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Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life

Elizabeth Gilbert

SARAH MACDONALD Elizabeth Gilbert thinks we should stop using the word 'balance' as a weapon against each other.

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How my wedding helped me forgive my father

USE ONLY WITH A SUNDAY LIFE STORY ABOUT: Father by Amelia Wallace/UK Telegraph, Stella Magazine, London
NO ARCHIVE Amelia Wallace

Amelia Wallace As a child, Amelia Wallace was consumed by anger with her dad. She overcame this to ask him to walk her down the aisle.

Real life

The awkward relationship with people we pay to touch us


ALICE WILLIAMS How do you tell the difference between what's 'professional' and 'inappropriate'?

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Life as the 'well spouse' of a chronically ill partner

Watching TV - XLarge

Katherine McQuay Lewis My husband, Dave, may officially be the sick one in our marriage, but his steadily declining health is also doing a real number on my mental and physical well-being.

Trying to walk again

I paid $50,000 for a health 'miracle'


Matt Battista The heartache and reality of investing in stem cell treatment.

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Why it's much easier to share sad news than happy news

No caption

Jacinta Tynan Jacinta Tynan on why friends are there for the tough times, but it can be a different story when the going is good.

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Men at work

Men at work: the secret lives of house husbands

House Husbands

Georgia Cassimatis Georgia Cassimatis speaks to three fathers who've taken on the role.

I married a prison inmate

Documentary subjects Lorri Da  is, left, and Damien Wayne Echols from the film West of Memphis poses for a portrait Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012 in Park City, Utah.  (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)

When Lorri Davis began corresponding with a convicted murderer, she never thought she'd fall in love.

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Can this app save you from yourself?


Andrew P. Street One of the biggest design problems with the human brain is that it's inconveniently stuck inside one's skull instead of standing in the beer garden at 2am slapping the phone from one’s hand and saying “No! Do NOT message that person! That’s a terrible status update! In any case, ‘hook-up’ is hyphenated!”


Sex talk doesn't belong in a yoga studio


Kelly A. Barrett A handy guide to avoiding awkward yoga moments.

Coping with grief

A manual for dealing with your mother’s death

Brooke Davies

Brooke Davis All the things a woman should know.

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Bikini body

I wore a bikini and nothing happened


Jenny Trout Our cultural discussion of fat bodies and how we clothe them has nothing to do with the comfort of fat people.

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Stop calling me on the phone

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 15:  Freelance stylist Hilary poses wearing a Cos t-shirt, Cooper jeans with vintage glasses and a H+M hat at the Holly Fulton catwalk show during London Fashion Week S/S 2013on September 15, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/FilmMagic)

BENJAMIN LAW Benjamin Law can't be alone in his fear and loathing of phones, right?

Handy guide

How to recover from being the drunkest person at a party


Alyson Portlock A field guide to putting your shame - and property damage - behind you.

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Reasons to stay up

The perks of being a night owl


ROB MORAN Even if you don’t care for futbol, there are other reasons to stay up.

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Real life

Things you get away with by being skinny


KATE FRIDKIS The danger of assuming someone is healthy because they are thin.

What would you tell your 13 year-old self?

girls on opposing teams walking off field together

CLEMENTINE FORD Clementine Ford on what she wishes she'd known at 13.

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Why Turia Pitt's Australian Women's Weekly cover is important to me


Carly Findlay I've given up on buying women's magazines, but today I will be buying this one.

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Teen books for all

Men should be able to read YA, too


ROB MORAN A former teen girl's magazine writer thinks real men should read YA.

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Survival instinct

I survived three days adrift at sea


Rob Hewitt Rob Hewitt was separated from his boat on a recreational dive off the coast of New Zealand in 2006.


Inside a fetish fitness boot camp


Mistress Anna Not everyone wants to go to a Fitness First to exercise.

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Unsolved murder

How I became involved in backpacker Simone Strobel's murder mystery


Virginia Peters Writer Virginia Peters couldn't stop thinking about Strobel's murder, so she took matters into her own hands.

Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe: what every woman should know by their 40s

No caption

On her 44th birthday, Jessica Rowe shares 44 of the lessons she's learnt.

My year with J.D. Salinger

SAN DIEGO - NOVEMBER 20, 1952: ***EXCLUSIVE - CALL FOR IMAGE*** JD Salinger poses for a portrait as he reads from his classic American novel

Joanna Rakoff "Never talk to Jerry", instructed her boss. Then one day Joanna Rakoff picked up the phone, and it was him.

Benjamin Law: I took a nude yoga class

Benjamin Law - nude yoga story

BENJAMIN LAW We've had bikram, yogalates, even yoga with pole-dancing ... Benjamin Law takes the next step and strips for some naked downward dog.

Awkward stages

I was a young male ballroom dancer and these are my scars

TIMEOUT 961114 sun herald tempo pic shows still from Strictly Ballroom.
Paul Mercurio (Scott) and Tara Morice (Fran)

James Walker It's not easy having "advanced hip action" at such a young age.

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A painful loss

My wife died in a car accident, but I survived


Benjamin Brooks-Dutton On November 10, 2012 Benjamin Brooks-Dutton's life changed forever.

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Real life

In praise of risk-taking women


ANDIE FOX The thrill of adventure isn't just for the reckless alpha male.

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Transgender transition

How to come out as transgender

Sarah Parlow, a 38-year-old transgender woman steps on stage to be auctioned during a LGBT charity date event in Pittsburgh in February 2014. (Michael Henninger/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/MCT)

Michael A Fuoco Three transgender advocates speak up about the process of changing their gender, privately and publicly.

The woman who bought a plastic family


Nione Meakin Every woman, no matter how successful, must be in want of a husband and family to feel complete, right? Failing that, how about two plastic shop dummies?

Real life

After escaping war, my son drowned


As told to Paul Connolly "This country means the world to refugees. We don't take it for granted."

Straight edge

Did I waste my youth by not being wasted?

Still from the movie Dazed and Confused, with Matthew McConaughey


DOM KNIGHT Dom Knight on why he's never taken drugs.

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The in-laws

My mother-in-law hates me

Mature woman in garden with trowel, portrait

JO HARTLEY The tyrannical mother ruling over her adult child's relationships is more than a cliché.

Empathy weight gain

My husband's diet is making me fat


Sue Williams Empathising with a dieting partner isn't really working for Sue Williams.

Call of the wild

A keen ornithologist, Claire Dunn often spends time observing the bush birdlife from her sit-spot on the root-ball a fallen Scribbly Gum amongst the bracken.

Claire Dunn A burnt out Claire Dunn quit city life to spend a year learning to survive in the wilderness.

Real life

The lies I learnt from 90s sitcoms


Annelia Alex In sitcom world, someone always chases after you. In real life, not so much.

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Lizzie Velasquez was called 'the world's ugliest woman', this is what she did next

Motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez, who wants to raise money for an anti-bullying film.

JEN VUK Lizzie Velasquez won’t soon forget the day she came across a YouTube clip called The World's Ugliest Woman. The video had gone viral, attracting four million views and thousands of anonymous posts along the lines of “what a monster”, “kill it with fire” and “Lizzie, please, please do the world a favour. Put a gun to your head and kill yourself.”

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I renounced Islam, so my family think I should die


Harriet Alexander "I craved my freedom, and it took me a long time to be brave enough."


Inside BronyCon: the world's largest My Little Pony fan convention


Perhaps the hardest thing for outsiders to comprehend is just why bronies care so much about the show. What is it about My Little Pony that appeals to older men?


The unique grief of losing your firstborn


Jenifer Dravage One mother on the heartbreaking task of honouring her stillborn child.

My husband chose to become a woman

Man in High Heels and Skirt

As told to Wendy Squires Michelle was happily married until her husband started to change in odd ways.

Real life

Living in the aftermath of a child's suicide

Missing piece: Christopher Newling in 2000, aged 16.

When Jane Newling lost her son Christopher, the gentle persistence of a neighbour dragged her out of the darkness.

Real life

Can gardening mend a broken heart?


ANDIE FOX Struck with an urgent desire for order, one writer finds unexpected reprieve through the gentle art of gardening.

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Friendship hang-ups

Can (Muslim) men and women be "just friends?"


Zeynab Gamieldien It's hard enough generally but religion adds a whole new layer of awkwardness.

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Real life

My husband has no memory of our marriage


Laurie Graham Stricken by dementia, Laurie Graham's husband remembers much about his first marriage but painfully little of theirs.

Overcoming post-traumatic stress


AMY CORDEROY Most young people spend time in their late teens and early 20s at parties, pubs and clubs - probably a little more time than they would care to admit.

Real life

What's wrong with sounding like a gay man?


Stephanie Buck First-time filmmaker David Thorpe has been developing his documentary 'Do I Sound Gay?' for three years.

'Real women' TV

I was asked to star in a 'real women' reality show


KATE FRIDKIS And this is why I turned the offer down.

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Real life

Do we abandon our pregnant friends?


ALICE WILLIAMS When a friend tells you she’s pregnant, is your first thought, ''I've lost them"?

Special-needs cat

Lil Bub's message of acceptance


Nickl Barnett Meet the special-needs cat that won the internet.

How to deal

When your best friend moves away from you


ANNIE STEVENS How to cope when your Favourite Foreign Friends decide it's time to move back home.

Can you change your life in 50 coffees?


NICOLE ELPHICK One 31-year-old Brooklyn-based woman is looking to 50 strangers for life advice.

Real life

I had major surgery to lose weight


Carla Jones Most of my stomach was removed to enforce portion controlled meals.

Real life

How I overcame the bystander effect

980409 AFR Gary Medlicott: Studio pic Generic pic of woman with  PMT - Stress
red jumper head stress anxiety migraine headache head ache

ANDIE FOX Andie Fox interfered when she thought a stranger was in trouble. This is what happened next.

Real life

My terminal illness has an image problem

Photograph Simon O Dwyer. The Sunday Age Newspaper. 151009. Photograph Shows. Generic image of woman who wants to remain unnamed for story on breast cancer. NOTE  PHOTOGRAPH TO BE NON IDENTIFYING - DO NOT LIGHTEN.... SPECIAL CANCER

Erica Ruck Breast cancer isn't the only cancer that impacts the lives of women.

Real life

Questions I have for people who have made it


Meshel Laurie One writer demands to know the so called secrets to eternal joy and prosperity.

Real life

What pop culture gets wrong about eating disorders


CHLOE ANGYAL The danger of only showing the already slender woman trying to become more slender.


Real life

Why I stopped pretending to be a ‘carefree single girl'

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 04: Krystal Gao wears a Min Xu dress and a Bottega Veneta bag after the Chanel show at the Grand Palais on March 4, 2014 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

Sara Eckel The bad, old stereotypes of pathetic single women had been blasted—to be unhappy was to betray womankind, and myself.

Real life

No one should ever feel 'too fat for sex'


Evelyn Resh Women shouldn't let their bodies impact their relationships, writes full-figured sex counsellor and midwife Evelyn Resh.

I wrote to my parents about their abuse


Angela Lee Sometimes making amends with your family may not be for the best after all.