How surviving breast cancer changed my life

Sali Stevanja

Three breast cancer survivors reveal how they have used the experience to transform their lives.

Fact or fiction?

Ice cream 'helps older women to have babies'


Sarah Knapton Ice cream may be the ultimate comfort food but a study suggests it could also help older women to have children.

Facing your health

Your face can reveal how healthy you really are


Cassy Small Face reading has been used for centuries to diagnose and treat ailments.

Strong v skinny

Why this fitness motto is so dangerous

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 05:  Cameron Diaz arrives for the German premiere of the film 'Sex Tape' at CineStar on September 5, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

Anna Medaris Miller Research suggests that "strong is the new skinny" is only half the truth.


Apple and Facebook offer to freeze eggs for female staff

Silicon Valley's no-bump perks to keep women working: Egg freezing is an increasingly popular option for women wanting to delay having children.

Facebook has started offering female staff up to $20,000 to have their eggs frozen and Apple will pay for its female employees to go through the same process from January.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg donates $US25M to fight Ebola

Fighting funds: Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has donated $28.7 million to help fight the Ebola epidemic.

Jessica Guynn Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says the Ebola epidemic is at a critical phase and he and his wife Priscilla Chan donated $28.7 million to stop it becoming a long-term global health crisis.

Stress less

Why modern women might stop outliving men


John Bingham Women are losing the ability to outlive men because of the pressure of juggling full-time work and family, study reveals.


Talking parrot returns to owner after four years speaking Spanish

An African grey parrot, similar to Nigel, who went missing for four years.

A pet parrot that spoke with a British accent when it disappeared from its home four years ago has been reunited with its owner - and the bird now speaks Spanish.

Life less frantic

Experts say it's important to clear your 'mind clutter'

spring cleaning

LAKSHMI SINGH Spring cleaning is great, but when was the last time you undertook a mind audit?

Pregnancy health

Five early-pregnancy binge-drinking myths busted

pregnant woman

Radhika Sanghani New research says that women who binge drink before realising they're pregnant are considering having abortions out of fear of harm caused to their unborn babies. But is their concern justified?

Research: tampon test 'could detect ovarian cancer'


Yolanda Redrup Tampons can be used to detect ovarian cancer in affected women, a study by US researchers has found.

Shared experience

Chocolate tastes better when you eat it with someone else

Urban summer series in Barcelona

Rachel Feltman Sharing an experience might make it more intense, a new study suggests.

Truly wondrous

Scientists say there may be life after death

life after death

Katie Kenny A large-scale study shows patients experience real events after their heart stops beating.

Puppy love

You really do love your dog like it’s a baby

Star of New Girl,? Hannah Simone, with her adorable dog Maggie.

Rachel Feltman Science is here t o back you up.

Melancholy history

Why sadness might be advantageous for humans

Girl On Bed

Laura Vitto Our theories of sadness have evolved significantly over the past few thousand years.

Science breakthrough

First womb transplant baby born in Sweden


Rebecca Smith Two more women are expected to give birth by end of year after womb transplant.

Giving thanks

How to feel more satisfied with life

Woman leaping barefoot over stream, low section

Evelyn Lewin Want to feel more satisfied with life? You don’t need to change anything except your attitude.

New research

Young girls 'mimicking mothers' body image fears'

girl at beach

John Bingham Girls as young as seven are learning to worry about their own bodies by hearing their mothers voice anxieties, research suggests.

Health fads

These popular health crazes could be doing you more harm than good


RACHEL CLUN While there's nothing wrong with taking up a new exercise or diet regime, there are a few current fads that it's best to avoid.

Happiness project

A case for not doing the things you love


RACHEL CLUN Do you like ice cream? Then don’t eat it -- at least not every day.

9 insanely cute photos of puppies swimming


Your day isn't complete until you've met Popsicle and Monty.

'Raising Awareness'

Hidden camera: Woman's cleavage stared at 38 times to 'raise awareness'


Sarah Oakes The message is (apparently), 'if everyone else is checking out your breasts you might as well be checking them out too.

Disordered eating

The ugly secret I kept hidden for close to a decade

Faceless portrait

Sally Slater After all, what right have I, a privileged white girl who was handed everything on a silver platter, to be a screw-up?

New research

How exercise can help depression

Woman Running By Lake

Melissa Healy Breaking a sweat can feel like a lifeline when stress threatens to engulf us - so how does it actually work?

Speedy meditation

How to feel more mindful in five minutes


Aileen Nakhle Even five minutes of meditation can help you feel centred.

Bare necessities

I bought nothing new for a year

Sash Milne.

Josefa Pete Could you go a year without buying anything new? Here's how one woman is meeting that challenge.

History of contraception

Watching this video will make you clutch your modern contraception to your heart


Effie Mann This will make you SO grateful for your birth control.

Empowering speeches

14 powerful speeches every woman should watch


These women's words will make your heart soar.

Mod contraception

Innovative ways birth control is being reinvented

Couple love relationship sex

Matt Petronzio Birth control pills and traditional latex condoms have been among the most popular and effective methods of contraception for decades. But innovators think it's time for an upgrade — not only to increase protection, but also to establish safe sex as a basic human right.

Road testing 'Cuddlr'

I tried out Cuddlr, the 'Tinder for cuddling', and all I got was severely creeped out

love hug reltionship couple

Caitlin Dewey The app, which promises to connect consenting adults for safe, fun, nonsexual snuggling, relies on the same geolocation technology as Tinder, Grindr and their ilk.


Finding balance

The three key aspects of fitness

'Mental escapism may … leave you unprepared for the difficulties that crop up on the rocky road to success.'

Raewyn Ng Yes there are aesthetic reasons for getting in shape, but we need to look at the big picture to achieve wellness.

Selling 'happy pills' to kids is not a smart idea

The 'Happy Pills' toy being sold at a Port Melbourne toy shop.

Yolanda Redrup A Port Melbourne cafe and children's toy shop has come under scrutiny from health experts and the state's consumer affairs body for selling "Happy Pills" to children.

Mental health

Where is the support for carers of the mentally ill?


Polly Chester Devasted after witnessing the suicide attempt of a loved one, Polly Chester asks why there is no support for careres of the mentally ill. Hero headline: 'I tried not to throw up, cry or scream'


How to live a longer, healthier life

cr: Getty Images
Young woman holding laptop, walking upstairs

Evelyn Lewin Want to be healthier and live longer? The answer may be as simple as sitting less.

Happy thoughts

The power of positive thinking


Aileen Nakhle "Stay positive" - it's what we say when life throws a curve ball. But what good will that really do? Well for starters, it might add years to your life.

Breathe in...

You're probably breathing all wrong


Sarah Laurie We breathe instinctively, yet over 97 per cent of us do so ineffectively.

Stress less

Is there an easy way to cure your anxiety?

Young woman sitting on edge of bed, holding head in hand

Alexandra Cain Everyone experiences anxiety. It’s part of the normal range of human emotions. If you think you have never been anxious, you’re probably in denial.

21 Cats Better at Photobombing Than You


The photobomb is more than a quick and easy prank — it's a work of art.

Male birth control

Male birth control could be here by 2017 - but will anyone take it?

Young couple kissing in bed

Radhika Sanghani Vasalgel, male birth control, could be available to the public by 2017 in the form of an injection. But would anyone have it - and would women really be able to relinquish responsibility?

New study

'Fat shaming' does not help people lose weight, experts say


Making overweight and obese people feel bad about their size does not encourage them to shed excess kilograms, researchers found.

New habits

How to reverse the damage of all that sitting


Abby Phillip Sitting for eight or more hours a day can be deadly, so do something about it.

Health truths

Do bras really cause breast cancer?

Caucasian woman lying in bed in underwear.

Lenny Bernstein Here's what a new and rigorous examination of the issue concludes.

Young women with breast cancer '$40k worse off'

Carole Renouf, CEO of the Breast Cancer Foundation speaks on the impact of breast cancer on a woman's career, relationships and life.

AMY CORDEROY Young women who develop breast cancer do not get the help and support they need, and many are suffering long-term financial and emotional consequences, the National Breast Cancer Foundation says.

How Arianna thrives

Arianna Huffington's 12 tips for a better life

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 07:  Arianna Huffington attends

Kim Knight Arianna Huffington chats to us ahead of her appearance in Sydney tonight.

Women's health

Ovarian cancer: what you need to know about the 'silent' killer


Irene Maher Despite advances, ovarian cancer survival rates refuse to budge.

Gisele x Under Armour

Gisele Bundchen kicks ass in latest Under Armour ad


Neha Prakash Haters gonna hate. And Gisele Bundchen's gonna kick their asses.

Women's health

Rise in double mastectomies fails to boost cancer survival rate


Michelle Fay Cortez The number of women who have both breasts removed following a cancer diagnosis has risen to more than 1 in 10, even as a new study shows the surgery doesn’t improve survival over less drastic treatment.

Basic anatomy

Half of young British women don’t know where their vagina is


Radhika Sanghani Out of 1,000 women surveyed, just half of those aged 26 to 35 could locate the vagina .

Going viral

Mother with Alzheimer's recognizes daughter for a beautiful moment


Laura Vitto Kelly Gunderson got a brief — but wonderful — surprise after her mother.

$67K fine

Should #thinspiration be a crime?

Discussions about the impact of anorexia and pro-ana sites in Australia have been largely hidden from the public.

CAROLINE ZIELINSKI A Italian bill that could result in fines of $67,000 for pro-anorexia websites sets a new benchmark.

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Sex talk

Why it's so important to talk about sex openly

Young couple kissing in bed

Matty Silver You'd think we would all be open, relaxed and comfortable with sex talk, but often the opposite is true.


Digital detox

Have you tried switching off?


Linda McSweeny Linda McSweeny and her family go device-free in the hope of reconnecting and finding calm.

Healthy habits

How to stay youthful, inside and out


Paula Goodyer There's growing evidence that what we do to boost our health on the inside can improve how we look on the outside too.

The Oprah of Instagram: have a lightbulb moment with this artist's insta-wisdom


Artist Amber Ibarreche's uses her Instagram account will not only put a smile on anyone's face, but also lend solid life advice for when you're feeling down.


What it's like to take the abortion pill


Lydia Kae* One woman's experience with RU-486.

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Body image

5 things you should know about me, a fat girl who wears revealing clothes

 Erin McKelle

Erin McKelle I don't believe there is anything inherently wrong or bad about being fat. In fact, I love being fat.

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Honest advertising

These white pants and blue fluid-free tampon ads are hilarious


Effie Mann But, seriously, how will we know the products work if there's no woman turning cartwheels?

Tree of life

Inside the world of human placentophagia

after birth

Jackie Dent Jackie Dent explores the pros and cons of saving - and ingesting - the afterbirth.

Only the lonely

The truth about loneliness


Erin O'Dwyer Loneliness is not just a sad condition - it's also dangerous for your health.