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Horror attack

Acid attack victim adjusts to altered life


A horrifying attack at the hands of her ex may have left Italian lawyer Lucia Annibali badly disfigured, but it did not defeat her.

Report jargon

I don't understand my children's school reports


Paul Chai has had enough of the corporate speak and 'compliment sandwich'.

Survival instinct

I survived three days adrift at sea


Rob Hewitt was separated from his boat on a recreational dive off the coast of New Zealand in 2006.

This article contains a video.

Handy guide

How to recover from being the drunkest person at a party


A field guide to putting your shame - and property damage - behind you.

Real life

Things you get away with by being skinny


The danger of assuming someone is healthy because they are thin.

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Packer Kerr new power couple

Billionaire James Packer is reportedly in a relationship with model Miranda Kerr, months after their respective marriages ended. Nine News (00:25)

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