Bedtime habits

Are you guilty of 'bedtime procrastination'?

Woman lying on bed, rear view, close-up

RACHEL CLUN Feeling a little tired this morning? Perhaps this is why.

Fertility truths

The truth about fertility after the age of 35

Young girl with her pregnant mother

Nick Raine-Fenning A must-read for women concerned about their chances of conceiving later in life.

Women's sexual health

The global impact of the female condom

NASIK, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA - 2011/02/09: In a red-light district in the city of Nashik, a young female sex worker sits outside a brothel and makes herself up for another long and demanding working night. She says that she takes an HIV test every six months to be sure she is not infected by the virus. Critics and NGO workers claim that the Indian government is hiding the fact that the country is facing an epidemic, and nobody really knows how many people are infected with the virus.. (Photo by Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Natasha Khan and Ketaki Gokhale “Female condoms gives women a choice to say: ‘Okay, if you don’t want to wear one, I will.’”

Weekend work

Is it healthy to work through your weekend?

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 15:  Freelance stylist Hilary poses wearing a Cos t-shirt, Cooper jeans with vintage glasses and a H+M hat at the Holly Fulton catwalk show during London Fashion Week S/S 2013on September 15, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/FilmMagic)

Alexandra Tselios Finding the flexibility to work in a way that is conducive to nurturing other important areas of life.


Disorderly eating

How I finally said no to my eating disorder

Woman on bed

Robyn Cruze-Harrington Actor Robyn Cruze-Harrington looks back on the moment that changed the course of her 18-year battle with food.

Mindful workplace

How to make mindfulness work at work


Andrew May Everybody's talking about the benefits of being mindful, so how to build it into your day?

Finding balance

How to have a healthier working day


Paula Goodyer We have to get serious about breaking up the long bouts of uninterrupted sitting.

Silent treatment

The healing power of silence

Caucasian woman in fog outdoors

Lindy Alexander Finding time for peace and quiet brings many rewards, writes Lindy Alexander.

Smart choices

How to choose the healthiest - and tastiest - yoghurt

Vanilla Poached pears & apples, served with muesli and yoghurt. Tobie Puttock BREAKFAST recipes for Sunday Life. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Styling by Leesa O'Reilly. Recipe testing by Clare Flynn.

Susie Burrell Susie Burrell on which yoghurt you should be putting on top of your muesli.

Food and friendship

You need to stop the 'I'm so bad' talk


ANNIE STEVENS And other ways that food impacts on your friendships.

Winter health

The upside to winter

Self potrait of woman

Linda Moon While cold weather can give you the blues, winter also brings plenty to be positive about, writes Linda Moon.

The P word

The P word


Hannah Betts Yes, this is a feature about menstruation. And what's wrong with that? Hannah Betts asks why the subject of periods is still taboo.

Kids and body image

Children's body image issues begin worryingly early

Playing in sunshine

Effie Mann Australian children experience body image issues long before they reach their teens, a new study has found.

Straighten up

Is slouching making you sad?


SARAH BERRY Poor posture isn't just bad for your back.

Stress less

Did you know that stress is actually contagious?

Young woman sitting on edge of bed, holding head in hand

SARAH BERRY Stress can be as as contagious as a cold, new research has found.

The science of shyness

Are introverts always shy?

Young Woman Sitting In Field At Sunset

Sian Prior Sian Prior's quest to understand her own shyness.

60s diets v today

As suspected, diets have never worked


Niki Bezzant Vintage advice shows us there's nothing really new about modern weight-loss theory.

Birth stories

The honour and the heartbreak of rural midwifery

Newborn with bare chest

Fiona McArthur You never know what to expect when a baby is being born, but it's an honour to be there, writes Fiona McArthur.

Sun worship

Is sunshine addictive?


Mark Griffiths Can research explain why so many of us continue to be "tan dependent" despite the health risks?

Winter musings

Why do some people feel the cold more than others?

Rear view of woman standing in street

MELANIE KEMBREY There are reasons some feel the cold more or less than others and it's largely down to a mix of our shape, size, age and gender.

Cold prevention

Five ways to boost your immunity this winter

Gloves and soup.

Genevieve Rota You've heard it before and you'll hear it again: prevention is better than cure.

Oil pulling

What exactly is oil pulling and should you be doing it?

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 13:  Actress Shailene Woodley poses in the press room at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 13, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

MJ Angel We road test the ancient Ayurvedic practice to see if it is really beneficial or just plain BS.

The crying boom

The joy of crying

Girl On Bed

Linda McSweeny There's something great about having a good, old-fashioned sob, writes Linda McSweeny.

Good advice

Things you should never say to someone who's just lost 35 kilos


Kathleen Long When you're obese, people really notice when you start to lose weight.

Sitspo trend

#Sitspo: your new motivational best friend


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Good riddance, #Fitspo! #Sitspo is your new motivational best friend.

Rhythm & snooze

Want to know what makes you tick?

Sleeping person, Barcelona

Cassy Small Getting in sync with your body clock offers the ability to make the most of your day by planning tasks for times when your body is naturally better equipped to handle them.

Naked statement

Why I posed naked on a Brooklyn street

Denise Jolly

Denise Jolly When I walked around that Brooklyn street corner in March, I was present to every cell in my body. Each one was perfectly terrified.

Meditation 101

Diary of a (novice) meditator

Serene Caucasian girl

Collette Beck With her life in turmoil, Collette Beck takes a 21-day meditation challenge.

Fighting fatigue

You need to take your brain for a walk

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 01: A guest outside the Acne show on March 1, 2014 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images)

Ben Opipari Don't reach for caffeine or energy drinks to combat your mental fatigue.

Psychology 101

Make your bed if you want to succeed in life


Jenee Osterheldt It can change your attitude, and when you come home it's there to welcome you.

Mental wellness

Seven simple ways to improve your mental health

Woman practising yoga by the lake.

Yohana Desta Breathe in, breathe out, and upgrade your mental health with these seven simple tips.

Later pregnancy

Fertility is far from finished at 40


Julia Llewellyn Smith As the rising abortion rate among women over 35 is blamed on their mistaken belief that they are 'past it', Julia Llewellyn Smith - who conceived in her mid-thirties - finds out the truth about later pregnancy.

'A fat girl dancing' video made me an internet sensation and a body image hero

Whitney Thore

Whitney Thore A viral video made me famous but what happened next helped reach acceptance.

Hunger games

How a diet drove me to distraction

empty plate thumb

Brigid Delaney When Brigid Delaney embarked on a controversial diet, it unleashed primitive food cravings that had her behaving in unexpected ways.

Routine maintenance

Are you living like a machine?

Young Woman with Tablet

Linda McSweeny Both body and mind suffer when the rhythm of life is pushed out of whack.

Nature lover

Nothing soothes the soul like being in nature

Windy Torres

Evelyn Lewin The good news for non nature lovers is, you can benefit from the great outdoors without even leaving your living room.

Stress effects

Can stress really make us sick?

Woman sleeping on bed

Kendall Powell It seems like a no-brainer that stress may make us more likely to succumb to viruses and other infections, but that’s a tough connection to make scientifically.

Must read

New book explores being transgender

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 14:  Actress Laverne Cox attends the

David Crary As transgender people strive to gain more acceptance and legal protection, they will soon have a hefty new resource to assist them.

Pregnant yoga

It's official: yoga is 'good for mums-to-be'

Pregnant woman on bed looking at belly

Tom Wilkinson Scientists have proved what Hollywood actresses and hippy mothers have long known.

Eternal sunshine

What if you could erase all your bad memories?


William Hageman We all have things we’d like to forget - being the victim of a crime, a bad relationship, an embarrassing faux pas.

The sleep test

How sleep deprived are you really?

Young woman sleeping on blue bed

Neha Prakash This test will tell you if you need to catch more Zs.

5:2 your life

Can the 5:2 principle be applied to all areas of your life?

surfer girl

JO HARTLEY It's the diet regime that has swept the world. But can the same principle be applied to improve other areas of our lives?

Genetics research

Do your genes make you procrastinate?


Alison Griswold Wouldn't it be nice if we could blame it all on Mum and Dad?


Are you afraid of being happy?

Young Woman Sitting In Field At Sunset

CATHERINE RODIE The fear of happiness is a major problem for a lot of people, but there are ways to cope.

Failure v success

How to overcome failure

Young woman sitting on edge of bed, holding head in hand

Bess Manson In a world where we covet success, where winning is our goal and the pursuit of excellence seems paramount, can the dreaded concept of failure actually help us reach dizzying heights?

Labour pains

Why does having a baby still hurt so much?


Paula Goodyer The options given to women to help them cope in labour have barely changed in years.

Quitting sugar won't make you happier


L.V. Anderson When a health memoir reads like a how-to manual for an eating disorder.

Rise and shine

The morning habits of successful people


Cassy Small It pays to be a morning person, as your first hour sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Life mindful

In pursuit of mindfulness

'Mental escapism may … leave you unprepared for the difficulties that crop up on the rocky road to success.'

Fabienne Faur Twelve professionals have gathered in a conference room. But this is no ordinary meeting.

Health check

8 signs that you're healthy


Stephanie Ayre You're body will tell you if you're not as healthy as you should be.

How bad is plastic packaging for us?


Linda McSweeny The issue of plastics in our food divides health experts. But eliminating them is almost impossible.

Is organic best?

Does organic food really make you healthier?

Fresh tangerines in turquoise colander

Researchers asked 600,000 women aged 50 or over whether they ate organic food and monitored their health for nine years.

Her new book

Arianna Huffington: It's time to redefine 'the good life'


Arianna Huffington When Arianna Huffington's busy life careered out of control, she collapsed from the stress. In her new book, she redefines success by adding well-being and wisdom to the life/work balance.

Heavy and healthy: New study says it's possible


JILL STARK A radical new theory about body weight is making many people rethink attitudes.

The three kinds of divorce that teach us about marriage


Alyssa Rosenberg What we can all learn from observing our own reactions to high-profile divorces.

Food for your mind

Can what you eat affect your mental health?


Gisela Telis Scientists have begun to investigate whether food can have as powerful an impact on the mind as it does on the body.

Eat yourself healthy

Can a diet really prevent breast cancer?


Paula Goodyer Headlines about certain vegetables reducing cancer risk are useful to a point but there's a problem.

The F-bomb

Swearing is actually good for you


CATHERINE RODIE Can't relax? Always feeling stressed? Perhaps it's time to break loose with a few profanities.

Are busy people happier, really?

PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 28:  Helena Bordon seen wearing a Miu Mis coat sweater from COS and Zara pants outside Issey Miyaki show on February 28, 2014 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images)

Brigid Schulte People compete over being busy; it's about showing status.


Women's health

Is a mammogram worth having?


Christie Aschwanden Knowing whether to have a mammogram - and when - became more confusing than ever last month when one of the largest-ever mammography studies cast doubts on the test's value.