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An ad campaign doesn't make up for cuts to frontline domestic violence services

Despite this lip service, the endemic nature of family violence will continue to flourish because the government is refusing to fund the most useful legal protection women have.

Family Court

The Family Court has a serious attitude problem

Stepping into the Family Court can be like entering a parallel universe - where time has stood still for the past 15 years, writes Jess Hill.


Why I refuse to feel sorry for torrenting Game of ...

What Australians are expected to go through to pay for and watch this show is actually insane. It borders on anti-consumer.


Book-loving stars on Instagram: They're the new Oprah

The hottest Hollywood accessory of the moment is just the right size to fit snugly in a Hermes Birkin bag or a Celine Luggage tote: a book.

Good hair? Don't care

The mission to destroy 'Becky with the good hair' ...

Are Beyonce's furious fans ready to accept her reimagining of female power?


Why Merriam-Webster added 'cisgender', ...

The addition of words such as genderqueer lends legitimacy to terms long in use by the LGBT community.

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Chaika: Pussy Riot's new satire

Pussy Riot's latest music video Chaika takes a satirical look at corruption in Vladimir Putin's Russia. 01:06