Healthy eating

No foods should be demonised nor held up as miracles

Aaron E. Carroll A guide to eating healthy that should be useful for most people. These are tips not laws.

Fitness self-talk

Michelle Bridges: The importance of self belief


Michelle Bridges Our fitness expert helps defeat negative self-talk and refreshes an active chef's workout routine.

How one small change can break bad food habits of a lifetime

Your health: improve your diet one day, and one thing, at a time.

LINDY ALEXANDER Starting with small steps is the key to success.

Gluten myths

Setting the record straight on gluten


Claire Maldarelli The number of people adhering to a gluten-free diet far surpasses the number who suffer from celiac disease.

Celeb advice

Why do we listen to celebrity nutrition advice?

There are health concerns about a baby cookbook co-authored by Pete Evans.

Paula Goodyer Why do we listen to health advice from experts in areas such as cooking or acting?


Michelle Bridges: How to gain weight healthily

No equipment required: a body weight trend.

MICHELLE BRIDGES Our fitness expert on how to gain weight and taking up exercise for the first time in your 40s.

Finding balance

Overeating these healthy foods could be harmful

Almond milk; milk; almond; food; drink; white; healthy; vegetarian; nut; natural; organic; nutrition; ingredient; vegan; protein; closeup; health; diet; jug; nutritional; blue; heap; table; whole; bowl; cooking; beverage; snack; proteins; gourmet; hard; almond-milk; eat; wood; almond-nuts; seed; objects; kernel; pitcher; wooden; fruit; detail; dry; healthcare; edible; rustic; cuisine; background; product; liquid

Danielle Braff They are very healthy but only when consumed in moderation.

Healthy spices

The health benefits of spices


Paula Goodyer Cinnamon, chilli, turmeric... they contribute more than just flavour.

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Fitness don'ts

8 surprising diet and exercise mistakes

Find out if you're making one of these 8 common diet and exercise mistakes - and learn what to do instead.

Can food allergy become a part of our identity?

JACQUELINE MALEY Yes, I am a nightmare to eat out with. Yes, I am dreadful to cook for. But I am me, rashy and liable to face-swelling at inopportune times.

The truth about raw food

Sashimi, the ultimate raw food.

Ellie Krieger The raw food movement has gotten a serious foothold. But are there really significant benefits to uncooked food?

More coffee, please

Drinking coffee could be great for your heart


Deborah Netburn Just in case you need one more reason to drink coffee.

Snack science

10 reasons you can't stop snacking


Alison Loughman Can't resist the call of the crunchy, salty or sugary snack fix? You're not alone.

Cravings explained

The most addictive foods revealed

Rich in processed carbs, fat and salt, pizza is one of the most addictive foods you can eat.

Susie Burrell There are some foods you cannot seem to stop eating, no matter how hard you try.

Constant craving

Can your food cravings help you understand your health?

Is your sweet-tooth just your body's way of crying out for chromium?

SARAH BERRY Do you crave chocolate because your body needs more magnesium? Is your sweet-tooth just your body’s way of crying out for chromium?

Fact v fiction

A new guide to what you should and shouldn't eat to stay healthy

Get your daily fruit in-take in the form of whole fruits, not fruit juice.

Anna van Praagh Anna van Praagh considers the latest findings that flip our food wisdom on its head.

Eat well

Five easy ways to reduce your sugar intake

Susie Burrell If you want to cut back on sugar, here are the easiest ways to do it.

The sweet trap

Why low-fat isn't always healthy

Out of the frying pan: the problem with many low-fat foods is that they're loaded with sugar.

Jennifer Morton Muesli bars and low-fat yoghurt are health foods, right? Jennifer Morton meets a man on a mission to prove they're not.

Fact or fad?

Is detoxing just a myth?

Ellie Pithers Detox, detox, detox: that's January's unremitting mantra, but are juice cleanses and alkaline diets nothing more than marketing spiel? Three experts separate fact from fad.

Detox debate

Is detoxing really just a scam?

SARAH BERRY Detoxing is a scam. So says The Guardian in a new feature that has been reverberating around the internet ruffling feathers and eliciting nods of agreement in equal parts.


Health obsession

Has our obsession with perfect health gone too far?


Stephanie Wade "It started out innocently enough. A friend began eliminating processed food from her diet, to focus on her health and wellbeing from 'the inside out'."

No piece of cake

How I finally quit sugar for good

A woman holding a heart shaped pink cake with the words - I Freaking Love You!!

Veronica Schmidt "My body tingled with anxious energy and I developed an unattractive habit of ringing my hands. I thought about chocolate. A lot."

Nutritional truths

Do you really need to activate your almonds?


Paula Goodyer Legumes are back on the menu, with researchers suggesting phytates may have little impact on mineral absorption.

Mind over matter

Do you practise 'mindful eating'?

mindful eating

Linda McSweeny Eating on the run or at your desk is part of modern life. But it may also be a recipe for obesity.

Vegan vindication

Lessons from a vegan diet


Paula Goodyer What if there were an eating plan that helped you lose weight while still allowing a generous amount of food including - gasp -carbs?

All-time best foods

10 foods you should eat every day


Susie Burrell Forget what we should not be eating; instead let's focus on the powerful super foods that pack a serious nutrition hit for their punch and the foods that we should aim to eat on a daily basis.

Feeling sluggish?

The 10 foods you should eat to boost your digestion

Woman holding her belly with the hand.

ARABELLA FORGE Dietitian Arabella Forge recommends ten foods that can improve your digestion.


Healthy choices

Your salad probably isn't as healthy as it looks


Susie Burrell If it is called a salad, and looks like a salad, it must be a healthy choice surely? No.

Nutritional Q&A

Five minutes with Dr Joanna McMillan

joanna macmillan

Everything you'd like to ask a dietician (including some good news for pasta lovers and bad news for fans of coconut oil).

Sweet news

Chocolate may boost memory, study finds


Pam Belluck In case anyone needed another reason to love chocolate, a new study suggests that a natural compound found in cocoa can reverse age-related memory loss.

Good news

Good news, carb lovers: reheating pasta makes it healthy

Austrian actress Senta Berger eats spaghetti in Rome, 1966.

SARAH BERRY A test on BBC's Trust Me, I'm a Doctor has found that reheating pasta makes it healthier and may even help us to lose weight.

Nutritional truths

The 'health' foods you should be avoiding


Paula Goodyer The health food aisle is often where junk hides behind labels such as "organic" and "gluten-free".

Healthy choices

Here's how to change your bad eating habits


Paula Goodyer "People know that an apple is healthier than a lamington – it's sticking with the apple that's difficult," says nutritionist Leanne Cooper.

Nestle cuts size of killer pythons in half

Lean not mean: Nestle is putting its oversized jelly snake on a diet.

Sarah Oakes Killer Pythons are looking more like multi-coloured vipers as the global confectionery giant downsizes products to control portion sizes and respond to growing consumer concerns about their sugar intake.


What they eat

Are your friends a bad influence on your healthy lifestyle?


Evelyn Lewin A new study concludes "eating behaviours can be transmitted socially."

Public servant blames absences on lack of easy access to soy milk

A Canberra public servant told her boss she needed longer breaks to find a café that served organic coffee with soy milk.

NOEL TOWELL Unauthorised absences blamed on dietary requirements.

Eating for pleasure

Is our health obsession killing the joy of food?

Young lady waiting for dinner

Sandy Smith We need to remember that we eat for other reasons apart from being healthy.

Grim news

Turns out 'comfort food' isn't all that comforting


Susie Burrell Don't read this if you're planning to enjoy a wheel of brie and bottle of wine after a particularly shocking week.

Best intentions

Stick to healthy eating all week then blow it at the weekend?


Susie Burrell Susie Burrell sets a few simple rules.

Holy guacamole!

Australian Thief Makes Off With 1,500 Kilograms of Avocados

What is the street value of bulk avocado?

We need a search party and a really good recipe for guacamole. Stat.

Healthy thoughts

Do you need to train your brain to start enjoying veggies?


SARAH BERRY Cupcakes make our brains sparkle. Seriously. But can we teach them to do the dopamine dance for brussel sprouts instead?

Body image

Women's greatest threat isn't misogyny, it's counting calories


Vanessa Garcia "I was lying in bed in my New York City apartment when the world went black."

Restrictive eating

Controlling your emotions by controlling your diet

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09:  Gwyneth Paltrow promotes her book

NATALIE REILLY In our culture restrictive eating has become synonymous with a sense of control, achievement and even piety.

Pete Evans

Pete Evans says we should invert the healthy food pyramid

Pete Evans. Photo:Supplied

CASSY SMALL Remember activated almonds? Chef, TV star and now health coach Pete Evans sings the praises of the Paleo diet.

Food addict

Can food really be addictive?


Jennifer Garth It starts first thing in the morning. The moment you open your eyes you're bombarded with food thoughts.

How to eat

Is this the world's best diet?


Paula Goodyer Scientists from the University of Copenhagen believe this diet is the only diet to follow.

Snacking tips

What do dietitians snack on?


MEGAN JOHNSTON Three dietitians reveal which foods they tuck into between meals - and which ones they avoid.


Sweet truths

Are alternative sweeteners better for you?

ice cream

Paula Goodyer The task of sweetening our food and drink has become more complicated as more sugar alternatives appear on the shelves of health food stores and supermarkets.

Dieting dangers

The dangers of Paleo dieting

Young lady waiting for dinner

Sandy Smith Leading nutritionists say the popular eating plan is potentially hazardous to your health.

Quick burn

10 foods that will actually make you more hungry


RACHEL CLUN Here are some foods that you should avoid if you want to stave off hunger pangs.

Eat smart

The five healthy foods you are definitely overeating


RACHEL CLUN It's a common misconception that you can't overeat healthy foods.

Nutritional facts

Is coconut water over-rated?


Michael Moss Has coconut water lived up the the hype since taking the world by storm as a miracle drink?

Health expert

How healthy is your relationship with food?


Paula Goodyer Tuning into your body’s inner appetite signals is more useful than observing external food ‘rules.’

Healthy eating

Simple food swaps for a healthier diet


Susie Burrell Sometimes the difference between healthy eating or not is a few simply dietary swaps to take you from a B minus in nutrition to a glowing A plus.

Healthy choices

This app can help you ditch your junk food habit

ice cream

RACHEL CLUN Exercising self-control can be hard, especially when it comes resisting your favourite guilty pleasures.

Surprising tips

10 things you should know about fats


Tom Sanders Everything you need to know about fats. You might just be surprised.

Nourish yourself

The best healthy breakfasts to eat post-workout


Try these healthy and nutritious breakfast options from Lorna Jane Clarkson when recharging after your morning gym session.

Raw foodies

Why everyone is so angry at raw food families

Hipster family buying produce from outdoor farmers market

Melissa Davey Melissa Davey's suggestions as to why raw foodies provoke such strong reactions.

60s diets v today

As suspected, diets have never worked


Niki Bezzant Vintage advice shows us there's nothing really new about modern weight-loss theory.

Food for long life

Which country has the best diet?

miranda kerr and italian

Kate Quilton Kate Quilton travelled the globe to countries with 80 per cent obesity, and one where a village has found the secret of eternal youth (two glasses of wine a day helps).

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