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'Mummy Wars'

Why asking women to 'end mummy wars' is flawed

Kasey Edwards:

Kasey Edwards "On the days I feel like I am drowning in the abyss of motherhood, it is other mothers who pull me out."

Baby names

The subconscious bias of 'unisex' baby name trends

Kasey Edwards "No one thinks it's quirky and charming if you name your son Clara."

Is breast best?

'Breast is Best' has become another way to control women's bodies

Kasey Edwards 'Breast is Best' has become a dogma. And like many dogmas before it, women suffer as a result.


Why I have mixed feelings about teaching my daughters to stand up to boys

Should I teach my daughters to stand up to the boys who will bully them when it could get them hurt?

Kasey Edwards Should I teach my daughters to stand up to the men and boys who will bully and abuse them when it could get them hurt or killed?

Kasey Edwards

Why do mums do all the volunteering at schools?

Kasey Edwards "If schools and community groups can only operate off the backs of women's unpaid and unrecognised labour, then the model is broken," writes Kasey Edwards.

Keeping up appearances

What's so wrong with 'dressing like a mum'?

Kate Middleton in the offending outfit.

Kasey Edwards Do you really want to be the sort of parent who prioritises safety and comfort over your universal obligation to look hot?

Baby deposit

How much do you need to save for a ‘baby deposit’?

Your little bundle of joy can set you back up to $43,000 from conception to their first birthday.

Kasey Edwards It's fairly straightforward to calculate a house deposit, but how much money do you need to save up for a baby?

Bad Mum

Enough with the 'I'm a bad mother' jokes

The real joke here is that the bad mother syndrome is so far from reality that it's absurd.

Kasey Edwards The real joke here is that the bad mother syndrome is so far from reality that it's absurd.

Real life

We need to speak more honestly about traumatic births

Kasey Edwards How idealised images of the birth process and a lack of birth choices can have life-threatening results for some women.

Kim Kardashian

Why Kim Kardashian West's candid comment on pregnancy is a relief

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30:  Recording artist Kanye West (L) and tv personality Kim Kardashian attend the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kasey Edwards It's not everyday you hear a woman speak so frankly about how much she hates pregnancy

Disability testing

Why I didn't want to test for Down Syndrome before birth

Melissa*, as told to Kasey Edwards "I'm glad these tests are available for women who want them. But what's missing is a discussion."

Objectified at work

How a woman's weight can cost her a job

Flight attendant

Kasey Edwards Over 100 Air India flight attendants have been grounded after failing a weigh-in. But 'fat discrimination' against women at work exists well beyond the headlines.

Kasey Edwards

How the prison system puts children of incarcerated mums at risk

Kasey Edwards Sarah* served a 12 month sentence for a series of minor offences, including shoplifting and driving without a licence. She wasn't the only one who paid.

Success isn't just about 'showing up'

Young blonde woman watching a sunset from a roof of a construction site.

Kasey Edwards 'Showing up' takes time and resources; a room of one's own. Something that women often have less access to.

Family photos

Why do mothers hide from family photos?

Kasey Edwards The hidden mother in family photos is a metaphor for what can happen to a woman's identity when she has children.

Body image

How to stop a five-year-old from dieting

Dieting sets children on a dangerous path.

Kasey Edwards Dieting sets children on a dangerous path. Here's how to teach healthy alternatives.

Kasey Edwards

How do women end up doing more work in a share house?


Kasey Edwards A new study reveals the psychology behind the domestic work divide.

Kasey Edwards

What I would've done differently when my parents divorced

Kasey Edwards It happened ten years ago. And even though I was an adult, it was still one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.


The one parenting tactic to avoid at all cost

Kasey Edwards Shaming children, even in subtle forms, totally undermines our goal of raising resilient children.

Mum's Diet

The outdated school book that's teaching body hatred to our kids

Kasey Edwards Mum's Diet is as bad as it sounds, jam-packed with weight obsession, crash dieting and body shaming, writes Kasey Edwards.