Morning After Wedding Pictures

Getting in the mood for love... and a photo shoot.

Getting in the mood for love... and a photo shoot.

Modern Western weddings have become less about a public declaration of love and commitment and more about an elaborate fashion shoot with the Bride as art director, stylist and most importantly, model. 


In fact a magazine fashion shoot and a wedding are planned and executed using an almost identical run sheet where hours are spent agonising over who the talent will be, what the model will wear, the venue, catering and budget. Then there's managing the high expectations, personality clashes, early starts, hours in hair and make up and abject horror if something goes wrong. And, in the end? Well, you're left with the photographic evidence that you did, indeed, bring a fantasy to life. And a bill that, from what I've heard, will be the most painful thing that happens to you before child birth.

Why limit yourself to the bedroom?

Why limit yourself to the bedroom?



So it really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that from the school of thinking that brought us "destination weddings" and "hen's weekends" comes a way to extend your nuptials for at least another 12 hours.


It's Morning After Wedding pictures. A photo shoot taken after your first night of married bliss when some couples,  rather then feeling so hung over they'd like to euthanise themselves, are instead feeling sexy!  So sexy in fact that they want to document it inbetween the carefully dishevelled sheets of whatever five star hotel they're staying in. 


The New York Daily news reports that service costs around $650 and Michelle Jonné, 34, a photographer who provides it says,  “I wanted to do the shoots to show that [marriage] is happy … it's sexy and it's not over."


Indeed Michelle, here's hoping these unions have at least enough steam to get them through  two photo shoots in 24 hours and at least a few years of wedded bliss. If not? Well I'm not sure what happens to the erotic photos in the divorce settlement. I feel confident though that the kids won't be eager to keep them for sentimental value.


I can't help but wonder if the idea came from those classy morning after shots you always see post the Academy Awards. Like this Faye Dunaway classic...



Or Tilda Swinton more recently...



The thing about these shots is that their staged intimacy is subtle and alluring in a way that say, seeing photos of your friends engaging in foreplay is not.  


Cynicism aside everyone should be free to celebrate their love in whatever grand, romantic or stylised way they like. It's a beautiful thing. Though I think I speak for all of us who endured years of overhearing flatmates having sex through share house walls when I say that if albums of Morning After Wedding pictures start appearing in my news feed I will be shutting that down. Immediately.