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Real life

Is this the new 'one night stand'?

Urban summer series in Barcelona

NATALIE REILLY You wake up to a text. 'Hey! I had a great time last night! Hope to see you again! x'.

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Bedroom secrets

No sex please, we're married


Erin O'Dwyer The bedroom is fast becoming a place for reading, television, sleeping – and not much else.

Who's getting more?

There's gaping big orgasm imbalance between Australian men and women

Couple love relationship sex

JENNA PRICE And everything else you need to know about the results of one of the largest sex surveys conducted in Australia.

Weight of words

Why handwritten messages are still so important


Monica McInerney "The big events in our lives – births, death, marriages – take time to happen, time to absorb, yet technology pressures us to respond instantly, by email, by text, via Twitter or Facebook. But just because we can move swiftly to communicate our feelings doesn’t mean we always should."

TV sex

Sex on TV is getting better, and this is why it's a good thing


Alyssa Rosenberg The shift from giddy, nude-gawking to more creative and realistic depictions of sex on TV is good news for everyone.

Say it in writing

Why don't we write love letters anymore?


ALECIA SIMMONDS Why letter-writing will improve your love life.


Sexual evolution

Has the pill become passe?

Couple love relationship sex

BRIGID DELANEY Once, it seemed every woman was on the pill. Now many are choosing alternatives.

Switching sides

What I learned from my year of being bi-sexual

dating women

Brooke Hemphill The idea of switching sides is an idle thought for most, but some time after hanging up my speed-dating hat, I tested the theory by spending a year dating women.

Friendship at 29

What it's like to reach 'peak friendship'


Erin Munro A reflection on friends and a lifetime of friendship.

Busy buddies

Do you have enough close friends?


PAUL CHAI The older we get, the harder it is to make new pals. But a sobering survey out of England should inspire us to keep trying.

Online dating

Would you pay someone to design your Tinder profile?

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 09:  Models check their phones backstage ahead of the Flannel show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Spring/Summer 2013/14  at Carriageworks on April 9, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Rebecca Mitchell How to navigate a dating scene where the height of seduction is a sepia-toned snapshot of one’s genitals.

In bed with a married couple

Man and two women on bed, low section

Dusting off her stilettos and going to work at a Sydney brothel, ex-journalist Samantha finds herself in bed with a married couple.

Shine a light

This is what financial abuse looks like

young woman sitting on bed with head in hand

JENNA PRICE It leaves no physical signs – except maybe the signs of a woman who can’t eat because she has to choose between feeding herself and feeding her children. It’s financial abuse.

Same-sex sex

Science reveals the reasons why lesbians have better sex

girls kiss lesbian relationship love

Amy Coopes Yep, it's confirmed: they are getting ALL the orgasms, says a new study.

Fool for love

I was scammed out of thousands by my online lovers


As told to Danielle Colley At 32, Ben Ivey thought a string of women really loved him – but what happened next was truly depressing.

Transgender partners

My husband became a woman and our marriage is stronger than ever


Leslie Hilburn Fabian "Remaining married to a miserable man was no longer viable for me. Transitioning to female was necessary for my husband, a life-saving solution to six decades of angst, self-loathing and shame."

Australia's first sexting laws to be introduced

The new laws will ensure that young people who receive or send raunchy but non-exploitative sexts are spared from child pornography offences.

HENRIETTA COOK People who send or threaten to distribute explicit images without consent could soon be charged, with the Napthine government introducing Australia's first “sexting” offences into parliament this week.

Beyonce and Jay Z

What’s more important than Beyoncé’s possible divorce? Everything.


Zerlina Maxwell Why do we care so much about whether this couple stays together or not?

Misogynist economics

Are you worth your Cost Per Orgasm?


ANDREW P STREET Because you don’t want to price yourself out of the sex-market – right, ladies?


The three little words that ended a marriage

Man sitting on picnic table at edge of foggy lake

Mark Tucker The discovery of a tender text message quickly led to a marriage break-up. Mark Tucker comes to grips with his wife's infidelity.

STI screening

STIs are on the rise - are you safe?

Couple love relationship sex

Fast, ‘no questions asked’ test makes regular STI screening accessible for adult Aussies.

Ol' timey seduction

How to impress a lady with your meat-carving skills


Emily Brand And other ways guys tried to pick-up girls in the olden days. (Note: they were all pretty ridiculous.)

Clever girls

How your intellect affects the success of your relationship


Carol Vorderman Finally, we’ve got statistics that vindicate what we've been thinking all along.

Silent treatment

This is why silent treatment never works


Les Parrott New research shows a passive aggressive fighting style can be a danger sign in a relationship.

Love my ways

Living with your partner's weird obsession

Sunday Life. Portrait of Julijana Trifunovic with her husband 'Alice Cooper' and son Zeppelin at their family home in Newtown. Tuesday 17th June 2014. Photograph by James Brickwood. SHD SUNDAY LIFE 140724

JO HARTLEY Meet three women for whom romance has involved tolerating, and even learning to love, their partners' obsessions.

The marriage test

Do smart women have better marriages?


SARAH MACDONALD A new study plots the effect of a woman's success on their chances of getting and staying married.

Clementine Ford

Five times relationships weren't better in the 50s


CLEMENTINE FORD Want to ditch your modern day life and go back to a time were simpler? Think again ladies.

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First impressions

8 worst types of first messages in online dating

iphone with sticky note attached

You only get one chance at a first impression, even when it's online.

A la French

Is it a good thing the French force couples to reunite to say goodbye?


ALECIA SIMMONDS "I got divorced on a near-perfect spring day in Paris."

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Keeping things 'hot'

'Don't get comfortable' is the worst love advice ever


KATE FRIDKIS It's time to ditch the advice on how to keep your relationship 'hot'.

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Meet Australia's most popular online daters

Good Weekend. Online Dating Story. Photo of Kim Russell. Thursday 5th June 2014. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH GOOD WEEKEND 140605

PETER MUNRO Who are Australia's most popular online daters? Peter Munro meets the men and women with the greatest click factor.

Creepy texts

When 'sudden sexting' strikes

man using smart phone while adjusting necktie

GENEVIEVE ROSEN The Straight White Boys Texting Tumblr hit a little close to home…

Life skills

The five people you should unfriend in your 30s

Still from the film Sex and the City

September 27, 2007
Photo by Craig Blankenhorn/

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PIP ROSS Here's to becoming less tolerant to jerks and zealots.

'It's not you'

Why I waited until I was married to write a book about being single


Sara Eckel Do you need a 'happy ending' to write about the solo life?

Does birth order influence our relationships?


KATHERINE FEENEY New research indicates those born first stand a better chance of landing a loving, long-term relationship than their siblings. But is it for real, or just something fun to think about?

Exaholism for beginners

Exaholism and other love 'conditions' you probably don't have

Mindy Kaling from the tv show The Mindy Project

CLEM BASTOW There sure are a lot of afflictions to try and avoid when it comes to love and dating.

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Rise of the man-child

Young Bizzare Man with Toys

PAUL CHAI Why are some guys commitment-shy, and as likely to opt for a night of video games with the lads as a date with you?

The one relationship ritual we should let go


PAUL CHAI A eulogy to one of the most overrated dating rituals of our time.

Anne Summers

Anne Summers on the men in her life

BOSS.  Pic of Anne Summers for Boss Dress Code Section.  Pic for article by Sam Hutchinson.  Pic by Nic Walker.  Date 24th March 2014.

Robyn Doreian "It's men like him who breed optimism about the future," Anne Summers on her long-term partner Chip Rolley.

Wedding photo etiquette

Sorry, but kissing in wedding photos is gross

Bride and Groom kissing in studio, (B&W)

Ben Mathis-Lilley What Ben Mathis-Lilley finds unnerving about posed PDA photographs.

Toy boy

Women who date younger men

Women with younger men - Melinda and James

Joanne Brookfield A man with a much younger woman raises few eyebrows, but reverse the situation and everyone's got an opinion.

An ode to good neighbours

Bad Neigbours.

Tracey Spicer Making time to connect with those around us can lead to a much richer life.

New dating app

The app that weeds out online creeps


Meet the gatekeeper to groiss sexual innuendo.

Dating site will find you a match based on photos of ex partners


Candice Chung Online matchmakers argue we are all attracted to a 'type'. But is it a good idea to go down that path?

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Perfect formula?

Dating site will find you a match based on your exes


Logical, but awkward.

The desire trap

Can intimacy kill your sex life?


Jane Mulkerrins Intimacy can be a passion killer, says Ether Perel, the bestselling author and relationship counsellor.


Real life

When marriage is an afterthought


Ceridwen Dovey Planned over mojitos, Ceridwen Dovey's registry office wedding didn't seem real until the last minute.

Relationship myths

Should your partner be your best friend?


ALICE WILLIAMS It's counterintuitive, but can too much familliarity be bad for intimacy?

Singles shaming

'Why don't you have a boyfriend?'


Erin Munro Dear strangers, singleness isn't a problem to be solved.

Louis C.K vs 'fat girls'

The 'fat girl' speech that made TV history


PAUL CHAI What we can all learn from the latest episode of Louie.

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Irreconcilable geography

Can where you live ruin your marriage?

Woman in stylish clothes walks away with her back to the camera with a hat and small suitcase in her hands.

PAUL CHAI If my marriage fails it will be due to “irreconcilable geography”.

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The successful dumpee manifesto

How to be a boss at getting dumped


Alyson Portlock Want to rise like a phoenix after being dumped? Here's what not to do. Starting with the mentionitis.

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Stop analysing why your friends are single


KATE FRIDKIS If you ever feel like saying , "You have to find yourself to find love". Don't.

How to deal with anger in a relationship


There are more options besides lashing out or retreating in silence.

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