We shouldn't teach kids that liking 'girly things' is a source of shame

Clementine Ford We shouldn't be instilling in kids the idea that creativity is reserved for toys that live in the 'boy' aisle of the market.

Clementine Ford

In praise of women only spaces

The magic of female friendships depicted in the film Frances Ha.

Clementine Ford I like the company of women. Given a choice, I probably value it more than the company of men.

The fear that our partner will find someone 'better' than us

Mimi Rose Howard and Adam in Girls.

Clementine Ford How to graciously accept someone we loved has moved on.

What happens when women accept compliments online

Gweneth Bateman, 18, who conducted the social experiment of responding to compliments online

Clementine Ford Man, confidence can be such a boner killer.

Clementine Ford

We need a positive guide to grieving

No one would want you to compound your grief any further, least of all the person you’ve loved and lost.

Clementine Ford Our bodies and minds are much better equipped to deal with grief than we might imagine.

Real life

I work as a men's behavioural change practitioner


As told to Clementine Ford I wouldn't do this work if I didn't believe men could change.

How to approach girls without being creepy


Clementine Ford Clem Ford has a few tips for guys.

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Clementine Ford

Five times relationships weren't better in the 50s


Clementine Ford Want to ditch your modern day life and go back to a time were simpler? Think again ladies.

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Clementine Ford

What would you tell your 13 year-old self?

What would you tellyour 13-year-old self?

Clementine Ford Clementine Ford on what she wishes she'd known at 13.

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Grieving on mother's day

A message to the motherless on this day

Rear view of woman looking out to sea

Clementine Ford Clementine Ford: "In the years since my mother’s death, I have often felt like a weightless balloon".

The sex ed class that should never have happened


Clementine Ford If there's one thing you should never teach teenage girls, it's this.

Clementine Ford

How to break up with a friend


Clementine Ford It's not easy. But sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

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The R Kelly problem

When smart women collaborate with creeps

Clementine Ford Why do ostensibly 'empowered' women continue to work with abusive men?

Orgasm gap

Let's talk about the 'orgasm gap'


Clementine Ford A study says women are less likely to have an orgasm from casual sex compared to men. Really?

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Sexist dating advice

This man wants to make you more 'dateable'


Clementine Ford Christian motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo says first, you need to "‘know how to shut up".

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Open letter

Dear young woman who's dating a jerk


Clementine Ford "Don't give your time, energy and love to someone who’s intent on making you feel like you're not as smart as them."

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Makeup free

Why do we bother with make-up free campaigns?


Clementine Ford Does going make-up free really help with body image?

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Clementine Ford

A feminist's guide to 'keeping your man'


Clementine Ford Clementine Ford knows how to find someone who will love you forever. And ever. And ever.

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How to reject someone: a novice's guide


Clementine Ford CLEM FORD'S fail-safe advice.

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Real Life

The best time I ever met Australia's Prime Minister

Julia Gillard and Clem Ford

Clementine Ford Petit fours, tea and an unparalleled level of social awkwardness.