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SL travel - july 5

Tatyana Leonov   There's a lot more to Fiji than turquoise waves and beautiful sunsets.

Travel: Tasmania

Foodies, it's time you took a road trip around Tasmania

Wineglass Bay from Mt Amos - Freycinet National Park - Tasmania - Australia

Daniel Scott   With exciting delicacies from Hobart to Burnie, the Apple Isle should be renamed the Isle Of Plenty.

Travel: French Polynesia

21 reasons to visit idyllic French Polynesia

Bucket-list destination: Everyone needs to visit Bora Bora at least once.

Caroline Gladstone   Must-see spots Bora Bora and Tahiti are just part of the gorgeous allure of these South Pacific islands.

Island getaways

10 big-city islands that are worth a day trip

Catalina Island is a favoured escape for stressed-out Los Angelenos.

Ute Junker   Need a brief break from the big smoke? These cities have their own gorgeous getaway islands, just minutes away.

Travel: Portugal

Sun, sand and yoga in Portugal's picturesque Tipi Valley

Surfing at Odeceixe beach in the Algarve, Portugal.

Louise Southerden   Take a glimpse at this paradise, which has been called the "wildest, most unspoilt coastline in southern Europe".

Travel: Indonesia

This island paradise might be Indonesia's best kept secret

Movie night: An outdoor film screening at Nihiwatu's Nio Beach Club.

Kay O'Sullivan   Take an eastern detour away from Bali - your tropical paradise can be found on one of Indonesia's more remote islands.

Travel: Peru

The wonderful hats of Peru's weaving women

"Italian women might have their high heels and Parisiennes their designer scarves, but when it comes to headwear no one can beat a Peruvian woman."

Kerry van der Jagt   In the small Andean village of Ollantaytambo, taking someone else's hat is a crime so abhorrent the whole town has something to say.

Travel: Italy

Trekking through Italy's romantic Cinque Terre

Multicoloured Manarola.

Michael Gebicki   These five stunning villages on the Italian Riviera are pretty much the reason why Instagram was invented.

Travel: Paris

Paris's new hipster bar trend might be the weirdest one yet

The kids in Montmarte are getting pretty creative with their boozing these days.

Hugh Morris   No, this isn't a Portlandia skit - it's just a lazy (bizarre) day in Montmarte.

Call of Duty Free

The dangers and delights of airport shopping

Heathrow has a complimentary personal shopper service, to help you spend your whole holiday budget before you get on the plane.

Lee Tulloch   The strange Twilight Zone of departure halls can be strangely comforting if you're in the right frame of mind.

Italy's cinque terre

Multicoloured Manarola.

Michael Gebicki   These five stunning villages of the Italian Riviera will make your heart beat faster.

Travel: Rhine River

A picturesque cruise through fairytale country

The landmark Basler Muenster seen from the Rhine.

Sally Macmillan   Sally Macmillan spots castles, cathedrals and cheese shops from Amsterdam to Basel, on a boutique liner travelling along the Rhine River.

Beach weather

10 best beaches to visit in winter

Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island, is known for its spectacular storms.

Ute Junker   Yes, you can still go the beach in winter. In fact, some of our top beaches are even better in the cold.

Flying Solo

The unbounded joy of solitary outings

"I went in search of the divine and I saw it everywhere: from gargoyles, to Renaissance doorways, to an old lady's jaunty hat."

Alecia Simmonds   There's a massive gulf between how much people think they'll enjoy doing things alone, and how much fun they have when it happens.

Non-hardcore holidays

Best adventure trips for wimpy-ish travellers

Sea safari: A kayaker enjoys the Turkish coast.

Ute Junker   Like adventure, but not too much of it? These holidays will stretch you just the right amount, writes Ute Junker.

Prosecco Road

Learning how to cook Italian in Victoria's High Country

Katrina Pizzini displays some Italian delicacies.

Belinda Jackson   Pasta, sangiovese, salami and more Italian delicacies are waiting for your love and attention on Victoria's Prosecco Road.

Travel: NYC

The street art you need to see in New York City

'Gay Liberation' by George Segal is a tribute to protesters who ignited the gay rights movement.

Barry Divola   Seven hours, 10 major works, one Metro card, and not a single museum fee.

Travel: Vietnam

A record collector's paradise in the most unlikely place

Around the world, vinyl fans scour old and new stock.

Andrea Black   Vinyl fans, your dream's real and waiting for you in Ho Chi Minh City: rooms full of thousands of records, untouched for decades.

Go on tour

Europe's best summer festivals for music lovers

Bestival, Isle of Wight: Slap bang in the middle of the Isle of Wight, Rob da Bank's brainchild promises secret stages, ambient forests and non-stop dancing. Supporting local businesses and vegetarian food choices, the ever-impressive line-up has welcomed the likes of Outkast and Elton John to its small site.

Natalie Paris   Like to plan your holidays around live gigs? You'll wanna book your ticket to these upcoming festivals on the other side of the world.

Food markets

10 markets every foodie needs to visit

LA BOQUERIA, BARCELONA: Get here early enough and you may spot some of Barcelona's top chefs picking out their ingredients for dinner. Later in the day, tourists and householders throng through this lovely Modernista-style building. Grab a seat at one of the handful of eateries to try Catalan favourites from percebes (gooseneck barnacles) and cargols (snails) to bacalla salat, or dried salted cod. See

Ute Junker   From San Francisco to Tokyo, if you're after a tasty insight into a city, you can't beat a local food market.

The must-knows that make travelling solo simple

Load up your iPad or Kindle with guidebooks so you can use them on the road.

Setting off alone might be daunting but it's never as hard as you expect.

Walking tours

20 city streets that were made for strolling

The Strip, Las Vegas, has an excess of excess.

Brian Johnston   From Paris to Venice, Vegas to New York and beyond, these pristine promenades are best explored on foot.

Heron Island

Heron Island: Australia's isolated tropical retreat

The shipwreck in front of Heron Island.

Liam Phelan   This island is home to one of nature's greatest miracles.

Travel: Italy

Inside Europe's most decadent delicatessen

A chef works in the kitchen at Peck deli shop.

Guy Griffin   More than a deli, more than a grocer, Al Peck in Milan is a must-visit on every foodie's bucket list.

Travel: Brazil

The most spectacular view in South America

There are no cars on Honey Island, or Ilha do Mel.

Jamie Lafferty   A tedious train journey eventually leads to an unforgettable paradise, on the way to Brazil's aptly named Honey Island.

Travel: Bora Bora

Going beyond the beaches of Bora Bora

Sunset over a Bora Bora lagoon.

Ute Junker   Take a trip to this laidback Polynesian island, where a session of sunset yoga could virtually qualify you for athlete status.

Travel: Taiwan

Is this the world's next foodie travel hotspot?

Transforming Taiwanese local produce: RAW's seven-course menu changes every month.

Classic street eats, a new wave of affordable fine dining, and abundant natural produce - if you like good food, you'll wanna travel to this Asian isle.

The other side of paradise

A dance group performs ion Bora Bora.

Ute Junker   Is there more to Bora Bora than sun and sand?

Travel eats

What are the world's best cities to eat in right now?

Tourists dining along Galata Bridge at night in Istanbul.

Ute Junker   Picking your next holiday destination with your stomach? These top chefs fill us in on the world's hottest up-and-coming dining scenes.

Magical homestays

England's dreamy boutique homestays

Doyden Castle, which Britain's National Trust rents to holidaymakers.

Pauline Webber   If you're a history junkie, England's boutique homestays can put you on a track to the past, writes Pauline Webber.

Past perfect

Doyden Castle, which Britain's National Trust rents to holidaymakers.

Pauline Webber   If you're a history junkie, England's boutique homestays can put you on a track to the past, writes Pauline Webber.

Ride the rails

Why you should take the train around Europe

Training in Switzerland.

Brian Johnston   For convenience, reliability, cost and scenery - railway romance is unbeatable.

So hot right now

Five northern hemisphere cities to escape the cold

People enjoying the sunny warm spring weather after a long cold winter in Montreal. At the base of Mount Royal around the statue people normally congregate to listen to 'tam tam' music, local musicians playing mostly percussion instruments.

Zach Mack   Keen to get out of our chill? The time's right to head across the equator to these hot cities.

Eating in

It's okay to eat at hotel restaurants again

The queue for high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong starts an hour beforehand.

David Dale   "Never eat in your hotel" has long been a go-to rule for travellers. But c'mon, it's not that bad, writes David Dale.

Short breaks

8 quick local getaways for the whole family

Three heritage cottages sit below the lighthouse at Seal Rocks.

Tracey Spicer   Looking to chuck some stuff in the back of the family sedan and dart away for some brief holiday time with the kids? Tracey Spicer has some suggestions.

Dream hotels

10 amazing hotel experiences you'll never forget


Ute Junker   Ever slept in an ice cream parlour? Dined in a tree-pod? You need to see these dream hotels.

Picnic parks

10 best picnic spots in the world

Nothing beats spreading a blanket in a foreign city.

In the mood for a rug-ready rendezvous overseas? Head to these picture perfect parks.

Travel: Austria

Biking the boulevards of Vienna

Take in the view of the Ringstrasse and Palais Eppstein.

Kerry van der Jagt   The best way to see this classic European city is on two wheels and in tight underpants, says Kerry van der Jagt.

Travel: Sicily

Take a scooter road trip around Sicily

Isola Bella, Sicily.

Ben Groundwater   It's frightening and exhilarating, electrifying and petrifying. You want to hold your arms high in the air and shout, 'I'm king of the world!'

Travel: Switzerland

Take a trip to a real-life Sound Of Music

A hiking trail around Oeschinensee.

Diane Armstrong   With its yellow meadows, snow-capped mountains and tall church spires, the picturesque Swiss town of Kandersteg will have you yodelay-hee-hoo-ing.

Travel: Mexico

Mexico: Blue seas and Baja bravado

Balandra beach on the Sea Of Cortez north of La Paz Baja Sur Mexico with its clear waters and famous mushroom rock. baja california, Mexico. story by John Gimlette, the Telegraph. CREDIT ALAMY

A family holiday among weird rock formations, outlandish creatures and malevolent plants turns out to be a surreal voyage of discovery for John Gimlette.

Benjamin Law

What does it mean to be 'well-travelled'?

cr: James Brickwood Benjamin Law, columnist photo for Good Weekend

Benjamin Law   "Occasionally, some people are aghast over what they see as my travel blind spots," writes Benjamin Law.

Travel: Netherlands

Tiptoe through the tulips in Keukenhof

Keukenhof in the Netherlands is the world's largest floral display, featuring nearly eight million bulbs.

Brian Johnston   Springtime in the Netherlands colours your cheeks and adds a new jaunt to your step, writes Brian Johnston.

Travel: Turkey

Inside the mesmerising caves of Cappadocia

"I think it might be my favourite place on earth," writes Tatyana Leonova.

Tatyana Leonova   Looking for a destination that's unlike anything else? Head to this strange wonderland in Turkey.

A strange wonderland

cr: iStockphoto
SL travel: Cappadocia - March 22

Tatyana Leonova   Sculpted by erosion and honeycombed by human hands, the moonscape of Cappadocia is a remarkable sight.

Travel: Canada

Fall for the other Niagara

Niagara vineyard.

Steve Meacham   Have an aversion to too many tourists? Pay a visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake, a picturesque town down the road from the falls.

Travel: Los Angeles

You need to go shopping at LA's wonderful Time Travel Mart

Downtown LA

Tim Richards   Robot toupees, Soviet soap and Victorian iPods are for sale at this wacky LA shop, that's actually a front for a not-for-profit helping kids' literacy.

Travel: New Zealand

A tale of two cities

Looking out over Oriental Parade to Wellington Harbour.

Pauline Webber   It's hard not to fall in love with a harbour city and New Zealand has two of the best, says Pauline Webber.

A tale of two cities

Oriental Parade Wellington Harbour Wellington New Zealand cr: Getty Images SL travel - New Zealand, march 15

Pauline Webber   It's hard not to fall in love with a harbour city and New Zealand has two of the best, says Pauline Webber.

Travel: London

Hitting the canals in London's new East End

Graffiti art on The Lord Napier pub in Hackney Wick.

Max Anderson   The former gangster hub is now a pop-up paradise for foodies, aesthetes and art-dorks.

Travel: Italy

Stay among the lemon groves of Sorrento

A grove of luscious lemons in Sorrento.

Rachel Olding   Forget Vesuvius and the Blue Grotto - there's an earthy new trend that's driving people to the Amalfi Coast.

Solo travel

Why don't more hotels consider women travellers?

Peninsula Hotel, New York is ahead of the game, boasting some clever female-friendly amenities.

Lee Tulloch   "What about a full-length mirror? A power point for the hairdryer somewhere I can see what I'm doing?", asks Lee Tulloch.

Travel: Mauritius

Why Mauritius is the ultimate place to unwind

Emerald green: Seas off Mauritius.

Brigid Delaney   Besides its beautiful streets lined with orange blossoms and jacarandas, this jewel of the Indian Ocean is a fascinating melting pot that moves at its own languid pace.

Travel: Los Angeles

Visiting the hippest market in Downtown LA

Wexler's Deli is one of the new eateries that have helped turn Los Angeles' dowdy and under-used Grand Central Market into a drawcard once more.

Stephanie Wood   "Two more sluts" is an order you'll hear loud and regularly at LA's mouthwatering Grand Central Market.

Best of Turkey

A food-lover's guide to Turkey

Gaziantep Ulu Cami, the Great Mosque.

David Dale   Affordable and delicious delicacies make Turkey a food-lover's paradise.

The grown-up gap year

Carmel England, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Evelyn Lewin   Evelyn Lewin speaks to three women who donned their backpacks and came away transformed.

Magic on the Nile

cr: V?ronique Mati

SL travel - magic on the nile - feb 1

Pauline Webber   Step onto the paddle steamer that inspired Agatha Christie's famous novel: nothing will have prepared you for the real thing.

Travel: Cuba

Why you should visit Cuba before it changes forever

The charming architectural decay of Old Havana may soon be a thing of the past.

Catherine Marshall   The Caribbean island is finally throwing open its doors to the US – and here’s what it means for the rest of us.

Travel: Uruguay

Is this South America's next big thing?


Kerry van der Jagt   Uruguay might be dwarfed by its bigger Latin neighbours, but it has spirit and culture to match, finds Kerry van der Jagt.