Parenting debate

Should you discipline other people's children?

Can friendships survive the ultimate parental disagreement?


What I learned in my year as a stay at home dad

I'm no stranger to children; I'm a consultant paediatrician. And yet, this is what happened.


Want equal wages? ...

When it comes to playing hardball, women are damned if they do and damned if they don't.


Does corporate life ...

A new study shows women are more ambitious than men at the start of their career. But things look very different two years later.


Is optimism overrated?

Why telling someone "you can do it" -- when you suspect they actually can't -- is counterproductive.


Why it's so frustrating ...

Men are seldom accused of "over-thinking". If they do obsess, it's a quirky tic.

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Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue

Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun shot dead after killing four rabbis, the deadliest such incident in six years in the holy city. 00:55