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Mia Timpano

'Women's intuition' is just a sneaky put-down


Let's call it what it is: the term 'women's intuition' breeds a distrust for the female mind.

Real life

Is this the new 'one night stand'?

Urban summer series in Barcelona

You wake up to a text. 'Hey! I had a great time last night! Hope to see you again! x'.

Jane Caro

How to get paid what you're worth

Jane Caro:

It has taken me a very long time to understand the very high price women pay for such self-limiting beliefs.

Wall love

Seven artists you should invest in now


Local gallery owners and those in the know recommend their favourite young artists.

Parental pangs

Will I see my children turn 40?

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As someone who was very blasé about having kids, I was surprised at the pang of possibly not seeing them in middle age.

Children's books

Reading children's books has changed my life

cr: Getty Images
Little boy with a crown reading a book

When Lindy Alexander started reading to her young son, she never expected she would be the one being educated.

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Packer Kerr new power couple

Billionaire James Packer is reportedly in a relationship with model Miranda Kerr, months after their respective marriages ended. Nine News (00:25)

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