Travel: Ecuador

Colour and culture in the heart of Ecuador

An Otavalo market stall.

In the foothills of the Andes, there is magic and ancient tradition in Ecuador's bustling capital, writes Pauline Webber.

Heart of Ecuador

Cotopaxi erupts.

In the foothills of the Andes, there is colour, magic and ancient tradition in the bustling capital, Quito.


The best way to see Cappadocia

Watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon in  Cappadocia.

Amanda Hoh   It might be called the land of the beautiful horses but this Turkish town is home to one of the world's best experiences.

Treasure islands

Four picturesque Australian islands you need to escape to

Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays.

Michael Gebicki   They feel like a whole other world, even though they're only hours away.

Ridin' solo

How to travel solo safely

"The two main things you need to think about when travelling alone are letting people know where you're going, and ...

Jess Shanahan   Six helpful tips on how to look after yourself overseas.


Twenty awesome experiences you need to get up early for

Northern Lights over scenic Bergen, Norway.

Ben Groundwater   There are certain amazing, life-changing travel experiences that only happen very early in the morning.

Top 10

Top 10 far-out island experiences

A chinstrap penguin.

John Borthwick   Remote and peaceful, these islands offer the traveller a rare tranquillity.

Food & wine

Where to eat in Brooklyn's food mecca

Shalom Japan.

Barry Divola   There are so many great places to dine and so much variety that it's difficult to know where to start.

Treasure islands

Early morning reflections on Bruny Island.

Michael Gebicki   Four of Australia's best places to be a castaway.

Van dreaming land

Above all is the pleasure of being physically contained within a tiny space.

Sian Prior   Four small walls on wheels and the freedom to go anywhere - preferably near a decent wave - now that's heaven.


Taste the bounty of Byron Bay

The Harvest Cafe in Newrybar has an emporium selling taste treats.

Caroline Gladstone   Finds your inner hippy on the food trail in the NSW hinterland.


The eccentric French hotel worth splashing out for

Hotel Le Negresco, Nice. France

Steve Meacham   A Nice hotel has been an enduring monument of eccentricity for more than 100 years.

Josephine Tovey

What a holiday without a camera taught me about Instagram

Our tendency to photograph everything is often lamented as a generational failure - but I don't share the cultural ...

Josephine Tovey   Our tendency to photograph everything is often lamented as a generational failure - but I don't share the cultural despair, writes Josephine Tovey.


Europe's best-kept secret

Main market square of Krakow.

Ute Junker   This eastern European treasure remains largely undiscovered, but it's about to become Europe's next big thing.


Berlin's wild, wild West

tra24-hotelberlin tra23westberlin
Hotel Adlon Kempinski

Kerry van der Jagt   A local guide adds a moving dimension to a tour through Berlin's alternative cultural centre.


Greece's most beautiful island

Estate Argyros was established in 1903 by Georgios Argyros, in a  vineyard located in Episkopi Gonia Thiras (Santorini).

Steve Meacham   No other island compares with Santorini for those spectacular and uniquely Greek blue and white vistas.


Souvlaki shuffle: Where to taste the best of Greek food

Mouth watering: Alternative Athens Food Tour.

Steve Meacham   Start your walking tour of Athens' culinary delights with an empty stomach.

Travel tips

Add to your bucket list: Ten hotels in incredible locations

Aescher Cliff, Switzerland.

Ben Groundwater   Some are extremely expensive, some a are cheap. But all are amazing.

America's 10 must-see free attractions

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Marla Jo Fisher   Some of the best attractions in the United States won't cost you a cent.


Three-minute guide to Chicago

Visitors can watch a  Chicago Cubs baseball game at historic Wrigley Field.

Alison Stewart   A quick guide on what to see, eat and do in Chicago.


A place where 'oh my God' constantly echoes

Giant sequoia in Tuolumne Grove
Photo: Andrew Bain
Tuolumne grove

Andrew Bain   Big cliffs, big trees and America's highest waterfall. It's no wonder visitors constantly exclaim 'oh my God'.


The Italian town tourists haven't discovered

Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca, Italy.

Steve Meacham   There's one Renaissance city in this famous Italian region that tourists erroneously overlook.

Travelling couple

Rather than marry, my partner and I have travel vows

"Travel is my ultimate relationship requirement. Not marriage, not kids, but travel."

Muriel Vega   "Travel is my ultimate relationship requirement. Not marriage, not kids, but travel."

Cheap travel

10 must-see free attractions in the US

The Mount Rushmore monument featuring the giant heads of former presidents.

Marla Jo Fisher   The US is certainly not a cheap place to travel but there are plenty of gems that won't cost you a cent.


Spoilers: The spectacular island behind Star Wars' final scene

Beehive stone huts of the monastery on Skellig Michael.

Craig Platt   There was no CGI used to create the spectacular backdrop for The Force Awakens' final scene.

Food & wine

The world's 10 most stunning restaurant locations

E4EGDK Ayana resort & spa, Bali

Ute Junker   The locations are even more fabulous than the food in these 10 stunning restaurants.

A European island holiday with a bit of everything

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is a hewn rock structure which was used as a cemetery.

Gabrielle Costa   To explore the bowels of a millennia-old tomb, swim in the Med and sample unbelievably fresh seafood, Malta has the perfect island holiday mix.

My holiday, my way

"I wouldn't have changed a thing": Tara Axford.

Tara Axford, Rachael Mogan McIntosh, Jane Tara   Three women think outside the square in order to make their dream holiday happen.

On-the-road rage

Wendy Squires.

Wendy Squires   There's a difference between holidaying and travelling ... and ideal companions for each, says Wendy Squires.


The best way to see Thailand's mesmerising hongs

White sand beach with crystal clear sea, Maya island, Krabi, Thailand.

Tatyana Leonov   Hidden from prying eyes this is a dazzing landscape that only those lucky enough can visit.


Why is finding a truly great carbonara so hard?

Carbonara at Salumeria Roscioli.

Ben Groundwater   For a true Roman carbonara, you're allowed four ingredients. And they do not include cream or garlic.


Terrifying and exhilarating: Three minutes in Toronto

CN Tower.

David Whitley   A quick guide on the best things to see, do and eat in Toronto.

Summer holidays

Four perfect local destinations for these summer holidays

Barossa Valley vineyards: our prettiest wine country.

Michael Gebicki   Christmas and getaways go together like turkey and stuffing. These home-grown destinations should be top of your wish list.

Summer retreat

Barossa Valley vineyard.

Michael Gebicki   Christmas and getaways go together like turkey and stuffing. These home-grown destinations should be top of your wish list.


Sorry Australia, our coffee is better than yours


Tim Richards   There's one city that takes its coffee very, very seriously. And it's not in Australia.

World's best spots to go underwater

Diving in The Great Barrier Reef.

Lizzie Porter and Natalie Paris   From the Philippines to the Great Barrier Reef, here are the best spots in the world to go underwater.


Best 16 countries to visit in 2016

Zion NP

Ben Groundwater   Here are 16 reason to get excited about the year ahead in travel.


16 must-see new design projects for 2016

***No credit: supplied

An artist?s impression of lbphilharmonie concert hall, Germany

Belinda Jackson   Architecture has never been more exciting: just take a look at these 16 new works.


The world's No.1 region to visit in 2016

 The main street leading up to the Clock Tower, in Sighisoara, the medieval, fortified town, in Transylvania, Romania.

Tatyana Leonov   You won't find many tourists in this famous province, but it's been named the No.1 spot to visit next year.


The best places to feast on the cheap


Ute Junker   You can eat cheaply and still eat well in most countries, if you just know where to look.


This is the greatest city on Earth

D212PE 3 star Michelin restaurant Arzak, Donostia, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain Credit Alamy

Ben Groundwater   This city is the greatest place in the entire world, for one reason: The glorious food.


'Wows' around every corner on this Aussie island

Nature gets priority on Heron Island.

Louise Southerden   Nature has priority at this beautiful Australian island.

Home of the best movie ever made

Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill above the city's skyline.

Barry Divola   It was named the greatest film of all time by critics and this city was one of the stars.

Travel: Cambodia

A picturesque sanctuary off the coast of Cambodia

A dinner table in an infinity pool at the Song Saa private island resort, off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Pauline Webber   There's a reason locals call these islands Song Saa, aka 'the lovers'.

Look back in languor

Buddhist monks.

Pauline Webber   If a sanctuary of uncompromising luxury sounds just like you, this exquisite island resort off the coast of Cambodia won't disappoint.


The world's most expensive streets

In Amsterdam, local government, businesses, institutions and citizens are creating a smart city.

Take a stroll along the world's most expensive streets.

A star-studded road trip through the Deep South

Monument to James Meredith, the first African-American student to enrol at the University of Mississippi in 1962.

Alison Stewart   Alison Stewart discovers we really do give a damn about this amazing sweep of America.


This is the world's first really green hotel

The image of grazing sheep behind the writer's bed in one of the rooms at the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle.

Elspeth Callender   The first hotel in the world with a zero energy balance is in Vienna. So do they have hairdryers?


Where hipsters shop for cowboy threads

Cowboys and Rock Stars exhibit opens on Friday a the Foothills Art Center in Golden. Detail of a sign, from the show ...

Elspeth Callender   You don't have to be the real thing to wear the real thing.

Travel: Iceland

Sampling the world's coolest coffee culture in Iceland

Konsull Cafe in Reykjavik.

Steve McKenna   "You want to know the difference between a cafe and a bar in Reykjavik? The time of day."


Not the tango: Buenos Aires better-kept secret

The Recoleta neighbourhood’s Feria de Artesanos in Plaza Francia.

Isobel King   Argentina’s capital has a well-kept secret, its strictly governed artisan markets.

Must eats

50 dishes every traveller needs to try once

Denmark's greatest gift to gastronomy is not Rene Redzepi of Restaurant Noma, but the humble smorrebrod, an open ...

Terry Durack   Lobster rolls in Maine and smorrebrod in Denmark? Yes, please. Terry Durack lines up the ultimate bucket list for foodies.

Travel: New York

An art lover's guide to the Big Apple

The High Line Public Park has become a magnet for art and nature lovers.

Benjamin Law   Warehouses, sidewalks, underground - to find the best art in NYC, you just need to know where to look, writes Benjamin Law.


Why this is the world's No.1 city to visit in 2016

A cruise ship in the bay near the Old Town of Kotor in Montenegro.

Alison Stewart   It is not in Norway, nor Germany, nor Switzerland, nor Serbia, nor Disneyland. It is itself.


The real-life home of Star Wars

Remains of the Star Wars set near Tozeur in Tunisia are still there.

Ben Groundwater   The planet of Tatooine is a real place and you'll find pieces of the original Star Wars movies still standing here.

Ubud retreats

Six of the best: Ubud spa retreats

Stunner: The Viceroy Bali.

Brian Johnston   It seems that around every corner in Ubud is another spa even more stunning and tranquil than the last.

Small wonder

A rice cake stall.

Michael Gebicki   Surrounded by evergreen mountain forests, the tiny Japanese town of Takayama is a peaceful delight to explore.

Travel: Hokkaido

Hokkaido: Hot onsen and ice monsters

Bathing in the milky waters at Nyutou Onsen.

Jamie Lafferty recently explored all 47 prefectures, from untamed Hokkaido in the north to tropical Okinawa in the south. Here are his highlights from 100 days of adventure.

Palace living

Ten amazing former palaces and castles open to visitors

Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel in the golden light of afternoon

John Borthwick   Grand homes from where potentates projected their power can today be visited by lesser mortals.

Tasty trip

How to eat your way around Hong Kong and Macau

Portuguese tarts at Lord Stow's original bakery in Coloane, Macau.

Keith Austin   Keith Austin follows his tastebuds for some wanton acts of eating.