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Michelle Bridges

Where to learn more about nutrition


Our expert offers nutrition advice, suggests a workout makeover and serves up a healthy stir-fry.

Mental health

Why crying can make us feel better

The virtue traditionally associated with shoulder squeezes and self-sacrifice is more powerful than you think.

More than for any other reason, I cry - even sob - at tales or images of rescuers; sometimes I have only to see a fire truck, and don't get me going on working firemen.

Period Project

How do homeless women deal with their periods?

#TheHomelessPeriod addresses the monthly misery faced by homeless women.

The government provides condoms at homeless shelters, so why not tampons?

Health & Fitness

Australian anti-vaxxers spark outrage over 'rape poster'

The controversial Facebook post.

A controversial anti-vaccination group has likened vaccines that prevent disease to rape, angering its own supporters.

Snack science

10 reasons you can't stop snacking


Can't resist the call of the crunchy, salty or sugary snack fix? You're not alone.

More coffee, please

Coffee could be great for your heart


Just in case you need one more reason to drink coffee.

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Tumour in brain found to be 'evil twin'

Yamini Karanam had been told she had a tumour in her brain, but a doctor instead found a mass containing bones, hair and teeth. (01:09)

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