Travel: England

You can stay in Jane Austen's old house in the English countryside

It's a romantic, sunbathed limestone manor in Bath - but no guarantees you'll find your Mr Darcy.


The ultimate gluten-free fruit n nut brownie

If the humble brownie and a block of Cadbury's fruit n nut had a love child this would be it.

Carine x Uniqlo

Carine Roitfeld's Uniqlo collection is just as foxy as you'd hoped it to be

"I started from the idea of clothes that I would want to wear myself, and developed this into clothes that anyone would want to wear," Roitfeld explains.

Hot property

15 coolest Airbnb rentals you can stay at

Fancy a stay in an old English windmill or a house made of seashells in Cancun? Well, for the right price, you can.

Modern Hijab

H&M features first Muslim model in a hijab

"It always feels like women who wear hijab are ignored when it comes to fashion."


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