Fad diets

Fad diets aren't all as different as you might think

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SARAH BERRY "Claims for the established superiority of any one specific diet over others are exaggerated."


Food myths

The truth about those new health trends


Susie Burrell As we learn more and more about nutrition, and the greater the number of "experts" out there publishing diet books inevitably leads to the propagation of new diet beliefs and trends, whether or not there is evidence to support them.


Healthy eating

You need to double your five-a-day fruit and veg


Sarah Knapton A new study reveals you should include 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day fior a longer and healthier life.

Eat yourself healthy

Can a diet really prevent breast cancer?


Paula Goodyer Headlines about certain vegetables reducing cancer risk are useful to a point but there's a problem.

Diet costs

Why counting kilojoules doesn't add up


SARAH BERRY Getting caught up in a numbers game extracts any joy from eating and can be detrimental to our health.

Nutritional value

How much meat should you really be eating?

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Paula Goodyer The Meat Free Week campaign starts Monday to raise awareness of the impact of our high meat consumption on animal welfare, as well as on human health and the environment.

Juice fasts

The truth about juice fasting


Brigid Delaney Is juice fasting the secret to good health – or is it simply a dangerous fad?

Italian style

You should eat like an Italian

miranda kerr and italian

Susie Burrell The importance of a nightly dinner ritual should not be underestimated.

Hair of the dog

Hungover? You'll probably drink again

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NICKY PHILLIPS According to new research, the punishing effects of hangovers does little to delay your next drinking session.

1200 calorie myth

The 1200 calorie myth


Sophia Herbst Who decided on this magic number?

Healthy takeaway

The best (least bad) takeaway options


Susie Burrell At times we all need to do it, pick up something for dinner on the way home after a long day. So, what are best options when you are tired, hungry but still wanting to try and eat as healthily as you can?

Liquid therapy

Water's many healing benefits

Young woman drinking glass of water

Linda McSweeny The simple act of drinking water can help us lift our mood and think more clearly.

Healthy choices

You need to know how to snack smarter


Susie Burrell Ravenous between meals? This is what you should be snacking on.

Healthy babies

You are what your grandmother ate, scientists say

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Sarah Knapton Study finds that grandmothers who ate well during pregnancy and kept their daughters well-nourished in their first few years had heavier, and therefore healthier, grandchildren.


How much do you know about dietitians?

Blood Orange Juice

Rachel Clun We've highlighted a few common misconceptions about the dietitian trade.

What to eat

How to fuel your body for a run

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Gretchen McKay Attempting a long distance run on an empty stomach will not only be a disadvantage while you run, but will also inhibit effective recovery.

Healthy habits

What you need to know about brain food


Paula Goodyer The secret to a healthy brain could be in a wisely chosen diet.

Paleo recipes

Need some Paleo inspiration?

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Leah McLennan Join the growing - yet thinning - number of cavemen and women among us.

Health study

Why nutrition is so confusing


Gary Taubes Before I make another dietary resolution, I’d like to know that what I believe I know about a healthy diet is really so. Is that too much to ask?

Biggest Loser winner shocks with extreme weight loss

Rachel Frederickson

The latest Biggest Loser winner in the US, Rachel Frederickson, has heard the concerns but she's not listening. And she's not answering questions about whether her weight loss went too far.


Health myths

No one actually needs a 'detox'

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Dr Max Pemberton Why we tend to forget everything we know about biology, physiology and nutrition at the start of the year.

Michelle bridges

Michelle Bridges is on a mission to make people healthier

michelle birdges

STEVE DOW She talks to Steve Dow on the eve of her push into the US.

Are we over kale?

Should we be eating so much kale?

kale chips

Leah McLennan Since the major supermarkets started to stock kale its popularity has boomed.

New tests reveal supermarket pies not even one-third meat


SARAH WHYTE Meat pies are less than one-third meat, while only half a chicken nugget is chicken flesh, a Fairfax Media investigation has found.

True or false?

Food truths you need to know

Close up of hands holding mushrooms

Paula Goodyer We put common myths about nutrition to rest.

New super foods

10 super foods to flavour 2014


MJ Angel Step aside blueberries and quinoa, here are the super foods we can expect to see gracing menus this year.

Healthy choices

How many calories lurk in your food court favourites?

stir fry

Susie Burrell A dietician finds out which foods you should be selecting on your lunch break.


The truth about chocolate

The perfect choclate fix.
Chocolate tart and Italian coffee ice-cream.

Linda McSweeny Chocolate can have good and bad effects on your health.

Calm in a can

Can you find calm in a can?

Chamomile harvest

Paula Goodyer Herbal fizzy drinks that claim to help with relaxation and sleep are gaining fans.

Forget junk

Junk food could damage your memory

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LUCY CARROLL Forget your waistline - over-indulging at Christmas could take its toll on your brain cells, too.

Anorexia memoirs

Should we stop reading anorexia memoirs?

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LAUREN SMELCHER SAMS One author – and former anorexic – says they often do more harm than good.

Healthy v costly

Is eating healthy too expensive?


Lydia Hales A healthy diet hits wallets harder than an unhealthy one, although opting for the latter may not be a bargain in the long run, a study suggests.

Say not to juice

Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer compares juice cleanses to Twinkies, says extreme diets are 'cultish'


Coming from someone that subscribed to/promoted raw and macrobiotic meal plans such a long time this is a little surprising.

Calorific cravings

Why 'super-treats' are so bad

Adriano Zumbo's latest creations - Cronuts. Photographed by James Brickwood. Friday 14th June 2013. SMH GOOD FOOD 130614

The cronut, the 'double choc' Tim Tam, the limited edition Magnum ... how super treats have been created to tantalise our 'jaded' tastebuds.

Nordic nutrition

What do Scandinavian women eat?

Windy Torres

Lara Brunt It's not just flat-pack furniture and television dramas that the Scandinavians do so well.

Weight loss fad?

Cotton wool ball diet latest trend scaring parents

Cotton wool balls

EFFIE MANN Well, according to American news channels that is.

Food rituals

Do you partake in food rituals?


Evelyn Lewin Take the time to make each meal a memorable moment, and you'll enjoy your food more.

Do you juice?

Remember when juice was just juice?

Blood Orange Juice

Katy Waldman How juicing became a status symbol.

Pregnant Australian blogger condemned by internet for her extreme diet

pregnant blogger

Sarah Mackenzie The most surprising part of this story is that anyone can consume 20 bananas in one day...

The dietitian's diet

What do dietitians eat?

Spectrum. Spring Vegetables. Broccoli with Tomato and Jamon. Photo: Marcel Aucar Photography, September 2013

TARA DIVERSI To help keep her health in check, Tara Diversi lets five simple rules guide her eating.


Juice cleanses

Do juice cleanses actually work?

Fresh tangerines in turquoise colander

SARAH BERRY They may not be a physical panacea, but they do seem to be a temporarily psychological one.


Radiate wellbeing

Can you eat yourself beautiful?

Young woman drinking glass of water

SARAH BERRY Nourishing ourselves internally has an undeniable knock-on effect externally.



How to break unhealthy habits


Susie Burrell Some vices are worse than others.

Need vitamins?

Should you be taking a daily multivitamin pill?

Fresh tangerines in turquoise colander

Paula Goodyer Despite their popularity there is little proof multivitamins are beneficial.

What to eat when

How to have your cake and eat it too

Carrot Cake.

Susie Burrell The best (least bad) treats.

Blow out

Avoiding weekend over-indulgence

The weekend feast

Susie Burrell A British study has found we can consume up to 10,000 calories over a weekend


New research

Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Crave Sugar?

White Chocolate Cupcake

SARAH BERRY A new study has found that diet drinks and artificial sweeteners may actually increase sugar cravings.

Michelle Bridges: healthy fish stew recipe

fish stew

MICHELLE BRIDGES It's quick, healthy, warming and delicious.

'Don't quit sugar'

Nutritionist hits out at the 'I Quit Sugar' diet


JO CASAMENTO Cassie Platt's hair fell out when she stopped eating sugar. Now she is warning people not to follow the popular new diet.

Healthy eating app

Food diary apps are all the rage

girl th

Sandy Smith Trying to implement better eating habits? Apparently a food diary app is the key.

'Eat Vegan Before 6'

Can you really be a semi-vegan?

Vegan Cauliflower, Quinoa and Goji Berry Salad

Paula Goodyer After four months of eating vegan before 6pm, New York Times food writer Mark Bittman lost 15 kilos (and lowered his cholesterol and blood sugar levels).

Fast food failure

Why Australia started turning on McDonald's


JEN VUK It's more than just an aversion to creepy clowns.

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First person

The diet that actually worked


Tegan Sadlier After a lifetime of being overweight, Tegan Sadlier tried the Dukan diet – with startling results.

Healthy eating

All about the whole food diet


SARAH BERRY Bread with butter, porridge with a good dollop of cultured cream and maple syrup. Wine with dinner. This is my kind of "diet".

Health & Fitness

Michelle Bridges: the ultimate healthy dessert


MICHELLE BRIDGES Baked apples are homely, cosy and seriously mouth-watering. Also: they're good for you!

Healthy eating

Why we're cooking less than ever


Why has cooking become something we watch, rather than do?

Food myths busted

The final word on coffee, eggs, salt and oil


Siobhan Moylan One week they are good for you, the next they're not. So what's the real deal?

Healthy eating

Meat and three veg has made a comeback


Susie Burrell Susie Burrell shows how eating like Grandma can be good for your waistline.

An appetite for change


MICHELLE BRIDGES Something weird is happening in America. They seem to be avoiding the super-sized meals.

Food as fuel

Best workout snacks for runners


NICOLE ELPHICK Here’s how to ensure your diet is syncing up with your workout schedule so you can function at maximum capacity.