Pro-women shows

The best feminist shows on TV right now

Scene from

Clementine Ford Women in charge of their own destiny! Clem Ford has your TV viewing schedule sorted.

Clementine Ford

TV's best bad ass single women


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on the best small screen broads to get acquainted with.

Clementine Ford

Why I didn't take part in Weekend Sunrise's debate about feminism

A farce from beginning to end.

Clementine Ford We are under no obligation to defend our feminist ideals from anybody, writes Clementine Ford.

Anti-rape underwear

Is anti-rape underwear a step forward?

anti-rape underwear

Clementine Ford Three engineering students have developed anti-rape underwear in India. Does this signal change or more victim blaming?

Clementine Ford

In defence of skimpy swimwear for men


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford is a fan of the "schlong thong" and this is why.


Being the punch line

Phil Dunphy

Clementine Ford Why are TV sitcom Dads always so helpless, hapless and useless? Introducing the man child (and crafty way he's designed to keep you in the kitchen).


Teenage sexuality

One Directions fan in Sydney

Clementine Ford Does our fear of sexualising teach them that their burgeoning desires are unnatural and gross? no matter how much we try and shield girls from sex, they’re going to find ways to explore it and it...