Beat manspreading

Combat manspreading by carrying this magical pouch

Beyoncé, Pussy Riot and Andreja Pejic are fans. And now we totally want one.

Women and suicide

The disturbing numbers on women and suicide

The rate and number of women who kill themselves is immovable. And there is another number that is soaring.

Active teens

Women reap long-term benefits from exercise they did as teens

It may even reduce the risks of dying from cancer and other causes later in life.

Travel: London

London's new pop-up bar, where cocktails come in clouds

To get buzzed at Borough's hip new Alcoholic Architecture, all you have to do is breathe in.

Vintage street style

Vintage street style stars

Dating back to the '20s, '40s and '60s, these are vintage in the truest sense of the word.

Stay fit

12 cult film and TV scenes that prove being fit is surprisingly worth it

Sponsored content: You never know when being fit could come in particularly handy...


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