Clementine Ford

Why I didn't take part in Weekend Sunrise's debate about feminism

A farce from beginning to end.

Clementine Ford We are under no obligation to defend our feminist ideals from anybody, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

Why sexist jokes are no laughing matter

Just because the jokes are online doesn't mean they don't have real-world consequences.

Clementine Ford There's a reason why many women find jokes about sexual violence decidedly unfunny, writes Clementine Ford.

Clementine Ford

Rape culture victimises all women, even those who support it

Brock Turner, right.

Clementine Ford The statement by Brock Turner's father was disgusting, but it's the defence of his childhood friend Leslie Rasmussen that I find most troubling.

Clementine Ford

Why we love Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Clementine Ford Actor. Sex symbol. Feminist icon. Clementine Ford unpacks her giant crush on Ryan Gosling.

Clementine Ford

When a man is sent to do women's work

Clementine Ford - Dinkus

Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on what so many people get wrong about female empowerment.