Work and Money

The questions you should not ask working women

Stocksy work woman DL

JENNA PRICE 12:00am "I swear to god, my husband has never been asked about work-life balance."

Workplace equality

New study finds one in four ASX 300 boards have no women

More than one quarter of Australia's top 300 companies have no women on their boards, while the number of females directors at some government-owned corporations has gone backwards.

Evan Schwarten Welcome to 2015.

What's in a name? Gender inequality by names and numbers

Tony Abbott's cabinet has been a source of criticism, with only 2 women.

JOSEPHINE TOVEY There are more major American companies run by men named John than there are companies run by women in the United States.

Ol' timey sexism

Employment letter from 1939 shows workplace sexism

Josephine Calavetta

This correspondence shows some serious workplace sexism, hopefully relegated to history.

Creative pay gap

Is there a pay gap for creative women?

'It's our time': Patricia Arquette made a passionate call for wage equality for women during her Oscar acceptance speech for best supporting actress.

CLEM BASTOW While Patricia Arquette might have fluffed the delivery of her call to arms, she had a very good point to make.

Gender pay gap

Where is it worst to be a female manager?

Women's finances.   generic pic of woman with briefcase wearing red skirt and shoes and black jacket walking along up steps ***FDCTRANSFER***

JENNA PRICE The top three industry offenders, according to a new national survey.

New report shows female managers paid up to 45% less than their male peers

Gender pay gap. Woman

JUDITH IRELAND Women in management ranks get paid as much as 45 per cent less than their male peers, new government data has revealed. 

Empathy's moment

Five things you may not know about empathy

The virtue traditionally associated with shoulder squeezes and self-sacrifice is more powerful than you think.

NATALIE REILLY The virtue traditionally associated with shoulder squeezes and self-sacrifice is more powerful than you think.

Workplace equality

Stop blaming women for not pushing for pay rises

According to the research,

KASEY EDWARDS Bank bosses think they have found a curious 'solution' to Australia's gaping gender pay gap.

Career resolutions

Five things to do differently at work in 2015


Congratulations, you made it through another year. Now let’s all focus on work again! Sigh. Here are a few ‘job-positive’ suggestions to make 2015 a good year in the office.

Life hacks

How to get out of debt in 2015

Learn this catchphrase: Not all debts are equal.

Welcome to the toughest part of the year – everyone’s out enjoying festivals and beer gardens, while your credit cards are melting from ridiculous holiday season over-usage.

Gender reporting

We can't afford to water down gender reporting

JENNA PRICE It's time for Tony Abbott to show he's serious about improving women's pay.

Career hacks

Why you need to speak up in meetings more in 2015

Stocksy work woman DL

JENNA PRICE The change every woman in the work place needs to make this year.

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Charlize Theron smashes the Hollywood pay gap; gets $US10m for her next film

Actress Charlize Theron has reportedly negotiated equal pay for her next film.

The actress reportedly insisted she be paid the same as her male co-star in upcoming film The Huntsman, following leaked Sony documents that highlighted pay inequality in Hollywood.

Menstrual leave

Dear doctors, women don't need 'menstrual leave'

A UK gynaecologist thinks women should have three days of paid leave every month to cope with their periods.

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Rich list

Extreme wealth: Australia’s ultra rich women worth more than the men

Gina Rinehart was found to be Australia’s richest person in 2014, according to the BRW Rich List, with wealth of $20.01 billion.

LUCY CORMACK Women may be scarce in the exclusive club of ultra wealthy Aussies, but on average they are worth more than twice as much as their male counterparts.

The one interview question I always lie about

‘What if I get a question about babies?’ asked a childless, but clucky younger woman I'm mentoring before a job interview.

KASEY EDWARDS Sadly, the attitude that protecting women's rights is bad for business still exists.

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How to get paid what you're worth

Jane Caro:

JANE CARO It has taken me a very long time to understand the very high price women pay for such self-limiting beliefs.

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The seven habits of one highly effective Gail Kelly

Stepping down: Gail Kelly.

Joanne Gray Westpac CEO Gail Kelly's seven lessons for life and business

Work-life balance

The truth about how your home life interferes with your work life


ANDIE FOX "The pressure is on you, both implicitly and explicitly, to limit the overflow of home life into the workplace. Management literature is full of tips for getting the most out of employees that, collectively, begin to read like the mind of a sociopath."

Gender wage gap

The gender wealth gap widens

One step forward, two steps back: Both the gender pay gap and the gender wealth gap have widened in recent years.

MATT WADE Australia's gender wealth gap has widened sharply over the past decade leaving single women aged under-35 with a little over half the average assets of their male counterparts.

Workplace diversity

Women stall on reaching corporate Australia's highest rungs

woman women work

ALANA SCHETZER An analysis of gender diversity among ASX100 companies has found that women remain woefully under-represented among Australia's top public companies.

Annabel Crabb

We need a male equivalent to the term 'working mother' and other lessons from Annabel Crabb's book The Wife Drought

Annabel Crabb, author of The Wife Drought.

ALECIA SIMMONDS Women need wives and men need lives: an interview with political commentator, social satirist, TV-presenter, scribbler, baker, author and mother of three, Annabel Crabb.

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Moment of zen

How to deal with loud talkers at work

Woman shouting in to a megaphone
Generic / yelling / Loud / Proud / heard

Kate Jones There are steps you can take to shush the office megaphone.

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Women v men

Why women get tougher performance reviews than men


NATALIE REILLY We're damned if we try to mimic men and damned if we try to act like ourselves.

Shonda Rhimes

Scandal showrunner Shonda Rhimes responds to racist NYT article in new interview


CANDICE CHUNG "It's a very good reminder to see the casual racial bias and odd misogyny from a woman written in a paper that we all think of as being so liberal."

Your salary could be the victim of a subconscious bias against assertive women

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 27: Fashion Blogger Noor De Groot is wearing a Green Paper Boys sweater, Bas Kosters skirt and Rayban sunglasses on day 5 of Paris Collections: Women on September 27, 2014 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images)

SARAH MACDONALD Studies have proved women who negotiate better pay rises are more disliked and seen as less socially skilled,

Soft power

Stop telling women to 'man up'


Emma Barnett Shouldn’t we be encouraging men to embrace their own vulnerability a little more?

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Gender wage gap

Is your company being transparent about its gender wage gap? Now you can check

woman women work

JENNA PRICE In Your Hands is a website where employees and other sticky beaks can check if companies have competed gender pay gap analyses.

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Workplace equality

I'm sick of talking about the work/life struggle with no men present


Catherine Brooks It's time we all agreed that this isn't just a problem for women to solve.

The price of being female: equal pay is not just about your salary

Photograph taken by Michelle Smith on Saturday 1st March, 2014.
Australian Greens senator for Queensland Larissa Waters at Davies Park, West End, Brisbane. FAIRFAX MEDIA

Senator Larissa Waters On Equal Pay Day today, it’s important we remember it’s not just women’s pay packets we need to act on but also their super balances.

Equal pay day: women must work an extra 64 days to equal mens' pay


ALANA SCHETZER Industrial segregation and "unconscious bias" is leading the growing gender pay gap, the head of Australia's Workplace Gender Equality Agency says.

Workplace inequality

Is flexibility in the workplace actually disadvantaging women?


CAROLINE ZIELINSKI A new study contradicts the popular view that work flexibility helps women balance motherhood with their careers, and suggests that men are the ones benefiting instead.

Work-life balance

Should your boss be banned from emailing you on the weekend?


Tom Chivers Germany's Employment Minister Andrea Nahles has proposed an ''anti-stress'' law that would ban work emails after hours. Guess we're all moving to Germany?

15 women tell us their favourite position

Clem Bastow take 2

SARAH OAKES When a woman was sleazily asked what her 'favourite position' was on live radio she bluntly answered, "CEO". Feeling inspired, we asked 15 amazing Australian women what their favourite position is.

Working parents

The difference between working dads and working mums


ANDIE FOX A new survey of professional men and women reveals some surprising differences in attitudes for those who are at the top of their game.

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Does it pay to be ruthless at work?

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., arrives for a town hall event with U.S. President Barack Obama at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California, U.S., on Wednesday, April 20, 2011. Obama said members of both political parties in Washington need to work together to start reducing the nation's budget deficit in a

ROB MORAN 68 per cent of millennials said they'd forfeit their work friendships in favour of a promotion.

The part-time life

Should working mums be 'leaning out'?


Rebecca Huntley When is flexibility at work the real deal, and when is that "family friendly" part-time job just smoke and mirrors?

How much are you worth at work?


AMY CORDEROY What if a merit-based system is actually putting all women on the back foot?

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Are you guilty of it?

The biggest mistake professional people make


Ali Benton What Ali Benton's biggest blunder has taught her about success.

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Money makeover

Five steps to change your financial destiny


SPONSORED CONTENT: Your financial destiny isn’t going to change itself without you making concrete plans to improve it.

Peggy Olson-ing

'Are you Peggy Olsoning me?'


CANDICE CHUNG The awkward moment when you’re told to take an insult as a compliment.

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In praise of a boss-less office


Seth Stevenson The surprising advantages of offices without managers.


There are three types of people at work: which one are you?

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 02: Fashion blogger Valentina Siragusa wears Antonio Marras jacket and Roger Vivier shoes after Kenzo show on March 2, 2014 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

Seth Stevenson Are you a matcher, giver or taker? Because one of them is far superior to the rest.

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Fiscal health check

Improve your financial health in 10 quick steps


Much like your physical health, your financial health isn’t something that should just be left to chance.

To-do list

Five things to do before the end of financial year


With the date of June 30 looming, now is the perfect juncture to get your life sorted and in tip-top shape so you can rest a little easier.

Powerful women

Have women become the richer sex?


Julia Llewellyn Smith The rise of so-called "womenomics" needs some attitude re-adjusting to come full circle.

Real life

The one thing new mums aren't supposed to admit


Bryony Gordon Is it really that unusual to be looking forward to the end of your maternity leave?

Ambition addiction

Is 'goal fatigue' holding you back?


ALICE WILLIAMS Why the quest to 'be our best self' can be counterproductive sometimes.

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