Travel hot spot

The number one destination for 2014


LEE TULLOCH This city's charm and complexities are hard to resist, writes Lee Tulloch.

Arctic adventures

Now you can design your own icy hotel room


Nina Karnikowski IceHotel guests can now create a “haute couture” room for their exclusive use in Jukkasjarvi, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

Pet holiday

Where to take your pets on holiday


TRACEY SPICER They say you should never work with children or animals. But what about holidaying with them?

Hipster food

How Austin, Texas, became a food capital

story by ute junker. Austin Texas is getting known for its food. Weird donuts from Gourdoughs, here the flying pig. Supplied

UTE JUNKER Texas' hipster capital is also developing serious culinary cred, writes Ute Junker.


Comedian has worst Airbnb rental experience ever?

Ari Teman

Kylie McLaughlin A New Yorker inadvertently rents out his Manhattan apartment through Airbnb to a man hosting an orgy.

Island hoping

Pacific islands you must visit


Craig Tansley From New Caledonia to French Polynesia, and the Cook Islands to Samoa, there are hidden holiday destinations to discover in the south Pacific.


15 magical places to watch the sun rise


Traveller writers reveal memorable locations to experience the beauty of the world in half-light.

Best short trips

Asia's top 10 must-do side-trips


Kerry van der Jagt From beaches to bays, mountains to caves, it's always worth stepping outside the capital cities, writes Kerry van der Jagt.

Ancient Mexico

The lost cities of the Maya


UTE JUNKER Ute Junker explores the ruins and the riches of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, the centre of the ancient Mayan empire.

Where to go now

Travel destinations you can't keep putting off


Michael Gebicki From the Galapagos to the Great Barrier Reef, there are some destinations you can't keep putting off for a visit, writes Michael Gebicki.

Guilt-free luxury

The best Australian hotels in 2014


LEE TULLOCH Lee Tulloch explores the hotel recently named Australia's best by TripAdvisor.

Hidden luxury

Six of the best: desert camps


UTE JUNKER Whether it's yoga at dawn in Abu Dhabi, a camel safari through an Indian desert, there's bound to be a desert camp to suit you.

Margaret River

Weekend away: Margaret River

margaret river

Sarah Oakes Perfect beaches, world-class wine and a small element of danger.

Places to go now

Eight places to visit before everyone else does


Ben Groundwater The world is changing: here are eight places you need to get to before they're overrun with tourists.

2013 top travel

The year's most memorable travel


Our writers share their most memorable experiences in 2013.

Gourmet trail

Italy's hidden gourmet trail


Andrew Bain Hiking the hills of Abruzzo is a stroll through a fine menu, writes Andrew Bain.

Best holidays

The six best countries to visit in 2014


Traveller's globetrotting contributors cast their votes for the big six countries set to make their presence felt next year.

Hands-on travel

Travellers are craving hands-on holidays


Julietta Jameson Forget air-conditioned coach tours, modern travellers want to get amongst it.

Best new hotels

The six most exciting hotel openings in 2014


Belinda Jackson London's Shangri-La will have butlers and floor-to ceiling views of St Paul's Cathedral.

Travel: Canada

Rocky Mountains by train


Setting her watch to mountain time and keeping an eye out for bears, Elspeth Callender boards Canada’s famed Rocky Mountaineer train.

Papua New Guinea

Days of vodka and oysters


BEN GROUNDWATER Ben Groundwater savours another world just four hours or so from home.

Sultry Phuket

Phuket has a new laid-back, sultry vibe


Upmarket beach clubs are transforming the Phuket social scene, putting the groove back into the island's sandy shores, writes Julie Miller.

Wilderness watch

Wildlife watching in Malawi


A journey in Livingstone's footsteps gives proof of Malawi's hospitality, writes Alison Stewart.

An oasis in India

A palm-fringed paradise


Michael Gebicki Calmer and less chaotic than the rest of India, Kerala is a lush and green oasis.

Travel Favourites

The best travel experiences right now


Among a wealth of short forays in fascinating places, we pick some of our favourites.

Travel: Thailand

A secluded sanctuary on Koh Samui


Pat Ingram Not a devotee of retreats, Pat Ingram becomes a willing convert in a secluded sanctuary in Thailand.

Travel: Fiji

Dolphin Island: fit for a quasi-royal

thumb fiji

Julietta Jameson is overcome by the fantasy of an exclusive luxury resort.

Fashion hotels

New York's Fashion District Revival

New York City

LEE TULLOCH Lee Tulloch discovers a stylish new vibe, with chic hotels, bars and yes, shops.

Island adventure

An (affordable) island adventure


Isobel King An island adventure with a taste of Europe is just a short flight away, writes Isobel King.

Bangkok: Short trips

The perfect Bangkok weekend


Amy Cooper Big city, short time? Leave it to a group of girls to streamline the perfect Bangkok weekend, writes Amy Cooper.

Secret Portland

More than just Portlandia


Katrina Lobley Driving the north-west coast of United States whets the appetite, writes Katrina Lobley.

Bucket list

The places you must visit before you die

smh traveller sep 28 cover CREDIT GETTY IMAGES. Traditional Greek village Oia on Santorini island in dusk.

The ultimate A-Z of bucket list experiences around the world.

Bargain luxury

Twenty reasons to visit Bangkok


Julie Miller Jim Thompson's House and museums dedicated to the bizarre are some of the reasons to visit Bangkok.

Luxury in Italy

What makes a truly great hotel


Saska Graville It is the little things that count, writes Saska Graville.

Elephant watching

Elephant watching in Sri Lanka


JANE REDDY Jane Reddy and family return to Sri Lanka in search of elephants and adventure.

Island hopping

Island hopping in the Pacific


Lance Richardson explores nations rich in culture, charm and conflict as he hops over a key expanse of the Pacific.

Instagram hotel

Sydney's 'Instagram hotel' has hipster travellers buzzing


Adam Popescu Features include digital murals, a free night's stay if you have over 10,000 followers and a 'selfie space' to snap photographs of yourself.

Travel: Indonesia

The Paris end of Bali


Lucy Carroll Lucy Carroll takes home the fragrance of Bali in a bottle.

Travel: Xmas options

It's not too early to plan your Xmas holiday


Julietta Jameson There's no shortage of magical Christmas adventures around the world, writes Julietta Jameson.

Hidden travel gems

Ten 'awful' cities you should still visit


David Whitley Here are 10 cities that are better than their reputation suggests.


Turkish Riviera

Why you need to visit the Turkish Riviera


Kerry van der Jagt Kerry van der Jagt finds that happiness lies at the heart of the Club Med Belek on the Turkish Riviera.

Hamilton Island

A weekend in paradise


SARAH OAKES Hamilton Island is a little chunk of island paradise off the coast of north Queensland.

Unforgettable trips

That moment of travel perfection


Ben Groundwater All of the security lines and flight delays, the long bus rides and bad food - but this is why you spend your life savings.


Shopping holidays

Eight places to go with an empty bag


Belinda Jackson Belinda Jackson lists eight favourite destinations at which to arrive with empty bags.

Paris, je t'aime

Six of the best: Paris design hotels


Louise Goldsbury Two Michelin-starred restaurants, croissants voted the best in Paris, and a 'Palace Distinction' rating.

Life changing travel

25 places that will change your child's life


Julietta Jameson Julietta Jameson selects 25 places, from a new book, that to visit have the potential to transform a child's life.

Travel: Cape Panwa

A luxurious mini break


CANDICE CHUNG A hidden luxury resort on the Southeastern tip of Phuket offers a fantastically affordable (and luxurious) stay.


Travel: Malaysia

The recipe for a perfect winter break


SIMONE MITCHELL One part lazy beach holiday combined with one part shopping spree in a buzzing metropolis. Here's how you can enjoy the best of both worlds in Asia.

Travel: Queenstown

24 hours in Queenstown

SHD TRAVEL FEBRUARY 24 NZ ART. Queenstown Art Adventures, story by Nina Karnikowski. Supplied

ANNIE STEVENS Even if you're not an adventure buff, there's plenty of fun things to do (and eat) in Queenstown.

Travel: Hawaii

A beginner's guide to Hawaii


Katrina Lobley Gets to know the lei of the land of this Pacific idyll that's become a true favourite for Australian travellers.

Travel: France

Black, white, red all over


It's not easy being a 'green' skier in spectacular Val d'Isere, writes Sue Bennett.

Travel: Switzerland

24 hours in Geneva


Brian Johnston One of the world's priciest cities doesn't have to be expensive. Get yourself a couple of croissants ($4) and a day bus ticket

Ski New Zealand

Learning how to ski, a love story


ANNIE STEVENS A beginner and an advanced skier head up the mountain. Here's how it turned out.

Travel: China

24 hours in Beijing

Life loves. Pork and chive dumplings from Chinese Noodle House at 8 Quay St, Haymarket.

Brian Johnston It isn't hard to do Beijing on a budget. Start with some steamed dumplings at a street eatery.

TV inspired travel

TV shows and films that inspire travel

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys in Game of Thrones 

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys in Game of Thrones 2 on showcase (ep6) 1.JPG

BEN GROUNDWATER It's not the plot, it's the scenery. Some TV shows and films just make you think, 'I want to go there. Now.'

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Travel: South Africa

Secret food haunts in Cape Town


Simon Thomsen Food writer Simon Thomsen shares his secret foodie tips in Cape Town, South Africa.

Travel: Jordan

Frolicking in the Dead Sea


Susan Wyndham. Salt cures - or at least energises - in the Dead Sea, 423 metres below sea level, writes Susan Wyndham.

NZ mini-break

A week in Wellington


SIMONE MITCHELL A week in and around Wellington is a great (and cheap) way to escape the daily grind.

new york city

Let's take Manhattan

Broadway stretches 24 kilometres from Battery Park in the south to the Bronx in the north.

Elspeth Callender explores New York's most famous thoroughfare.

Travel: Myanmar

24 hours in Yangon

 SMH TRAVELLER. June 15. YANGON. Ref #RTXEWL8. Devotees crowd 
the Shwedagon Pagoda during the Kason watering festival in Yangon. Photograph by Reuters.


Sally Robinson explores the former Burmese capital and finds a city and culture unshackled and ready to shine.