Five times a bridesmaid and never again

Spare a thought for the middle-aged bridesmaid.

Kate Mulvey   Spare a thought for the middle-aged bridesmaid, who, because she is single, is the person roped in time and time again to play the supporting role.

Getting married

I'd love to be your bridesmaid - but first, here are my demands


Danielle Sepulveres   Three gifts is a little extravagant, so please choose two out of the three: engagement, shower and wedding. I'm not made of money.

Just eloped

Most elopements now are a lifestyle choice.

Kate Stanton   Kate Stanton bypassed the big white wedding and, despite some anxiety about breaking the news to her mum, has no regrets.

I do, I do, I do

Amy Molloy before her third wedding.

Amy Molloy   Once widowed, once divorced ... What does a third-time bride wear to her wedding? Amy Molloy flew across the world to find a gown - and face up to her past.

Get me to the church 11 times

Wedding lesson No. 1: something always goes wrong.

Jessica Salter   Jessica Salter beat hangovers and broken alarm clocks to attend almost a dozen weddings last year. Then she got married.

Why do we still do the pre-wedding slim down?

Many people's livelihoods depend on you thinking that you're letting the 'specialness' of the day down if you don't look ...

Alice Williams   In a time of high stress, there's a temptation to control anxiety via controlling our bodies.

TV-themed weddings

This 'Parks and Rec'- themed wedding shoot is everything you want it to be

parks and rec

Here’s to both loving and liking the person you marry, just like Leslie and Ben.

Single life

How I found peace with being single at weddings


Sara Eckel   'I wish the perplexed bridesmaid I was had understood that love is not limited to those blessed with partners.'

Shock win

Australia's Best Professional Photographer Is a Wedding Photographer

James Simmons

On Monday night, Western Australian wedding photographer James Simmons won the photographic industry’s most anticipated accolade.

Femmo wedding

What does a feminist wedding look like?


Alice Williams   A step-by-step guide to breaking old-fashioned rules in a wedding gown.

Wedding proposal captured by police helicopter goes viral

A proposal captured in thermal imaging by London police.

Nick Miller   A North London couple whose romantic gesture was spotted by a police helicopter have became an online viral hit.

Tying the knot

My husband took my name and all everyone could say was, 'is he sure?'

Wedding woman bride

Liv Hambrett   I asked him how he felt about people's reactions. He said, 'I feel like a hero and I am not sure what I have done.'

Brides in waiting

Four new things that brides-to-be are worrying about

Wedding bride Olivia Palermo

Pip Doyle   That they never used to worry about.

Bride talk 101

The seven stories you see on every bridal magazine


Pip Doyle   The surprising ways bridal publications keep their readers hooked.

Pro bridesmaids?

Genius woman advertises herself on Craigslist as a professional bridesmaid


Annie Stevens   Every woman ever thinks "I should have done that".

Weddings are expensive for everyone

When being a wedding guest sends you broke


Pip Doyle   It's not just the bride and groom who are forking out the big ones.

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Lessons from Kimye

Wedding tips we can all learn from Kim and Kanye

kanye and kim vogue

Rob Moran   You’ll only ever get married to a world-renowned rapper once, maybe twice, in your life.

Wedding trends

The cutest new wedding trend, ever


Margaux Laskey   Move over cake bunting, there's a sweet new wedding trend in town.

Trend regrets

Wedding trends that aren't trending anymore


Pip Doyle   Things move a little slower on Planet Wedding. Or so it seems.

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Bad wedding guests

The five types of people that stress brides out

stressed bride

Pip Doyle   There are a few things that can add to the stress levels of a bride that can’t be controlled. One is the weather, and the other is, well, people.


New York hotel is letting you pay $3000 for someone to hashtag your wedding

Bride Texting

Annie Stevens   The W hotel is out to make sure you don't miss a single #mrandmrs #lovefilled moment at your #wedding.

Vogue puts Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover

kanye and kim vogue

It's finally safe to say — Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have made it.

Wedding flowers

How to pick a wedding florist

Start following the florists you like on Instagram: Two larger pictures care of My Violet (@Mivioleta) in Redfern, ...

Sarah Oakes   In a sea of pastel, floral-scented options, who is your best bet?

Wedding trends

The pros and cons of having a surprise wedding


Alice Williams   Pro: low expectations from guests. Con: Nobody to turn into your bridal slave.

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War on weddings

$99 H&M dress is the best thing that will ever happen to the wedding industry


Sarah Oakes   Someone needs to put a pin in the wedding industry.

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The people who celebrate their wedding anniversary every month


Pip Doyle   Since when did posting 'monthiversaries' on social media become a thing?

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Belated thanks

When is it too late to send wedding thank yous?

USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Woman writing greeting card

Pip Doyle   14 months after the Big Day, Pip Doyle still hasn't posted hers.

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Actor playing Peter Pan stops show to propose to his Wendy


Laura Vitto   If you'd always hoped Peter Pan and Wendy Darling would finally make their budding romance official, this wedding proposal will bring your dream to life.

Going viral

Say 'I Don't' With 'Bad Engagement Photos' Tumblr


If weddings are celebrations of love and happiness, then engagement photo sessions are celebrations of corniness and overt public displays of affection.

Best engagement pic

Dissenting friend creates world's best engagement photo


Sarah Oakes   Just when you thought that otter eating sour watermelon was going to be the greatest image of the year this comes along.

Engagement ring selfies

Taking engagement ring 'selfies'


Pip Doyle   The many pitfalls of photographing a ring on your own hand.

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Wedding dance

Bride and groom performed 'Dirty Dancing' routine at their wedding

Actors Patrick Swayze (R) and Jennifer Grey are shown in this undated publicity photo from the film "Dirty Dancing", ...

Effie Mann   And it was actually incredible.

Getting hitched

Rise of the blow-out 'bachelorette' party


Pip Doyle   Destination hen’s weekend are here and they're huge.

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Public proposals

Public marriage proposals and the male ego


Ruby Hamad   Public proposals manipulate women into saying “yes” or risk backlash for not playing by the rules.

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Indie Wedding

It takes a lot of money to look this casual


Pip Doyle   The trouble with indie weddings

Pinterest pre-planning

Planning your wedding on Pinterest, 'pre-engagement'

Wedding dress hanging in bed room

Pip Doyle   Is the public glory box really a thing now?

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Going Dutch

Would you pay for your own engagement ring?

Couple with engagement ring, (B&W)

Annie Stevens   According to a study more women are forking out for their engagement rings. This is not the main problem.

Crazy bridal trends

'Ridiculous' product targets brides


Amanda Hoh   And here we go again with the insane products targeted at brides to be.

Crazy bridal trends

'Ridiculous' product targets brides


Amanda Hoh   And here we go again with the insane products targeted at brides to be.

Real life

The me, me, me wedding


Hannah Seligson   Here comes the … bridezilla. Why narcissism rules at modern nuptials.

Real life

Telling your single friends you're getting married


Pippa Doyle   How to break the engagement news to friends who have just been through a break-up.

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Vera Wang

Would you pay $462 to try on a wedding dress?

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 12:  A model walks the runway during the Vera Wang 2013 Bridal Collection show on October 12, ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   That’s what uber wedding dress designer Vera Wang is asking of her Chinese clients anyway.

Single wedding planning

Planning a non-existent wedding


Jean Hannah Edelstein   For some single women, wedding planning is an enjoyable past time that doesn’t require the detail of a man to marry.

Wedding blues

Dealing with post wedding blues?


Pippa Doyle   That awkward moment when you realise there is nothing left to organise.

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Wedding season 101

Wedding conversations dos and don'ts


Pippa Doyle   One bride-to-be's handy guide on what you should (and shouldn't) say before the big day.

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Real life

Recycling your wedding dress


Pippa Doyle   What to do with the most expensive dress you'll ever buy.

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Marry me

'Grand gesture' proposals


Pippa Doyle   Are the best wedding proposals YouTube-worthy? Or just low-key?

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Wedding style

Say yes to a coloured dress

vera wang

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Cynthia Nixon just got hitched in foam green, Reese Witherspoon chose pink. Since when did wedding dresses have to be so, well, white?

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The wry bride

Awkward wedding photos


Pippa Doyle   Since when did we become so obsessed with stock-standard wedding photo poses?

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Modern manners

Money as a wedding gift


Jo Wilcock   Can cold hard cash ever capture your message of love and support? Accountant JO WILCOCK reveals the dos and don'ts of 'money gifting'.

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Wry bride

Wedding porn


Pippa Doyle   Addicted to bridal magazines? Pippa Doyles supplements her expensive reading habits with another guilty indulgence.

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The five unspoken wedding rules


Pippa Doyle   Forget ye olde etiquette books, PIPPA DOYLE reveals the new unspoken rules for the modern wedding.

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The name changer

name change

Pippa Doyle   Letting a new person into your life is one thing, but should you ever take on a new name? Pippa Doyle ponders the big question.

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