Parenting and Families

Parenting manifesto

Can we undo sexism by the next generation?


ANDIE FOX A manifesto to new parents.

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Parenting myths

When shouting at your kids isn't a bad thing

Parenting mistakes

Rowan Pelling When it comes to disciplining children, is yelling better than silent treatment?

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Choosing to have kids alone

Sunday Life. Twins. Solo mother. 
Nicky Levigne has two twin boys, 7 months old. location: Bondi beach. 
Make up artist: Melanie Moylan. 
Photo: Edwina Pickles. 13th Nov 2013.

JO HARTLEY Jo Hartley meets three women whose longing for a baby was so great they each decided not to wait for a partner.


Do we need to be stoic for our children?


ANDIE FOX A beginner's guide to coping with all the surprises of single parenthood.

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Parenting myths

Are we responsible for our children's happiness?


SARAH MACDONALD Parenting books say yes, but Sarah MacDonald isn't so sure.

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Birth photos

Birth photo shoots are becoming a trend


KATE FRIDKIS A new poll says one in five expectant mums will consider hiring a 'birth photographer'. Would you?


Introducing your kids to a new partner

Mother and daughter embracing

Robyn Doreian When it comes to introducing a new partner to your children, the experts advise baby steps.

Dad turns son into world's cutest action star


Laura Vitto It sure pays to have a Dreamworks animator dad.

Positive Education

Are we being too kind to our kids?

Drawing by the window

SARAH MACDONALD Schools are banning red pen in the name of positivity, but are we going too far?

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Ben Law

Life lessons from our Asian mother


Benjamin Law and Michelle Law The pleasures and awkwardness of growing up with an Asian mum.

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Australian women turning to Europe for affordable IVF

IVF file pic

ALEXANDRA SMITH Australian women in their late 40s and even 50s, desperate for a baby, are increasingly travelling to Greece and Spain to get pregnant.

Parenting rule to break

Why I let my baby kiss whomever she wants


LAUREN SMELCHER SAMS Lauren Smelcher Sams on why grown ups shouldn't shame little girls for kissing their friends.

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'My Little Pony' ban

9-year-old boy trimphs over 'My Little Pony' backpack ban

Emma Young.

Emma Young It took a child with the 'wrong' bag to pose the pertinent questions about gender stereotyping.


Parenting makes us all hypocrites and liars


Paula Sirois Call it stretching the truth or little white lies or whatever you wish, but the facts are the facts.

How to stress-proof your child

Young girl sitting on swing looking out

SARAH MACDONALD By saturating our children with pressures we are robbing them of their childhoods.

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The one question every new mum dreads


KATE FRIDKIS New mum Kate Fridkis has stopped indulging everyone's curiosity. And thinks you should, too.

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Parenting myths

It's okay to argue in front of the kids


PAUL CHAI If they see their parents have the odd fight and then make up, they may end up learning about real life.


My eight-year-old daughter just wants to be a boy

GOOD WEEKEND. BYRON BAY. Elle Wright with her daughter Stella at their home in Byron Bay. Picture by Paul Harris. Tuesday 4 February 2014

As told to Danielle Colley "I can't imagine how confusing it must be to feel you're not in the right skin."

Awkward chats

Why having the sex talk with teens is so damn hard

tami and julie

Hannah Rosin The birds and bees talk is not fun for anybody.

The pitfalls of parenting a highly successful child

miranda and therese kerr

Kasey Edwards Starting with: knowing when to let go.

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The lie we've been told about breast-feeding


Jessica Grose A new study reveals what we've always suspected: breast isn't always best.

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Real life

Adoption 'turned out to be a nightmare'


Marian Children and adopting parents are being cut adrift by a community services sector without funding for ongoing support.


Is part time work bad for your children?


RACHEL BROWNE Or are modern parents too reluctant to let their kids enter the part-time workforce?

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It's okay that motherhood changes you


KATE FRIDKIS Not every woman wants to “get their old life back” after childbirth.

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Fathers who avoid the delivery room

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 11:  Gordon Ramsay attends The Sun Military Awards at National Maritime Museum on December 11, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Julia Llewellyn Smith Is it OK to opt out of your child's birth?

Wishful thinking

Mindfulness won't make you a better parent

Mother & child looking out window

Hanna Rosin All of the problems associated with over-involved parenting won't miraculously disappear by being 'in the moment.'

Parenting blogs

Do parenting blogs put women off motherhood?


Ruth Graham Why do parents make parenting sound so God-awful?

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Do kids really need to learn ‘table manners’?


Jane Shilling Should we give up on teaching children how to eat nicely?

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Going viral

Video: Oh wow this made us cry


This short film is based on a true story and is probably the most touching thing we've seen all week.

Real life

15 things never to say to a special needs parent

mother and child

Dr. Darla Clayton, Psy.D. Friends, acquaintances, family members and complete strangers are remarkably comfortable questioning and commenting on various aspects of our lives.

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All joy and no fun

Why parenting has never been more difficult

Teenagegirl taking a photo

Jessica Grose Once having a child became a choice rather than a necessity the roles got scrambled and remain fraught.

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The father wound

Making men into better fathers

Father and son together

Steve Biddulph Men are finally becoming the dads their children need, writes "Raising Boys" author Steve Biddulph.

Tough choices

The quest for a baby name


KATE FRIDKIS "I spent the entire evening on my computer, reading lists of thousands of names. I canceled some plans. My daughter needed a name!"

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Dress ups

Why my daughter can wear what she likes


KASEY EDWARDS "Children, particularly girls, should be allowed to be in charge of their appearance."

Mollycoddled kids

Should kids be encouraged to 'play rough' at school?

Boys and girls (5-9) competing in tug of war

SARAH MACDONALD 'Cotton woolling' children could be stopping them from reaching their full potential.

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Baby-lead weaning

Nobody cares that your baby eats kale

Baby boy (9-12 months) eating broccoli in high chair

Jessica Grose Please, can we call a moratorium on all “new” baby-rearing techniques for the foreseeable future

Children vs child-free

‘Are you happier with kids?’

friends with kids

PAUL CHAI Paul Chai on why it’s a question so many couples struggle to answer.

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Real life

Judged for having an elective caesarean


KASEY EDWARDS It's time to banish the assumption that women who opt for a c-section are lazy and self-indulgent.

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Parenting hardships

When you can't stand other children's parents

Girls and cars

PAUL CHAI Don’t you hate it when a play date goes off the rails?

Breastfeeding pain

Making breastfeeding less difficult

Mother and baby girl (2-5 months) sleeping together

Miranda Buck and Lisa Amir New research into breastfeeding practices is attempting to improve the experience for both mother and baby.

Mum asked to leave Victoria's Secret store to breastfeed son in alley


Melanie Mahoney For a company that makes billions of dollars a year selling bras, whose ads feature women dressed in nothing but sexy lingerie, you’d think that Victoria’s Secret stores would be breastfeeding-friendly. But one mum learnt that it isn't the case.


Body image

Dear Google, is my daughter fat?

Toddler girl walking in surf at the beach, low section

ANNIE STEVENS Sincerely, parents on the internet.


Selective school fees five times higher than at other public schools

James Ruse Agricultural High School

Josephine Tovey, Inga Ting Parents with children in NSW selective schools pay voluntary fees on average five times the amount of those with children in comprehensive public schools, creating a stark inequality within the public school system, an analysis by Fairfax Media reveals.

Parenting dilemmas

Should you bring kids to fancy restaurants?


Jessica Grose Let's agree on some behavioural codes in 'adult spaces' -- for parents and non-parents alike.

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Real life

When no one believes your daughter is sick


Keeli Cambourne What it's like to parent a teen with an eating disorder.

How to handle a clingy child


Melinda Wenner Moyer The way parents handle clinginess can have a big impact on how long it lasts and how bad it becomes.

Vaccine objectors rise as parents skirt 'no jab, no play' law

Fenella Cios

Cindy Ngo Conscientious objection to childhood immunisation is on the rise as parents exploit a loophole in the new ''no jab, no play'' law that allows unvaccinated children to be enrolled in childcare centres.

Real life

How I told my 7-Year-Old son he has Down Syndrome


Kari Wagner-Peck Can a child -- any child -- understand what that means?

Surviving Christmas

How to stop reverting to a teenager at Christmas time

Woman in pyjamas, on floor in kitchen with phone

ANNIE STEVENS Going home for Christmas can be a fraught affair, here's how to handle it like a grownup.

Bad habits

Why shouldn't we let children swear?


PAUL CHAI Paul Chai is far too busy teaching his kids to live well and respect others to worry about the occasional F- word.

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Ice-breakers for girls

The best ice-breakers for girls


KASEY EDWARDS What to say to young girls apart from 'you're so pretty'.

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Period books

Is a children's book about periods a good idea?


KASEY EDWARDS Have we gone too far in the direction of celebrating our periods?

Gender politics

How to shop for gender-neutral Xmas gifts


KATE WILCOX Why is it so hard to buy gender neutral presents for children?

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When do your children need you most?

05 Jul 2012, Berlin, Germany --- portrait of a mother and her teenage daughter relaxing in a red boat --- Image by ? Silke Woweries/Corbis

Lucinda Schmidt Is it more important to be around your children when they are toddlers or as they grow into teenagers?

Why rich kids face a high risk of behavioral problems

Sad Vietnamese children standing in elegant room

Suniya Luthar It is often thought that children of privilege have an easy ride through life, but it may be time to reassess the stresses they face.

Parenting traps

How to do gender neutral parenting


KASEY EDWARDS A new book reveals all the common gender traps that parents fall into -- despite their best intentions.

Good parenting

Why it matters that Angelina Jolie's white child plays with black dolls


Keli Goff The importance of being culturally conscious with your kids.

Touching video

Watch: Dad Documents son's tough first year in touching video


Jessica Catcher Warning: Have a box of tissues handy before pressing play.

Boy's v girl's books

The gender bias in children's books


SARAH MACDONALD Why so many children's books have male protagonists.

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There's something missing from the Prime Minister's Child Care Inquiry

NEWS- Tony Abbott at a child care centre in Brisbane today.

Andie Fox Read the very last line of the inquiry’s scope. This should be something of a warning to parents.

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