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Gym addiction

Real life: 'I'm addicted to exercise'

Sarah Hickls admits

My name is Sarah Hicks and I'm addicted to exercise. I currently spend two to four hours a day, seven days per week exercising.?

Birth photos

Birth photo shoots are becoming a trend


A new poll says one in five expectant mums will consider hiring a 'birth photographer'. Would you?

Subconscious attitudes

Your gut knows if your marriage will last

Actress Elizabeth Taylor wearing beautiful satin wedding gown (cost $1,500, a gift from MGM studios) holding hands w. her husband Nicky Hilton outside church after their wedding ceremony.  (Photo by Ed Clark//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

A test of couples subconscious attitudes to one another is seriously revealing.

Abortion regret

How to talk about abortion regret


Being pro-choice and regretting an abortion is not mutually exclusive.

'Westie' stigma

Is there such a thing as 'postcode racism'?


Amy McNeilage is rejecting the Western Suburbs stigma and thinks you should too.

Orgasm gap

Let's talk about the 'orgasm gap'


A study says women are less likely to have an orgasm from casual sex compared to men. Really?

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Packer Kerr new power couple

Billionaire James Packer is reportedly in a relationship with model Miranda Kerr, months after their respective marriages ended. Nine News (00:25)

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