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Marriage Equality

Eric Abetz is confused about marriage equality

To be fair, it's a crazy world out there. But you see, in 21st century secular Australia, rich, white, straight men don't get to call all of the shots all of the time.


Marriage and children shouldn't be an economic trap

What the NSW Finance Minister doesn't get about welfare.


Is it time to rethink Kim Kardashian West?

From reality star to spokeswoman on the objectification of women in the media. Is it time to rethink KKW?

Online dating

The five covert sexists you meet while online dating

Best to be informed, because trying to give some douchebag a feminist makeover is an ineffective use of your time, writes Suzannah Weiss.

Respectful jokes

Comedians you can laugh at without being repulsed

Next time an old white comedian says something stupid, here are some reliable alternatives to turn to.


Jessica Hopper: An insider's guide to being a female ...

The author of the first female rock anthology opens up about women in music and sexism in the industry.

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Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue

Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun shot dead after killing four rabbis, the deadliest such incident in six years in the holy city. 00:55