This fitness campaign is as important as it is stunning


Effie Mann

The 'Let's Get Physical' campaign.

The 'Let's Get Physical' campaign. Photo: Bust

Recently, the British  This Girl Can fitness initiative served as a reminder that women of all shapes and sizes can be fit, active and healthy – a message that sadly doesn't get much traction in the fashion and health industries, where thin, lean female bodies take precedence.

So, we were pretty pleased to see Bust magazine was reinforcing the point by giving their activewear shoot a refreshing twist. Their latest issue features a 10-page editorial entitled 'Let's Get Physical' starring five 'plus size' models.

With the aim of promoting fitness at any size, the magazine enlisted members of ALDA, a body-positive coalition of models, including ALDA creator Ashley Graham, Danielle Redman, Julie Henderson, Enga Eiriksdottir and Marquita Pring, who banded together after the closure of Ford's plus-size division (you may remember them from that much-talked about Vogue lingerie shoot?).

An image from the campaign.

An image from the campaign. Photo: via Bust

As Graham has said, "What ALDA wants to do is change the perception of what beauty is, whether that's a different age, a different race, or a different size. Changing what's going on in fashion is going to end up changing the world."


By highlighting that activewear can be supportive and fashionable in any size, Bust's fashion shoot aims to be inclusive and inspiring. 

"There's no such thing as the perfect body," says Marquita Pring in the behind-the-scenes video below. "A thin woman is beautiful, a curvy woman is beautiful, and everything in-between is beautiful."

Sure, 'plus size' is a regressive label and, admittedly, these beautiful women all have hour-glass figures, but the editorial, and the models' message on body love and acceptance, are still well worth a fist pump.

"Every body is beautiful and every body is different," Danielle Redman shares.

Amen to that.