The real problem with the wellness industrial complex


Clementine Ford The rise of ostentatious wellness plays on people's self-loathing, and wallets, in furtive and damaging ways.

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Clementine Ford

Vice co-founder declares women over 40 to be 'sad'

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 10: Actor Gavin McInnes attends

Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on the unoriginal problem with men like Gavin McInnes.

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Clementine Ford

How to break the 'girl code'

Girl (6-7) in woolen hat dancing in yard

Clementine Ford Starting with learning to accept a compliment like a six-year-old.

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Clementine Ford

When a man is sent to do women's work

Clementine Ford - Dinkus

Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on what so many people get wrong about female empowerment.

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I am taking a stand on domestic violence today


Clementine Ford Five things we can do to inspire change on domestic violence.

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Being the punch line

Phil Dunphy

Clementine Ford Why are TV sitcom Dads always so helpless, hapless and useless? Introducing the man child (and crafty way he's designed to keep you in the kitchen).

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