I want the pill no doctor will prescribe

Amy Corderoy dinkus

AMY CORDEROY 9:14am There is a pill to cure all ills, and I so wish my doctor would prescribe it to me.

'Santa' returns Tasmanian man's lost wallet (with the cash still inside)


Angharad Owens-Strauss Christmas came early for Damien Walker when he checked his mail box on Tuesday to find his wallet, which he'd lost four days prior, had been express posted to him by 'Santa'. With all his cash still inside.

Pet therapy

Good news: pets may improve your wellbeing

Humans have a long history of keeping creature companions, and if you ask most animal lovers if their beloved pet makes their life better, they'll say yes.

Even brief exposure to animals may be good for you, new research suggests.

'Chubby Day'

Male author launches bizarre 'Tell a Friend They're Chubby Day'

Steve Miller

Claire Cohen One author thinks we should tell friends they've piled on the pounds to kick-start their 'journey' to being slim.

Before you go-go

The party's over: don't spoil a good night by overstaying.

Georgie Pearson The right time to leave the party is when you're still having fun.

Party advice

How do you know when to leave the party?

A reminder that saying no (or leaving the party) is not easy but is important for our well-being.

Georgie Pearson A reminder that saying no (or leaving the party) is not easy but is important for our well-being.

Breastfeeding debate

11 breastfeeding myths busted

Radhika Sanghani Radhika Sanghani speaks to the experts to separate breastfeeding fact from fiction.

Expectant mothers in UK told it's safer to give birth at home

Home births are safer in some cases, British health authorities say.

AMY CORDEROY Hundreds of thousands of British mums will be given the choice of having their second child at home - a move welcomed by Australian midwives but not doctors.

Energy vampires

Do you know an 'energy vampire'?

Emily Morgan They suck you dry and leave you exhausted. Here's how to cope.

Positive influence

How mindfulness can reduce negative associations

A new study suggests that mindfulness and meditation reduce our reflex negative associations, even when it comes to bias against race and age.

Katy Young A new study suggests that mindfulness and meditation reduce our reflex negative associations, even when it comes to bias against race and age.

Two women give birth with wombs donated by their mothers

The women became the first ever to give birth to children using the very womb that brought them into the world a generation earlier.

Keith Perry The women became the first ever to give birth to children using the very womb that brought them into the world a generation earlier.

Woman nurses newborn twin foals back to health

 Twin foals Bert and Ernie pictured at one week old.

Jess McAllen Auckland woman tentatively celebrating after her newborn twins Bert and Ernie beat the odds to survive "nightmare" birth.


Madonna's topless photos are a triumph for all women - whatever their age

Madonna, as she appears in a shoot for the latest issue of <i>Interview</i> magazine.

Claire Cohen Madonna, the 'Queen of Pop', has posed topless for a fashion magazine at - shock, horror - the age of 56. Claire Cohen applauds her decision and explains why it's a truly powerful statement for all women

Healthy babies

Did you know that sperm quality reduces with age?

Young couple kissing in bed

Charlie Mitchell Let's not forget that men are responsible for making healthy babies too.

I was fat-shamed by my doctor


KASEY EDWARDS The fear of being weighed is the most significant factor in women postponing or cancelling medical appointments.

Language of pleasure

Swedish group wants to give female masturbation a better name

Woman lying on bed in lingerie,low section

Radhika Sanghani A Swedish sex education group has launched a campaign to come up with a better name for female masturbation.

Mood boosters

7 ways to combat depression and anxiety for free


Linda Moon Can't afford therapy? Here are some ways to combat depression that don't cost a cent.

ED truths

The truth about eating disorders


Jodie Irvine "A person with an eating disorder may act as though they don't want to get better but that is a hallmark of the illness, not of an individual's desire to be attractive."

Love & loss

You don't have to 'get over' the death of someone you love

Young woman traveling by train in the summer

Zoë Krupka The death of children, siblings, and parents has long term impacts on the rest of our lives.

Consumer feminism

The drug companies that are using feminism against you


Miri Forbes A US drug company is using the language of feminism to rally public support for the FDA to approve their new sexual dysfunction drug, flibanserin. But this isn't about gender equality, it's about profit.

The one thing fueling our social media addiction

Caitline Dewey dinkus

Caitlin Dewey What if no one could see the number of likes on your Facebook and Instagram posts?

Happy tears

This is why we cry when we are happy

Urban summer series in Barcelona

LIVIA GAMBLE Yale psychologist Oriana Aragon's new study has shed some light on why we cry when we are happy.

Forever young

Want to live to 120? Here's how


Sarah Knapton A new British study suggests that slowing the ageing process is more achievable than people realise.

Out of office

Why you should stop checking your email after hours

Hands of a woman using her mobile phone.

SARAH BERRY This is the flip side of instant gratification on the internet.

New study: Women feel stress more than men


A new study shows women are feeling stress more than men, while both sexes say the pressure is affecting their mental health.

Passion project

Why hobbies are so important


Jane Mathews Every woman needs a passion project, writes Jane Mathews.

Baby animals

This baby otter learning how to swim is the cutest thing you’ll see today


Sam Laird and Patrick Kulp “Our animal care team is teaching the pup how to be an otter."

Real talk

Let's have an honest conversation about women and chin hair

Dr Gina Barreca author of It's Not That I'm Bitter.

Dr Gina Barreca For years I hid my tweezers the way alcoholics conceal bottles.

Sexual dysfunction

'Don't want to have sex? Take an antidepressant'


Petula Dvorak When doctors don't take female sexual dysfunction seriously.

Untimely change

What it's like to go through menopause as a young woman


MICHAELA FOX Early menopause can be devastating, writes Michaela Fox.

Going viral

Breastfeeding photo goes viral after Facebook removal

Emma Bond has received hundreds of messages of support from around the world.

Facebook deleted this photograph of a mother breastfeeding her baby, but instead of disappearing quietly, it's gone viral.

Sexual harassment

A woman walked around New York City for 10 hours and filmed every catcall she received


And the results, while predictable, are still shocking.

Workplace stress

Is your boss making you sick?


Rebecca Shannonhouse Having a bad boss can make your work life a misery, but it can also make you sick, both physically and mentally, researchers say.

Lucky charm

Superstition might not be so silly, research says

lucky charm

LIBBY HAKIM Ever knocked on wood, carried a charm to a job interview or worn your lucky undies to a big game?

How surviving breast cancer changed my life

Sali Stevanja

Three breast cancer survivors reveal how they have used the experience to transform their lives.

Fact or fiction?

Ice cream 'helps older women to have babies'


Sarah Knapton Ice cream may be the ultimate comfort food but a study suggests it could also help older women to have children.

Facing your health

Your face can reveal how healthy you really are


Cassy Small Face reading has been used for centuries to diagnose and treat ailments.

Strong v skinny

Why this fitness motto is so dangerous

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 05:  Cameron Diaz arrives for the German premiere of the film 'Sex Tape' at CineStar on September 5, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

Anna Medaris Miller Research suggests that "strong is the new skinny" is only half the truth.


Apple and Facebook offer to freeze eggs for female staff

Silicon Valley's no-bump perks to keep women working: Egg freezing is an increasingly popular option for women wanting to delay having children.

Facebook has started offering female staff up to $20,000 to have their eggs frozen and Apple will pay for its female employees to go through the same process from January.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg donates $US25M to fight Ebola

Fighting funds: Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has donated $28.7 million to help fight the Ebola epidemic.

Jessica Guynn Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says the Ebola epidemic is at a critical phase and he and his wife Priscilla Chan donated $28.7 million to stop it becoming a long-term global health crisis.

Stress less

Why modern women might stop outliving men


John Bingham Women are losing the ability to outlive men because of the pressure of juggling full-time work and family, study reveals.


Talking parrot returns to owner after four years speaking Spanish

An African grey parrot, similar to Nigel, who went missing for four years.

A pet parrot that spoke with a British accent when it disappeared from its home four years ago has been reunited with its owner - and the bird now speaks Spanish.

Life less frantic

Experts say it's important to clear your 'mind clutter'

spring cleaning

LAKSHMI SINGH Spring cleaning is great, but when was the last time you undertook a mind audit?

Pregnancy health

Five early-pregnancy binge-drinking myths busted

pregnant woman

Radhika Sanghani New research says that women who binge drink before realising they're pregnant are considering having abortions out of fear of harm caused to their unborn babies. But is their concern justified?

Research: tampon test 'could detect ovarian cancer'


Yolanda Redrup Tampons can be used to detect ovarian cancer in affected women, a study by US researchers has found.

Shared experience

Chocolate tastes better when you eat it with someone else

Urban summer series in Barcelona

Rachel Feltman Sharing an experience might make it more intense, a new study suggests.

Truly wondrous

Scientists say there may be life after death

life after death

Katie Kenny A large-scale study shows patients experience real events after their heart stops beating.

Puppy love

You really do love your dog like it’s a baby

Star of New Girl,? Hannah Simone, with her adorable dog Maggie.

Rachel Feltman Science is here t o back you up.

Melancholy history

Why sadness might be advantageous for humans

Girl On Bed

Laura Vitto Our theories of sadness have evolved significantly over the past few thousand years.

Science breakthrough

First womb transplant baby born in Sweden


Rebecca Smith Two more women are expected to give birth by end of year after womb transplant.

Giving thanks

How to feel more satisfied with life

Woman leaping barefoot over stream, low section

Evelyn Lewin Want to feel more satisfied with life? You don’t need to change anything except your attitude.

New research

Young girls 'mimicking mothers' body image fears'

girl at beach

John Bingham Girls as young as seven are learning to worry about their own bodies by hearing their mothers voice anxieties, research suggests.

Health fads

These popular health crazes could be doing you more harm than good


RACHEL CLUN While there's nothing wrong with taking up a new exercise or diet regime, there are a few current fads that it's best to avoid.

Happiness project

A case for not doing the things you love


RACHEL CLUN Do you like ice cream? Then don’t eat it -- at least not every day.

9 insanely cute photos of puppies swimming


Your day isn't complete until you've met Popsicle and Monty.

'Raising Awareness'

Hidden camera: Woman's cleavage stared at 38 times to 'raise awareness'


Sarah Oakes The message is (apparently), 'if everyone else is checking out your breasts you might as well be checking them out too.

Disordered eating

The ugly secret I kept hidden for close to a decade

Faceless portrait

Sally Slater After all, what right have I, a privileged white girl who was handed everything on a silver platter, to be a screw-up?

New research

How exercise can help depression

Woman Running By Lake

Melissa Healy Breaking a sweat can feel like a lifeline when stress threatens to engulf us - so how does it actually work?

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