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Los Angeles, US: Why the best city in the US for food is LA

Salt & Straw ice-cream shop in Venice.

Ute Junker From classic comfort food to cutting-edge cuisine, LA’s star is burning brightly.


Norderney: Germany's island of spas and sandy beaches

An aerial view of Northern beach in Norderney.

Ute Junker Michelin-star restaurants, sandy beaches and World Heritage-listed wilderness: This tiny European island has it all.

Expert advice

Low-season travel: How to save time and money

Ancient sites such as the Temple of Apollo, Corinth, can be enjoyed regardless of the time of year.

Ute Junker There are great reasons why visiting a place at the 'wrong' time is actually worth doing.


Famous film locations around the world: The top 10 movie locations

Procida Island, Italy.

Ute Junker Soothe your Oscar fever by visiting the 10 greatest filming locations on Earth.


The most amazing museums around the world

Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Bilbao.

Ute Junker Remember those hushed, dusty, dull museums you were dragged to as a child? They're gone.


Ten reasons to head south in Italy


Ute Junker Ten reasons why Italy's deep south is the country's best kept secret.


Poland, Eastern Europe: Why Poland is Europe's next big thing

Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, Poland on the river Nogat.

Ute Junker This eastern European treasure remains largely undiscovered, but it's about to become Europe's next big thing.

Food & wine

The world's 10 most stunning restaurant locations

Restaurant Le Panoramic at Chamonix has glorious views of Mont Blanc among others.

Ute Junker The locations are even more fabulous than the food in these 10 stunning restaurants.


Cheap food tips: The best ways to feast on the cheap

There are more than 1500 different types of sausage in Germany. Pick them up sizzling hot from food trucks.

Ute Junker You can eat cheaply and still eat well in most countries, if you just know where to look.

Summer spots

Where to go for a spectacular swim in Australia

Take a magical dip at Emma Gorge waterfall in Western Australia.

Ute Junker From waterholes to waterfalls, here are 11 of the best places to take a dip in beyond the beach.

Travel: Nicaragua

The Latin American country that's set to be travel's next big thing

Lake Nicaragua with Ometepe in the background.

Ute Junker Safe, cheap and utterly romantic - this laidback destination is about to jump up everyone's must-visit list, writes Ute Junker.

Party places

10 cities that never really shut down

The Bellagio Hotel In Las Vegas.

Ute Junker Party people can test their stamina in these all-night hot spots.

Bucket list

10 off-the-tourist-path places to add to your new travel bucket list

Ute Junker Always dreamed of travelling to the ends of the earth? Now it's easier than ever.

Swimming spots

10 amazing travel spots to take a memorable swim

Jump into the Devil's Pool, overlooking Africa's mighty Victoria Falls, if you dare.

Ute Junker The weather's finally heating up and we can start thinking about testing the waters. Try these dips with a difference...

Travel: Dubai

Dubai's delicious new food movement

Mini luqaimat from Local Bites Cafe, Dubai.

Ute Junker Even most locals have never eaten food quite like this, writes Ute Junker.

Cool and eclectic

The world's most stylish destinations

Ute Junker Tired of the same "hip" cookie-cutter 'hoods, hotels and shops? These places are properly eclectic, in their own cool, unique way.

Small wonders

The world's best one-day destinations

Getting the blues in Grenada is a whole different thing.

Ute Junker Pressed for time? In compact places like Liechtenstein and Grenada, you can squeeze a lot into just one day.

Second cities

Why 'second cities' are not necessarily second best

Ute Junker These may all be second-largest cities, but our writers confirm they are not second-rate.

Island getaways

10 big-city islands that are worth a day trip

Ute Junker Need a brief break from the big smoke? These cities have their own gorgeous getaway islands, just minutes away.

Beach weather

10 best beaches to visit in winter

Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island, is known for its spectacular storms.

Ute Junker Yes, you can still go the beach in winter. In fact, some of our top beaches are even better in the cold.