7 ways to display musical instruments at home


Amy Richardson

Make sure you look at photos carefully when booking a room on airbnb.

Make sure you look at photos carefully when booking a room on airbnb. Photo: Airbnb

If you have a musician in your household, it's likely that guitars, instruments and amps are lying around taking up valuable living space. Try these display ideas, guaranteed to satisfy music lovers as well as Marie Kondo types.


1. Hang them as artwork 


Picture: Fieldstone Design

It's time to face the music (zing) - storing guitars behind pieces of furniture or in the back of cabinets makes them less likely to be played and adds to visual clutter. Why not put beautiful stringed instruments in the spotlight by mounting them on the wall as artwork? Wall hooks are an easy and inexpensive storage option, available on eBay, Etsy or your local guitar store. They range from classic timber rectangles to novelty shapes such as grizzly bears. 

Bear guitar hook, $120, Spare Time Wood Designs

Picture: Then Fresh

For a whimsical wall hook, tie lightweight instruments such as violins to a wall hook with strong twine (above). 

Picture: Emily Katz/Billabong

In interior designer Emily Katz's Portland home (above), wall-mounted guitars contribute to a laidback, bohemian vibe, and team perfectly with an abundance of sculptural indoor plants.   

Picture: Little Green Book

Interior designer Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook wasn't happy with store-bought guitar hooks so she made her own out of basic craft supplies - painted the same pale green as the walls, they allow the instruments to appear to float on the wall. Check out her clever DIY here.

Picture: Shop One Forty Three

These hand-carved plywood guitar hooks (above) feature a tiny slot on the top for pick storage. US $55, Shop One Forty Three.

Picture: The Jungalow

Babies love ukuleles, and hanging one on the wall is a super cute addition to this nursery featured on The Jungalow (above). Not just for decoration, they are also readily at hand to help lull them off to sleep.    


2. Find a sturdy stand

If nailing hooks into the wall is a no-go or you'd rather the flexibility of storing your instrument in different rooms, invest in a guitar stand, which keeps your instrument off the floor, making it easier to grab when the mood strikes. 

Picture: Apartment Therapy

Picture: One Forty Three

For easy on the eye storage, this mid-century inspired electric guitar stand (above) is handmade from molded plywood and powder coated welded steel. US $125, One Forty Three.


3. Shelve it

Picture: My Scandinavian Home

For long-term storage, brass instruments are best kept in their case for protection from dust and moisture, but jazz aficionados can display non-precious pieces on a high shelf (out of reach of curious little fingers) in the short-term.

Picture: Fantastic Frank


4. Incorporate instruments into your decor

Picture: My Domaine

No space for a music room? Turn a corner of a room into a dedicated keyboard nook with clever cabinetry. In the example above, a customised plywood cabinet folds down to close, keeping the instrument hidden from view, as well as protecting it from dust and the elements. 


5. Deck the halls

Picture: She Wears Many Hats

Hanging guitars along a hallway is a great space saver if your living area's walls are hot property. A highly visible location will remind you to practice more, but remember that hallways are high traffic zones, so check that your hall is wide enough.   


6. Band together

Picture: SF Girl By Bay

Grouping an assortment of vintage instruments together creates an eclectic, charming look. In this music lover's house (above), the warm timber tones of the instruments echo the floorboards and rocking chair.   


7. Amp it up

Picture: Enthusiast Furniture

For the musician who has everything, this leather ottoman is deep enough to store a guitar and amp, and conveniently, looks like an amp from the outside too. It can be yours for US $1995 from Enthusiast Furniture.