Zac Efron kissing comedian Rebel Wilson

Check it out, ladies ... Rebel Wilson wins the heart of Zac Efron. Photo: Twitter

SHE'S gone from the relative obscurity of Australian sketch comedy to Hollywood's A-list and now Rebel Wilson seems to have taken the next step in her celebrity makeover - a boyfriend named Zac Efron. Sort of.

The American gossip world was aflutter on Tuesday after Wilson, 26, and Efron, 25, were photographed at the basketball together, with Efron's arm around his new best friend and at one point planting a kiss on her cheek. ''Half time at Lakers hanging with main man @ZacEfron, freestyle rapping etc x,'' Wilson tweeted to her fans, followed seconds later by Efron's endorsement: ''She's a Laker fan too??? I think I'm in love. - Z''.

Wilson had been at the game with her Pitch Perfect co-star Skylar Astin, who apparently introduced Wilson and Efron, but that was enough for the rumour mill to move into overdrive. London's Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, gossip king Perez Hilton, People, US and Glamour magazines all jumped on board, speculating about how the pair knew each other and what was next.

''How jealous are we?!?'' Hilton wrote on his celebrity stalking website. ''She touched the lips that belong to THE Zac Efron! The two were practically making out!'' So what next for (and it's time for the inevitable celebrity couple nickname) Zebel? Not much, they both went their separate ways after the game.