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Sarah Macdonald

Journalist, author and radio presenter

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Parenting myths

Are we responsible for our children's happiness?


Sarah Macdonald Parenting books say yes, but Sarah MacDonald isn't so sure.

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Sex myths

Are women less suited to monogamy than men?


Sarah Macdonald Sarah Macdonald on how to climb back up the sexual cliff.

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Positive Education

Are we being too kind to our kids?

Drawing by the window

Sarah Macdonald Schools are banning red pen in the name of positivity, but are we going too far?

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Sarah Macdonald

How to stress-proof your child

Young girl sitting on swing looking out

Sarah Macdonald By saturating our children with pressures we are robbing them of their childhoods.

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Sarah Macdonald

Ageing is a goddam privilege

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 09:  Fashion icon Iris Apfel attends the Ralph Rucci show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 at 151 West 26th Street on February 9, 2014 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.  (Photo by Wendell Teodoro/WireImage)

Sarah Macdonald It’s not about deteriorating gracefully, or with attitude.

Happy v meaningful

Would you rather have a happy or meaningful life?


Sarah MacDonald What if the two goals aren't as compatible as we think?

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Sarah Macdonald

The pleasures and sorrows of moving homes


Sarah Macdonald At what stage in life does our home mean most to us?

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Work equality

The one rule that could benefit all working women


Sarah Macdonald Looks like the South Korean government has the right idea.

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Mollycoddled kids

Should kids be encouraged to 'play rough' at school?

Boys and girls (5-9) competing in tug of war

Sarah Macdonald 'Cotton woolling' children could be stopping them from reaching their full potential.

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Dr Catherine Hamlin

How Catherine Hamlin brought safe birthing to Ethiopia


Sarah Macdonald We salute the dedication of a woman who has devoted her life to clean, safe births.

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Girls' weekend

Do you need a girls' weekend away?

Sarah Macdonald Sitting in a family wagon amidst the grot of ground-in food and broken toys we may not look like Thelma and Louise in a convertible but we sure feel like it.

Boy's v girl's books

The gender bias in children's books


Sarah Macdonald Why so many children's books have male protagonists.

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Men leaning in

Should men be allowed in 'lean in' circles?


Sarah Macdonald Female-only lean in circles are slowly being infiltrated by guys -- is this a bad thing?

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School reunions

The real reason we go to school reunions


Sarah Macdonald It takes guts and a stiff drink to attend a party with the living ghosts of your past, but here's why you should.

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Pretty or ugly videos

The disturbing world of 'pretty or ugly' videos


Sarah Macdonald Teens asking strangers to rate their appearance is "an act of self-mutilation as toxic as cutting or an eating disorder".

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Money v happiness

Are rich families less happy?


Sarah Macdonald Sarah MacDonald on how excessive wealth can ruin children’s lives.

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Can second chance romance really work?


Sarah Macdonald Sarah MacDonald on the surprising revival of 'ex-dating'.

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Sandwich Generation

Do women have to decide on 'who to let down'?


Sarah Macdonald Sarah MacDonald on why being labelled 'Sandwich Generation’ can feel like a twee insult.

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Distressing experiment

How likely would a child walk away with a stranger?


Sarah Macdonald A new experiment reveals distressing results. But should we smother kids with our fears?

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Bad parenting behaviour

When parents get abusive on the football field


Sarah Macdonald It's finals season and there’s plenty of bad behaviour from over enthusiastic parents.

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