Parenting and Families

My sons love getting their toenails painted


Petula Dvorak And I'm tired of people telling them, “Boys don’t do that."

Pregnancy myths

Is it time to end the three-month 'don't tell' pregnancy rule?


ALICE WILLIAMS "Do we really shroud something so joyous (and potentially heartbreaking) in secrecy because… it might be awkward?"

Airbrushing children

When your six-year-old's school picture is photoshopped


KASEY EDWARDS "I don't want a perfect photo, I want a photo of my perfect child."

Is it time to ditch single-sex schools?


DOM KNIGHT Life is co-ed, after all. And if our schools are preparing us for it, they should be too.

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Are we expecting too little from our boys?

KASEY EDWARDS How many times have you seen girls’ anti-social behavior dismissed as 'girls being girls'?

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Being a parent who's hopeless at sports


Yumi Stynes "It's hard to explain to my daughter that I was never any good at sport at school."


50/50 parenting

You only have to be a good parent half the time


SARAH MACDONALD This is not another blog about parenting techniques.

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Parental truths

It's okay to feel unprepared for your baby


Kate Johnston-Ataata and Renata Kokanovic "'I thought my baby would come with me to the café and I’d sit there and stare lovingly into her eyes."

Body image

Actually, your sons don't really need to see you naked

naked nude woman

Natalie Reilly Trying to safeguard our sons from 'perfect bodies' doesn't tell them so much about the world as it does about how we see ourselves.

Parental playground

Why I like taking my kids to the local playground


Lisa Pryor "At my stage of life, the park is one of the last bastions of spontaneous adult socialising left. It's like the park has become our new pub."

Stay at home dads

CEO quit his job to be a dad and the response is troubling


CHRISTOPHER SCANLON If El-Erian were a high-flying woman, it’s likely that the narrative would have played out quite differently.

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Holiday challenges

Are school holidays the most gruelling part of parenting?

Sunday Life, family sept 28

With two children aged nine and five, Elana Benjamin squares up for the challenge of playing school-holiday CEO.

Do younger mothers have an easier time?

Good Weekend- Hayley Talbot from Yamba on the North Coast NSW and her sons Phoenix 5 months and  Archie 3. Picture by Paul Harris. Monday 25 November 2013

Amy Mills Meet three women who took the motherhood plunge before they graduated from university.

Appropriate spanking

There's no such thing as 'appropriate spanking'


SARAH MACDONALD Children are vulnerable, they are dependent upon us, they are smaller than us, they are learning from us.

Education system

Is Asia’s school system better than Australia’s?


PAUL CHAI Asian schools regularly outperform our own in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) ratings, but is the pressure on children worth it?

Toddler truths

I'm just not that into kids, including my own


Samantha Rodman "I'm not a toddler person. Which is unfortunate, because I have three kids under 5."

Female sterilisation

What it's really like to be a woman who chooses to be child-free

CHild free

Bri Seeley "Why did the medical community continue to deny me of my personal right to sterilisation? What is the difference from an adult man deciding he doesn't want to procreate and an adult woman making the same choice?"

Mothers Grimm

The lies we tell each other about motherhood

mother and child

Danielle Wood "I’d take any amount of well-intentioned belly groping in exchange for the much more insidious public evaluation of your actions, choices, priorities and beliefs that begins not long after your child is conceived."

Flying solo

Why I am preparing my daughters to be single women


KASEY EDWARDS We need to remind our children (and ourselves) that being in a bad relationship is not a better alternative to being single.

Baby changes

When will I feel like myself again after having a baby?


J.J. Keith New mothers, repeat: Pumping isn’t forever. Bottles aren’t forever. Nappies aren’t forever.

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Parenting expectations

Two words I hated hearing as a new mum


NATALIE REILLY And what they tell us about the way we view parenting.

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Honey, I disinherited the kids

Eszter and David   Gallery Stock   Snapper Media  CLEARANCE REQUIRED    Portrait of grumpy child     PROPERTY RELEASED   No release  but release may not be required     MODEL RELEASED   No         Editorial

credit: Eszter and David/Gallery Stock/Snapper Media

Helen Kirwan-Taylor Some rich kids won't be getting the windfall they expected. But is closing the Mum & Dad Bank such a good idea?

Down syndrome

Why I kept my baby after finding out he had Down syndrome


Elizabeth Schiltz "Though people do not ask aloud, you can see the question in their eyes: ‘If you knew, why did you have the baby?’"

Performance parenting

Judging – and being judged on – the way we parent in public


ANDIE FOX How parenting practices are being bound by opportunity and culture.



The question we need to stop asking mothers: "When will you have another child?"


Laura Jackel "Most people ask out of curiosity and not animosity, but it doesn’t stop me feeling irritated by its tone - that by only having one, we are somehow not ‘finished’ as a family."

Youtube ratings

Why age classifications on music videos are a good idea


PAUL CHAI Any parent that's watched the Anaconda film clip with a young person is going to nod their head.

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#NoKidsPolicy how a hashtag changed the way the media treat children

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 12:  Kim Kardashian and daughter, North West are seen in walking in Soho on August 12, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

SARAH MACDONALD On consent, permission, control and the celebrity mum.

What's in a name

Why I don't call my daughter 'Princess'

good girl

CHRISTOPHER SCANLON When a pet name says so much more than tiara, big hair and sparkly dress.

Asker’s Syndrome

Do you suffer from Asker’s Syndrome?


KASEY EDWARDS It's a little understood, but surprisingly common condition that afflicts women from all walks of life.

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Community longing

I miss the village I never had: it's what's missing from modern parenting

Back view of mother and child wrapped in striped towel

Bunmi Laditan I can tell from your curious glance and shy smile that you miss it, too.

The lie women are told about breastfeeding and weightloss


KASEY EDWARDS And how it sets new mothers up to feel like failures.

Stay-at-home mums face barriers returning to the workforce

At home for now: Natalie Harman with her sons Arlo and Harrison.

JACQUELINE MALEY Most Australian mothers go back to work when their children are still young. But what is it like when they get there?

I was kicked out of an art gallery for breastfeeding


KATE FRIDKIS "I would like to feed my baby without giving the impression that I'm doing something scandalous."

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Things no one tells you about single parenthood


ANDIE FOX Including what it's like to have an ex you can't move on from.

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Baby Gammy

What Baby Gammy's story teaches us about commercial surrogacy


SARAH MACDONALD The trouble with calling out 'villains' in the baby making business.

Real life

Are you more stressed at home than at work?


PAUL CHAI According to a new study, this is a thing now.

Real life

Exposed by my children for what I really look like

Author and stay-at-home mother of two, Bridgette White.

Bridgette White Flipping through the pictures on my phone, I see it. My first reaction is shock. Who took this hideous picture of me?

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'Good girl'

Why people pleasers grow up to become pushovers

good girl

Lauren Henderson The effects of being a Good Girl are far-reaching, personally and publicly.

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Anxious parents aren't bad parents


SONJA EBBELS Why we shouldn't worry so much about our children inheriting our anxieties.

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The 10 year gap

Yumi Stynes: Giving birth after a decade's break


Yumi Stynes After a long break, Yumi Stynes gets a reminder of the pain – and the pleasure – of birth.

Lone male

I have daughters and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me


CHRISTOPHER SCANLON Five commiseration clichés you get for being the 'only male in the house'.

Home truths

The one parenting rule everyone should break


Beth Woolsey What if what we've always been told about the key to good parenting is wrong?

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Fertility panic

Fertility panic and the 30 plus woman


Claire Moulds Claire Moulds takes a look at the panic-mongering around women aged 35-plus who have not yet had children.

Raising daughters

Why raising 'pleasers' is screwing up our girls

Kids sharing

Anea Bogue The desire to please leaves many girls willing to relinquish their own unique and personal desires, passions and talents, all of which are fundamental aspects of her identity.

In praise of partnerless holidays

Children walking on wooden path towards the ocean

ANDIE FOX Andie Fox on the magic of blending families and group parenting on a partnerless retreat.

The cost of kids

How much does it actually cost to have a child?


Laura Shin A no BS guide to the biggest 'investment' of your life.

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Report jargon

I don't understand my children's school reports


PAUL CHAI Paul Chai has had enough of the corporate speak and 'compliment sandwich'.

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Parental guilt

A note to my children's future therapist


ANDIE FOX Here is my side of the story. In case that day shall come.

6 ways our fears around sex are damaging our girls


Anea Bogue If girls feel their parents' fear, she will naturally make associations between her sexual desires and fear.

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The toughest rejection?

When your child chooses to live with your ex

Mother and Child by Lake

Paul Mitchell Now that Paul Mitchell's daughter has chosen to live with his ex, he wonders if he'll ever get over her absence.

The bath photo that got this mum banned from Facebook

A photo by Joyce Schafer of her kids playing in the bath was removed by facebook for nudity. Photo: Joyce Schafer

Tim Barlass It's a picture most parents would cherish. You can almost hear mum saying: "Here they are, they loved that first bubble bath together. We couldn't get them out."

Like a girl

The advertising campaign that will make you proud to run 'like a girl'

run like a girl

T.L. Stanley It’s time to flip that tired old phrase on its head, according to this 'Always Maxi Pad' advertisement.

Going viral

Powerful advertisement reminds us what happens when girls are always told they're pretty


Effie Mann A powerful US advertisement has highlighted the impact of gender stereotyping on young women.

Mum talk

A mum's guide to talking with childless friends

Woman holding baby (6-9 months) rear view

KATE FRIDKIS The choice to not ever have kids is a world of difference from parenthood.

Parental pride

It's okay to brag about your kids

Mother and Daughter

SARAH MACDONALD Life with a child is a triumph of hope and a tonne of struggle. Celebrate while you can.

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Real life

I fell pregnant after my husband passed away

Katie Elfar with sons Oscar,4, and Beau, 22 weeks.

Erin O'Dwyer Although Katie Elfar's husband was no longer with her, having a baby using his frozen sperm was the best decision she ever made.

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When strict uniform policies become a 'monumental waste of time'


Cathy Sherry A public high school student was prevented from attending an HSC English study day because she had dyed her hair pink. The school claimed that the dye was contrary to the uniform policy. The president of the school’s Parents and Citizens Association said the ban was an attempt to ‘‘mimic private school standards’’.


Fighting against dress code sexism at school


ANDIE FOX To both sexualise and silence teenage girls is a terribly dangerous combination.

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