Inside a fetish fitness boot camp

Mistress Anna, founder of Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp.

Mistress Anna, founder of Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp.

My name is Mistress Anna and I have worked in the adult industry for over ten years and for the past five years have been a professional dominatrix. Not everyone wants to go to a Fitness First to exercise. The BDSM community deviates from conventional sex, so why should they exercise in a conventional gym?  I have created a space where members of the BDSM community can exercise as themselves and express themselves without judgment.

My first experience in the adult industry was as a retail assistant at Risque’ Boutique in Kings Cross. It instantly piqued my curiosity and I began my adventure into the adult industry. This led me to reception work in the Full Service arena at a high end Bordello called Tiffany’s then Gateway. I decided to begin escorting where I found a new freedom and continued my journey of self-discovery.

My confidence as a sexually dominant woman grew during this time and I realised what I wanted, liked, and disliked. A close friend suggested I try domination work as she thought it would suit my personality. With my nurse’s aid background and also having picked up some light B&D experience through escorting, I began working as a self-employed dominatrix. From then on, I started involving myself with the BDSM community, attending kink based workshops, and parties. My circle of friends grew along with knowledge and understanding of the different kinds of kink.

Anna poses and a client at Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp.

Anna poses and a client at Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp.

Two years ago a friend, Mistress Ultra, suggested I merge my vocations of domination, personal training, and beauty therapy to create a new niche. I created a new arm to my  business, ‘The Rose Centre’ from where I run a Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp amongst other activities.


I had seen online that there were BDSM personal trainers offering one-on-one training, but no one had created a boot camp. I think for many people who don’t exercise, there is an assumption that boot camps generally are quite sadistic. I really don’t think a Forced Fetish boot camp is a drastic progression. People I told about this thought it was a great idea. There was incredible support for it in the community. When I first trialed classes the Exchange Hotel (home to the BDSM themed Sydney Hellfire Club), the owners were so supportive they let me use their space.

Just like a normal bootcamp we begin with exercise but take it to another level as I add a twist of kink. At the beginning of the class the subs (submissives) are made to kneel before me while I collar them and ask them about their various misdemeanours.

During the class I push their limits as I demand them to work harder. I make them kiss my boots while they perform push-ups, sit on their laps while they tricep dip, sit on them while they plank for core stability, and I smack their bottom with a paddle if the job isn’t up to my expectations and so on. It is fun, entertaining, and we are keeping fit.

The concept of my premises “The Rose Center” which houses Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp arose from my belief in a holistic approach to life. Being able to be kinky while keeping fit is incentive enough for some people in the BSDM community to want to attend, while for others who are cautious new comers it is a way to join in for a first time without full on exposure. These classes offer participants an opportunity to meet other likeminded people and talk about experiences and gather further knowledge to widen their social BDSM circle and grow themselves. The sessions have become popular within the BDSM community as a kink friendly way to improve fitness and self-esteem.

I offer two different kinds of exercise sessions. One is the Boot Camp Mistress Training which is an exercise circuit class where clients dress in sporty or toned down kink gear and we train outdoors or in a one-to-one session. The other is the “Forced Fitness” Boot Camp, that sees clients dress in their fetish wear of choice and we train indoors, with a more BDSM approach with strict Domme / sub roles.

I derive satisfaction from seeing the improvements my clients make. I am happy to work with anyone who is dedicated to improving their health and wellbeing. All of my clients have had weight loss, increased fitness, and improved flexibility.

The most one sub has lost was 22kg’s and his confidence improved along with his ability to integrate socially. He first came to my class as a shy overweight 22 year old. He sweated a lot, was incredibly nervous and had a stutter. As the weight fell off his confidence grew. One of my proudest moments was going suit shopping with him. He was a completely different person. Another client lost 10kgs and his flexibility has improved so now he can get into bondage positions he couldn’t previously do, his frozen shoulder is now back in full range and he loves the fact he fits his outfits again.

I am Mistress Anna and there are no parts of my life that I edit or hide, everyone in my life knows what I do and accepts me the way I am. In all aspects of my life I enjoy encouraging people to be themselves without judgement.

 At the end of the day this is about getting fit and having fun at the same time.

Anna will appear on The Feed tonight at 7.30pm on SBS 2. Watch a previde of the episode here. (Contains NSFW imageryTwitter: @TheFeedsbs2