Flat chat … Rowena Martinich, sitting below her painting "Flourish", and Geoffrey Carran in their mezzanine apartment.

Colour and movement play a big part in the lives of Melbourne artists Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran. Both are known for their vibrant work, and they sustain a prolific output while dividing their time between their East Melbourne apartment, working on a family sheep property in Victoria's Wimmera district, and undertaking large-scale public art commissions. Passionate surfers, they also make sure to find the time to catch as many waves as possible.

Their compact mezzanine apartment provides a tranquil base. "It's a quiet little haven tucked away among lots of trees, and it feels private despite being a stone's throw from everything that's happening in the city," says Martinich. Many of the couple's artworks hang in the space, mixed with an unpretentious collection of furniture and found objects. "It's a mishmash of stuff hauled out of forgotten back rooms and farm sheds and lovingly brushed off, thrown together with textiles and objects collected from our travels," she says.

Having returned from a collaborative commission on a 50-metre mural in Turkey, the couple's latest additions are souvenirs. But it's the mixing of their lives that appeals to them the most: "We've combined our lives and aesthetics in one small space, and we think it reflects our story."

The home of Sarah Nielsen. Click for more photos

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The home of Sarah Nielsen.


Photography: Armelle Habib