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Pete Evans

Pete Evans says we should invert the healthy food pyramid

Pete Evans. Photo:Supplied

Chef, TV star and now health coach Pete Evans sings the praises of the Paleo diet.

Healthy babes

Everything you need to know about working out while pregnant

Pregnant in water

There's no need for that pregnant pause - healthy pregnant women should stay active.

Sex re-education

All you need to know: contraception


It's probably been a few years since you sat in a sex-ed class in high school.

Health & Fitness

Your new 30-second gym routine


Michelle Bridges on why you should try Tabata.

Body image

Women's greatest threat isn't misogyny


"I was lying in bed in my New York City apartment when the world went black."

Women's health

Ovarian cancer: what you need to know


Despite advances, ovarian cancer survival rates refuse to budge.

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Cost per kilo: obesity's effect on hospitals

Dr Rosemary Korda from ANU talks through her new research which shows the fatter people get, the more they cost the health system. (01:53)

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