Andie Fox

Andie Fox


What Scott Morrison fails to understand about how divorce affects women

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison at the Australian Christian Lobby Conference.

Andie Fox Scott Morrison is keen to stress the "economic consequences" of divorce on women and society at large. But avoiding it isn't the fix, writes Andrea Fox.

You shouldn't need to choose between your children and partner

An old picture of the couple

Andie Fox Literary couple Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon open up about the very real impact of children on marriage.


When will we start celebrating divorce?

Andie Fox "As someone who didn't make it last, I find it increasingly odd that a marriage can be celebrated simply for enduring."

Newly divorced

Why are married couples afraid of the newly divorced?

Andie Fox "For some couples, I sensed my new state was perceived as dangerously contagious."

Flexible childcare

Flexible childcare isn't just a 'women's issue'

Andie Fox Andie Fox on why it's so important for working parents to choose the type of childcare they need.

Dear Mark Latham

Dear Mark Latham, mothers are not the natural enemy of stay-at-home dads

Mark Latham

Andie Fox It's time for the former Labor Leader to recognise 'leftie mummy bloggers’ are his people. Here's why.

Work-life balance

The truth about how your home life interferes with your work life


Andie Fox "The pressure is on you, both implicitly and explicitly, to limit the overflow of home life into the workplace.

Performance parenting

Judging – and being judged on – the way we parent in public

Andie Fox How parenting practices are being bound by opportunity and culture.

Working parents

The difference between working dads and working mums


Andie Fox A new survey of professional men and women reveals some surprising differences in attitudes for those who are at the top of their game.


Things no one tells you about single parenthood


Andie Fox Including what it's like to have an ex you can't move on from.

In praise of partnerless holidays

Children walking on wooden path towards the ocean

Andie Fox Andie Fox on the magic of blending families and group parenting on a partnerless retreat.

Parental guilt

A note to my children's future therapist


Andie Fox Here is my side of the story. In case that day shall come.

Real life

In praise of risk-taking women


Andie Fox The thrill of adventure isn't just for the reckless alpha male.

New book

Facing the onslaught of maternal intimacy


Andie Fox We need to see address child-rearing in terms of intimacy rather than a series of developmental stages.

Real life

Can gardening mend a broken heart?


Andie Fox Struck with an urgent desire for order, one writer finds unexpected reprieve through the gentle art of gardening.

Parenting as therapy

Can you protect your children from living your mistakes?


Andie Fox Andie Fox on the fraught practice of using parenting as therapy.

Real life

How I overcame the bystander effect

980409 AFR Gary Medlicott: Studio pic Generic pic of woman with  PMT - Stress
red jumper head stress anxiety migraine headache head ache

Andie Fox Andie Fox interfered when she thought a stranger was in trouble. This is what happened next.

Inside the world of mother's group friendships


Andie Fox The intense friendship circles where women came to know each other better their partners did.

Parenting manifesto

Can we undo sexism by the next generation?


Andie Fox A manifesto to new parents.


Do we need to be stoic for our children?


Andie Fox A beginner's guide to coping with all the surprises of single parenthood.