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Clementine Ford

There's no such thing as 'survivor privilege'


Clem Ford on the ridiculous call for rape victims to ‘check their privilege’.

Art of recaps

Do TV recaps make us feel less alone?


The psychology behind your TV recapping habit.

A cultural icon

The invention of the 'supermodel'


How the idea of the 'supermodel' came to be.

So bad it's good

Why bad TV is so good for you


Backed up by scientific research.

Ultimate 90s flashback

Important life lessons from Jason Priestley's memoir


Let's relive the 90s in 243 pages, shall we?

Filmic boyfriends

Introducing the Manic Pixie Dream Dude

A Fault In Our Stars

Could the latest genre of filmic boyfriends be a win for women?

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Australia racks up Commonwealth medals

Michael Shelley wins marathon gold, Stephanie Morton bests her idol and James Magnussen leads an Aussie sweep in the pools in day four at Glasgow. (00:51)

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