Are we sacrificing excellence in the pursuit of hyper-productivity?

A new study by Ernst & Young has found women working part-time are the most productive in the workforce.

JULIA BAIRD 8:54am In our bright and blinking technological age, intellectual immersion is rarely lauded. But it should be.

Mosquito magnet

Why do mosquitoes like some people more than others?

Karen Kaplan Are you a mosquito magnet? If so, your genes may be to blame.


Do self-tracking devices actually lead to lifestyle changes?

Retailers are dedicating extensive real estate to wearable wellness gadgets.

Natasha Singer Does the obsession with collecting data on ourselves spur us to change our behaviour or merely increase anxiety?

Real life

Telling people I have genital herpes is empowering

No offence: Ella Dawson says she feels empowered talking bluntly about her genital herpes.

Danielle Paquette Ella Dawson blogs about dating with genital herpes to promote normality in the face of stigma.

Period Project

How do homeless women deal with their periods?

#TheHomelessPeriod addresses the monthly misery faced by homeless women.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE The government provides condoms at homeless shelters, so why not tampons?

Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges: Where to learn more about nutrition


Our expert offers nutrition advice, suggests a workout makeover and serves up a healthy stir-fry.

Enough catcalls

Meet the woman mapping street harassment in Brazil

Street harassment incidences documented in Sao Paolo.

Enough with the catcalls.

Happiness scent

The happiness we transmit through smell

Humans can detect whether another person is feeling joyful by their scent.

Sarah Knapton It is said that happiness is contagious and now scientists believe they may know why.


#LoveYourLines campaign has women embracing stretch marks

#LoveYourLines encourages women to share pictures and embrace their stretch marks.

Because we've earned these stripes.

Workplace empathy

Emotional intelligence boosts workplace performance

Stocksy work woman DL

SARAH BERRY Knowing and empathising with what other people feel is key to our humanity.

Egg donation

Fertility clinic offers $5000 to egg donors

I was a

CRAIG BUTT A fertility clinic chain is offering $5000 to cover the expenses for women who donate eggs, a first for Australia that is raising concerns about whether the sum could act as an inducement.

Life in a bubble

Universal reactor: being allergic to so much forced the author to move to the New Mexico desert.

Diane Thomas was diagnosed as being allergic to almost everything. She tells how she has coped with multiple chemical sensitivity.

No one can understand why this girl was sent home for her 'inappropriate' outfit

The offending outfit, which has since drawn attention to the victim-blaming and body-shaming nature of some school dress codes

One American high school may have deemed this outfit too inappropriate for the classroom - but 90,000 people have disagreed.

Stress less

The most common sources of everyday stress


MICHAEL KOZIOL "Don't sweat the small stuff" is a common refrain. Yet so often we do exactly that, research shows.

Stigma means poor mental health and high drug use for LGBT Australians


MIKI PERKINS Australia's largest survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people shows it remains difficult for many people.


Does attacking anti-vaxxers do more harm than good?

Caucasian baby girl with bandage on arm

AMY CORDEROY Online debates about whether vaccinations are safe are unlikely to convince doubters to vaccinate.

Moody blues

Why the PMS myth is bad for women

SARAH BERRY PMS has been so broadly defined it could apply to almost anyone... yes, even your dog.

Stop comparing women's body shapes to pieces of fruit

KASEY EDWARDS Categorising female "body types" is just body shaming dressed up as diversity.

Internet junkies

Is the Internet giving us all ADHD?

Many trolling victims are online as part of their professional work. What are employers doing to protect their employees from harm online? Not much, it seems.

Caitlin Dewey Many of us have grudgingly accepted perpetual scatterbrain as a hallmark of modern life, as unavoidable as Facebook and the Kardashians.

The questionable science of 'attractiveness' studies

CLEMENTINE FORD A eulogy to research funding spent on the optimal curviness of female butts.

Angelina Jolie

Why Angelina Jolie's op-ed on her surgery is so important

Angelina Jolie

Danielle Paquette Jolie's choice sends a message to at-risk women who may be concerned about losing their sexual identity: removing your ovaries doesn't make you any less of a woman.

Sleep therapy

Taking a nap during work can improve performance

Mary Ward A short nap can actually improve memory function, a new study found.

Happiness habits

How changing habits can change your happiness

Change can be good, particularly if it helps us live longer, healthier, indeed, happier lives.

Heidi Stevens Change can be good, particularly if it helps us live longer, healthier, indeed, happier lives.

Living alone

The toll loneliness and social isolation can take on your health

Tara Parker-Pope Loneliness can be bad for health, even for people who prefer their own company.


How television affected my depression

Being depressed can make you emotionally permeable, a lesson I learned that the hard way.

MIA TIMPANO Being depressed can make you emotionally permeable, a lesson I learned that the hard way.

Fitbit life

Is technology spoiling your workout?

Is there value in an unplugged workout?

Nora Krug Have we all gotten a bit too dependent on tech feedback?


'Over-valuing' kids may turn them into narcissists

It's important to praise your kids, but keep a sense of perspective.

NICKY PHILLIPS Parents who shower their child with too much praise may be cultivating a narcissist, research suggests.


Brigid Schulte: Why time is a feminist issue

Brigid Schulte

Brigid Schulte When a time-use expert told me I had 30 hours of leisure time every week, I stopped breathing.

Child vaccination

Why some parents want to believe in a vaccine conspiracy

Susan Senator "When you're a young, scared parent, you will grasp at anything to make sense of a hardship such as autism."

Mental health

Why crying can make us feel better

The virtue traditionally associated with shoulder squeezes and self-sacrifice is more powerful than you think.

Mary Carpenter More than for any other reason, I cry - even sob - at tales or images of rescuers; sometimes I have only to see a fire truck, and don't get me going on working firemen.

Benjamin Law: Time management is a total time waster

Ben Law

BENJAMIN LAW Personally, I know I've crossed the boundaries of normal work-like balance when I start daydreaming about being hospitalised.

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Why I don't want a cure for my Ichthyosis

Writer Carly Findlay

Carly Findlay While it would be nice for the pain to be taken away, here's why I don't want an appearance cure.

Morning habits

How to avoid waking up feeling groggy


Elizabeth Hamilton When Susie Phillips wakes at 5:30 a.m.- before the sun rises, before cars zoom down the street bearing the bleary-eyed to work, before children stomp down the sidewalk on their way to school- it isn't drudgery.

Real life

Why I had labiaplasty at 16

The decision was not driven by vanity or sexual desirability. I had never had sex or even been kissed.

Mental health

Anxiety ignorance makes mental health experts nervous

MIKI PERKINS An alarming number of people think anxiety is a personality trait rather than a treatable mental health illness that is more common in Australia than depression.

Lighten up

How to make exercising fun

Jump for joy: finding an enjoyable way to exercise means you're much more likely to stick with it.

Collette Beck The mere thought of exercise is boring for many people – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Film as therapy

Can watching movies work as therapy?

Emily Watson and Adam Sandler in the 2002 movie Punch-Drunk Love.

Elisabeth LaMotte Therapist Elisabeth LaMotte thinks so.

Video of transgender boy asking to be accepted will bring you to tears

milla brown

Katie Kenny Nine-year-old Milla Brown gains worldwide support after his mum posts inspiring video.


Personal sanctuary

How your home can help you recover from work stress

Peace: Stress and pollution make it more important than ever that we find respite from the modern world in our homes.

Linda Moon These tips will help transform your home into a haven that rejuvenates you after a stressful day.

Women's health

Drink to your health? Only if you're an older woman, study finds

Studies reporting the health benefits of alcohol are skewed, says new research

Melissa Healy Studies reporting the health benefits of alcohol are skewed, says new research.

Positive strategies

How to silence negative thoughts

When negative thoughts creep up on you, remember you're in charge.

AILEEN NAKHLE When negative thoughts creep up on you, remember you're in charge.


Sharing stories

Why I talk about my abortion

Jacqui Morton Even though it makes other people feel uncomfortable.

Breathe easy

Do you suffer from screen apnoea?

Interrupted: we tend to inhale and hold our breath during periods of intense concentration.

Thea O'Connor It can be a pain in the back – and more.

Wellness debate

'Wellness doesn't make you a better person'

In their new book The Wellness Syndrome, Cederstrom and Spicer argue this obsession with individual wellness does not lead to a well society.

RACHEL CLUN If you think looking after yourself is the most positive thing you can do, authors Carl Cederstrom and Andre Spicer beg to differ.

Happy cry

This man hearing his late wife's decade-old voicemail is your happy cry for today


EFFIE MANN “It’s just a wonderful, wonderful sound that I thought was lost forever.”

Personal growth

Why it's important to forgive your bullies

MEAN GIRLS: As with Lindsay Lohan's character in the cult Tina Fey hit,

The world isn't neatly divided; all victims conceal sins, and all villains carry sorrows and scars.

Mini resolutions

5 small changes to make in the new year that could change your life

Research suggests that even the simple act of planning a holiday can boost overall happiness exponentially.

Mini resolutions are far easier to stick to than ones that require hypnotherapy.

Bald move

This is the best way of dealing with hair loss

DOM KNIGHT Dom Knight has come up with an effective regime to deal with hair loss. And he's in a position to absolutely guarantee it.

I went to a 'sex yoga' school and this is what I learnt

CLEM BASTOW When it comes to sex ed, it’s never too late to go back to school.

Just say no

Why it's so important to learn how to say 'no'

Burning out is a risk, but it's one that can be managed with careful consideration.

Megan Blanford Burning out is a risk, but it's one that can be managed with careful consideration.

Ladies in swimsuits

Samantha Armytage in Women's Weekly: Why do we keep asking professional women to pose in swimwear?

Samantha Armytage appears in her first swimsuit shoot.

NATALIE REILLY Think for a moment of a world in which Today presenter and newly minted feminist icon Karl Stefanovic stepped out of his suit and into a pair of boardies to prove that he is not bothered by the haters.

Still birth

We all need to to know about stillbirths

Lynch Schuster "Despite modern obstetric technology and screening for infections, we still lose babies in the womb... We really need more science and research to understand what leads to stillbirth."

Misandry + porridge

109-year-old woman shares the secret to her long life - no men

Jessie Gallan.

Want to Live to 109? Try misandry and porridge, says Jessie Gallan.


ED research

The psychological connection between eating and shame

Sarah Rainey A new survey has found that a startling number of women are hiding food, or eating in secret.

Canine commuter

Chill dog rides bus solo, ain't got no time for people

Eclipse is a fan of public transport.

EFFIE MANN Undoubtedly, there's just one thing holding you back if you're a dog: humans.

Surprise babies

How can you go into labour without knowing you're pregnant?

Lenny Bernstein ‘‘Denied’’ or ‘‘cryptic’’ pregnancies occur often enough that they spawned their own television series, yet, for most of us, the idea that a woman could carry a child to a full-term delivery without knowing she is pregnant is mind-boggling.

Post holiday healing

Can mindfulness fix your back to work blues?

Emma Barnet Like millions of others I had no perceived need for mindfulness or anything else like it, until, you guessed it, I returned to work.

Cauliflower's back

Will cauliflower be 2015's white knight?

Cauliflower is the new black.

Gabriella Boston Kale, quinoa and kombucha ruled the trendy healthful-food scene in 2014. But what will take center stage in 2015? Will mighty kale take a back seat? Will farro take over from quinoa? And what is macha?

Super breakfast

The breakfast ingredient that will give you a longer life

New research shows a small bowl of porridge every day could be the secret to a longer life.

Sarah Knapton New research shows a small bowl of porridge every day could be the secret to a longer life.

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