Watch: 100 men on why vaginas are important to them

As one commenter on Jezebel pointed out, there really needed to be some kind of warning on the community message by the cast of Conneticut College's performance of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues. Not because 100 adorably awkward men talking about vaginas was offensive, it was actually funny, disarming and occasionally squirm worthy. But because words like "moist", "velvety" and "homey" were deployed as they each struggled to explain why vaginas were important to them. 

The video was prepared as part of the V Day movement which aims to stop gendered violence against women and girls. And it was cute to see these students say things like "vaginas are the future", with great enthusiasm, because they are!

Yes, it felt a bit like a Dove beauty ad, and yes it is men telling women how they should feel about their bodies, but anything that stops the ridiculousness of the word vagina being a dirty word or allows women to feel that it's OK to be them feels like a win. 

It might even be empowering, and not just for women, but for young men - of all sexual proclivity - to feel good about declaring their love and respect for the magnificence of the vagina.


Source: Jezebel