Clementine Ford

Johnny Depp's career will be fine, and that's part of the problem

Amber Heard.

Clementine Ford For those of us who work to raise awareness of men's violence against women, there are fewer things more demoralising than the constant tide of double standards that rises up to wash away any signs...

Clementine Ford

It's not 'just a joke' and it's okay not to laugh

Eddie McGuire.

Clementine Ford We're frequently told it's 'political correctness gone mad', but here's how you can tell when 'playful banter' has crossed the line.

Five reasons Australia should care about Women's History Month

Fanny Cochrane Smith

Clementine Ford Here's to the unsung women who've been either left out of the pages of history or reduced to merely a footnote in it.

The women who deserve medals for their bravery

Clementine Ford There is no valour for women who survive violence. But here's why things should change.

Clementine Ford

How to be a Woman

Woman five myths

Clementine Ford According to men on the internet.

men and sex

The Modern Male Mystique

Retro suburban family

Clementine Ford The clichés that are still being perpetrated about men and why they’re wrong

Why 'Can you have it all?' is this century's dumbest question


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on the middle class obsession of our time.

Clementine Ford

How dangerous is it to be a woman on the internet with an opinion?

Jezebel writer Lindy West

Clementine Ford Why only one gender can joke about rape.

Clementine Ford

The real problem with the wellness industrial complex


Clementine Ford The rise of ostentatious wellness plays on people's self-loathing, and wallets, in furtive and damaging ways.

Clementine Ford

Why we love Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Clementine Ford Actor. Sex symbol. Feminist icon. Clementine Ford unpacks her giant crush on Ryan Gosling.

Clementine Ford

How to break the 'girl code'

Girl (6-7) in woolen hat dancing in yard

Clementine Ford Starting with learning to accept a compliment like a six-year-old.

The beauty shame economy

When pubic hair becomes a lifestyle choice


Clementine Ford The brazilian is 'over,' but not for the right reasons.

Pro-women shows

The best feminist shows on TV right now

Scene from

Clementine Ford Women in charge of their own destiny! Clem Ford has your TV viewing schedule sorted.

Clementine Ford

A handy field guide to the biggest turn-offs for men


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on what not to do in order to keep your man. Like, don't swear. Gross.

Clementine Ford

In defence of skimpy swimwear for men


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford is a fan of the "schlong thong" and this is why.

Clementine Ford

The women who deserve medals for their bravery

Why don't we give medals to women who've survived violent or escaped their perpetrator?

Clementine Ford There is no valour for women who survive violence. But here's why things should change.

Clementine Ford

TV's best bad ass single women


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on the best small screen broads to get acquainted with.


Being the punch line

Phil Dunphy

Clementine Ford Why are TV sitcom Dads always so helpless, hapless and useless? Introducing the man child (and crafty way he's designed to keep you in the kitchen).


The anti Mother's Day gift guide


Clementine Ford Because there are only so many irons you can fit in to a cupboard.