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Ruby Hamad

Feminism is happening where you least expect it

#MyMothersNameIs social media campaign in Egypt.

When Australians think of Palestine, feminist hip-hop is probably not the first thing that springs to mind.


When first-person writing is a poorly-disguised 'fumblebrag'

" It feels to me that, in our quest for intimacy, we took a sharp turn into self-pity."

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Chinese activists arrested over domestic violence protest

 Li Tingting (left) and Wei Tingting (right) in an anti-domestic violence protest.

Creative and imaginative activism has landed five core members of China's new feminist movement in jail, accused of provoking social instability.

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Pru Goward criticises supporters of convicted rapist Luke Lazarus

Pru Goward

"The very last thing any victim needs is to feel as though they are not only fighting back against the perpetrator, but also against other respected members of the community."

Misogyny dictionary

A brief and offensive history of slurs against women

Chris Lilley as private school girl Ja'mie King.

These insults have changed throughout history to reflect the particular anxieties of the time.


Why Salt-N-Pepa were 20 years ahead of their time

Salt-N-Pepa onstage back in 1995.

The progressive '90s hip-hop trio wrote the anthem for every modern young woman exactly two decades ago, writes Sarah Oakes.

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How the leadership crisis unfolded

Outspoken back benchers, equivocating ministers and a Prime Minister under pressure: a look back at how the Liberal leadership crisis unfolded. (04:03)

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