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Kasey Edwards

Writer, author of 30-Something and Over It

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Weight Watchers

Why is Oprah still trying to sell women weight loss self help?

Kasey Edwards Oprah may have made $45 million in a day when she bought a stake in Weight Watchers in the US, but she paid for it in credibility.

The most sexist requests I've had as a beauty therapist

These demands from men are upsetting, particularly when the woman ends up having to pay for the beauty treatments.

Kasey Edwards These demands from men are upsetting, particularly when the woman ends up having to pay for the beauty treatments.

Project Harpoon: The fat-shaming movement that needs to be stopped


Kasey Edwards A group of anonymous online anti-fat warriors have been congregating on 4Chan and Reddit and targeting high profile women.

Weight loss myth

The one thing fitness gurus misunderstand about weight loss

Kasey Edwards It's also the reason you can't reduce weight loss to a single equation.

Kasey Edwards

Stop comparing women's body shapes to pieces of fruit

Kasey Edwards Categorising female "body types" is just body shaming dressed up as diversity.

Fit Not Healthy

Why it's so dangerous to assume that 'fit' equals 'healthy'

Vanessa Alford.

Kasey Edwards Kasey Edwards talks to former elite marathon runner Vanessa Alford about the dangers of exercise addiction.

Kasey Edwards

Five things the diet industry doesn't want you to know in 2015

Kasey Edwards Starting with: a goal of weight loss is setting yourself up for another year of failure.

Fighting food guilt

Stop worrying about falling off the 'diet wagon'


Kasey Edwards A six-step guide to fighting everyday food guilt.

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Weight loss fakers

How to fake a weight loss 'transformation'

before after

Kasey Edwards The truth behind those weight loss 'transformations' is simpler than you might think.

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Contraceptive dangers

When birth control pills become dangerous


Kasey Edwards One author on how taking oral contraceptives left her suffering bouts of anxiety and paranoia.

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Weight loss lies

Five lies the weight loss industry wants you to believe


Kasey Edwards What everything you thought you knew about weight loss was wrong?

Exclusive interview

Why Biggest Loser is bad for you


Kasey Edwards A former Biggest Loser trainer opens up about what really goes on behind the scenes.

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Diet fads

'Fat isn't the source of our unhappiness'


Kasey Edwards Cutting out a food group or drinking diet shakes won't improve our lives.

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Going viral

Is this the best body image message ever?


Kasey Edwards Forget screaming trainers and ritual humiliation, this Speedo-clad man is the new body image icon.

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Promoting body anxieties

Now we're fat-shaming children

child and cake

Kasey Edwards It’s bad enough that we fat shame adults for our entertainment, whilst pretending to be ‘concerned’, but setting our fat-phobic sights on children is indefensible.

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Mental health

Inside a psychiatric ward


Kasey Edwards The way people are treated in Australian mental health facilities is somewhat alarming.

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Yo-Yo Dieting

Weight loss as a New Year's Resolution

weight loss

Kasey Edwards Every year, weight loss tops the list of New Year’s Resolution goals. Let’s think about that for a moment — especially the 'every year' bit.

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Body image

Shaming the overweight

Woman exposing her stomach

Kasey Edwards Will a graphic new anti-obesity campaign do more harm than good?

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Time's a-ticking

It's time we clocked on to fertility myths


Kasey Edwards I have seven years, eight months, 17 days, 11 hours and 46 minutes until I'm barren. At least that's what my Wonder Clock tells me.

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A diet that tells the truth about diets


Kasey Edwards While everyone else subtly induces body dissatisfaction this book doesn’t mince words in making you feel rotten.

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