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Older women can be objects of desire, too

Society has the image that sex is between firm hard bodies, but pleasure shouldn't have an expiration date.


Should we fight for women's right to be topless in public?

Why women should have the same right to nudity as men.


Q&A recap: Laurie Penny makes salient point on ...

Laurie Penny: "It's not sex that is bad for women, sexism is bad for women."

Cyberhate study

What I've learned from my study into gendered ...

Dr Emma Jane was a newspaper columnist in the late '90s when she first encountered misogynistic online harassment. Almost twenty years later, it's an epidemic.

Cultural appropriation

Why we shouldn't stop talking about cultural ...

"Identifying cultural exchange and cultural appropriation should be the beginning of our conversations, not our final verdict," writes Alyssa Rosenberg.

Female gaze

Are we entering the golden age of the female gaze?

Something powerful happens when women become their own subjects, writes Neha Kale.

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Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue

Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun shot dead after killing four rabbis, the deadliest such incident in six years in the holy city. 00:55