Food Features

Whole foods

Bill Granger wants you to love whole foods


ANNIE STEVENS Bill Granger is on a mission to elevate real, whole foods.

Marvellous Creations

Introducing the Marvellous Creations mousse cake

mousse cake

KATRINA MEYNINK Yes, this is really happening.

Delightful pairings

Sophisticated beer and food matching


ANNIE STEVENS Beer goes with so many more things than you might have thought.

Don't be afraid of cooking with oily fishes

Bill Granger - Oily Fish
Photography: Laura Edwards
Food preparation: Rosie Reynolds
Props merchandising: Rachel Jukes

Bill Granger Oily fish like sardines and mackerel can come up a treat when they're done the Bill Granger way.

Five Australian restaurants make world's top 100 list

Attica, restaurant, Ripponlea, Melbourne. Picture supplied.

Alana Schetzer Start saving your pennies for the meal of a lifetime.

Anti-Martha Stewart

The food icon to be obsessed with right now

sadie and emily

Jeff Gordinier The late, and beloved, food writer Laurie Colwin described herself as a "refined slob" and she's appealing to a new generation of food - and book - lovers.

Ferran Adria

Tips from the five time world's best chef

Dish from Ferran Adria's El Bulli restaurant

Richard Cornish Ferran Adria shares his tips on grilling, saucing and combining flavours.


Charming video

A how-to guide to making the dreamy pastries featured in the Grand Budapest Hotel


ANNIE STEVENS A charming how-to video on how to make the delightful looking Mendl's signature sweet.

Breakfast in a jar

Breakfast in a jar

Arabella Forge breakfast smoothie recipes.

ARABELLA FORGE Delicious, nutritious and totally Instagrammable.


Classic Korean dishes

Bill Granger - korean food
Photography: Laura Edwards
Food preparation: Rosie Reynolds
Props merchandising: Rachel Jukes

Bill Granger Bill Granger spices up the dinner table with a couple of classics.

Dreamy dessert

This roulade will be your dessert weapon


KATRINA MEYNINK Turkish delight, meringue, pistachios, oh my. Oh my, oh my.

Frank Camorra

Melt in your mouth beef brisket

Barbecued beef brisket with Mac and cheese. Frank Camorra AMERICAN BARBEQUE recipe images for Spectrum and Good Food. 
Photographed by Marina Oliphant
Food preparation by Steve Rogers. Photographed March 4, 2014. The Sydney Morning Herald.

FRANK CAMORRA Meat doesn't get much better than this. Except when accompanied by mac and cheese.


Ultimate food porn

Watch: food porn at its porniest


ANNIE STEVENS Try not to drool all over your keyboard, now.

Friday cocktails

It's Friday, you deserve a cocktail


ANNIE STEVENS Especially a really delicious one. Treat yourself.

Food trends

Green goddess sauces are making a comeback

Good Food. Hot Food Column by Jill Dupleix.
Green Goddess dressing.
Photo: Edwina Pickles.
18th march 2014.

JILL DUPLEIX Celebrate Meat Free Week with this herby sauce that's making a welcome return.

How to use peanuts for both sweet and savoury dishes

Peanut butter cookies with oats and dark chocolate.

KAREN MARTINI Peanuts can transition from savoury to sweet dishes without any fuss.


Joy oh joy

Ice-cream sundaes for grown-ups

No caption

Bill Granger Seriously, lemon curd with raspberry jelly? Macadamia brittle? We're not in McDonalds anymore.

Hot cross buns

Delicious hot cross bun hacks

Geoffrey Michael's hot cross mac.

Annabel Smith Hot cross buns to hot cross bun gelato, all things that we can get behind.


Southern breakfast

A Southern-style breakfast

Good Food. Hot Food. Jill Dupleix.
Corn Bread March 18th.
Photo: Edwina Pickes.
4th March 2014.

Jill Dupleix Take your brunch to the deep south with this buttery and versatile extra.

Food maps

Food maps turn the world into delicious art


Australia is, of course, made from prawns. Delightful!

Bill Granger's Turkish delights

Bill Granger - turkish
Photography: Laura Edwards
Food preparation: Rosie Reynolds
Props merchandising: Rachel Jukes

Bill Granger From gozleme to kebabs, Bill Granger dishes up some delicious Turkish delights.

Neil Perry

Neil Perry's spicy Japanese seafood recipes

Neil Perry's King prawn ball and shiitake mushroom hotpot.

NEIL PERRY Japanese spices give an exotic edge to simple seafood dishes. Just add sake to finish.


Comfort desserts

The best desserts are the slab kind


KATRINA MEYNINK These apple and rhubarb slabs are frills-free comfort food at its best.

Homemade ice-cream

An impossibly refreshing basil and mint ice-cream


KATRINA MEYNINK A delightfully simple recipe for homemade ice-cream/joy.

Bacon lovers

Five amazing facts about bacon


Annie Colbert Bacon's food of God's status is justified. Also, bonus appearance by Kevin Bacon.

Thai-style BBQ

Thai-style BBQ

Bill Granger - Thai barbecue 
Photography: Laura Edwards
Food preparation: Rosie Reynolds
Props merchandising: Rachel Jukes

with Bill Granger Although many nations lay claim to inventing the barbecue, cooking food over an open fire is as old as time. For me, however, it's Asia that really gets barbecuing right - it's all about the sauce!

Simple, but oh so flavourful

Saute of snapper with fresh tomato and olive sauce.

NEIL PERRY Sometimes you just want something simple. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise on flavour, especially if you love garlic.


One bowl food

Bill Granger food - Rice bowls
Photography: Laura Edwards
Food preparation: Rosie Reynolds
Props merchandising: Polly Webb-Wilson

Bill Granger Bill Granger loves a one-bowl Asian meal with a twist, like coconut chicken and taco rice.


Is eating a delicious meal without your partner kind of like cheating on them?

Dessert at Quay restaurant.
Pictured is Eight Textures of Chocolate.
12th September 2012.
Photo: Steven Siewert

Amanda Hooton Are you dabbling in 'infoodelity?"

Neil Perry does duck tacos

Food. Neil Perry's duck carnitas tacos.

NEIL PERRY There's a lot more to Mexican food, as these fresh and fragrant dishes demonstrate.


Yoghurt and cake

DIY yoghurt (and cake!)

Raspberry and yogurt loaf. Frank Camorra YOGHURT recipes for Spectrum and Good Food. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Food preparation by Steve Rogers. Photographed Feb 3, 2014. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Frank Camorra Homemade yoghurt is a versatile ingredient well worth the extra work.

Fancy waffles

The not-so-humble waffle


KATRINA MEYNINK Wasabi, cheese and pancetta waffles. You're going to want to face plant into these on the weekend.

Coffee shortage

Don't panic, but there might be a global coffee shortage

Clement Coffee Roasters at the South Melbourne Market. 28 august 2012.
The Age Epicure. Photo:EDDIE JIM.

Jia Lynn Yang Imagine a life free of lattes. It might happen.

Pets that look like food

15 animals that look like baked goods


Brian Koerber Animals that look both adorable and delicious. This is confusing!

Marmalade cake

The best breakfast food, in cake form

marmalade caje

Melissa Clark Is there any better food than marmalade? Only marmalade cake.

Asian slaw

A side dish that will get regular rotation

Good Food. Hot Food. 
Jill Dupleix. Feb 18th. Horchata. 
Photo: Edwina Pickles. 30th jan 2014.

JILL DUPLEIX Freshness and crunch plus hot, sweet dressing to offset meats, Asian slaw is a winner.

Fortune cookies

Here's a fun baking idea: fortune cookies hayes.sunday life...fortune cookies

Rachel Clun And you get to write your own fortune! Chalking that up as a neat dinner party idea.



How to take actually good photos of your brunch


Sofia Levin It's OK to #foodstagram, but make sure you do it well.


Jamie Oliver

A Jamie Oliver dessert for Valentine's day

whit choc


Lorraine Godsmark

Five minutes with a dessert master


ANNIE STEVENS Lorraine Godsmark has also given us a brownie recipe. Praise ye!

Pantry must-haves

Cult condiments

Good food: Under $30
Momofuku Seiobo at the Star Casino.
Pork buns with sriracha sauce, 
June 6, 2013. Photo: Steven Siewert

Annabel Smith Sriracha, Kewpie, HP, French's mustard: here's a guide to some of our favourite cult condiments.


Make the most of in-season fruit


KAREN MARTINI With all that flavour and natural sweetness, fruit can easily handle a bit of intervention and even a bit of competition.


Shopping list

The 17 ingredients you need in your kitchen this year

Spiced coffee & date loaf. Karen Martini DARK AND HANDSOME recipes for Epicure and Good Food. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Styling by Caroline Velik. Photographed May 28, 2013. The Age Newspaper and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Jane Ormond These are the items to have on your shopping list in 2014.

Weird products

Do we really need chocolate toothpaste?

Dark chocolate olive oil cake. Karen Martini OLIVE OIL recipes for Epicure and Good Living. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Styling by Caroline Velik. Fabric from Manon bis, cake stand from Home & Abroad, MUST CREDIT. Photographed September 4, 2012. The Age Newspaper and The SMH.

L. V Anderson Surely we can keep the two things separate, and, um, brush our teeth after dessert?

Punchy flavours

Karen Martini's Vietnamese recipes

Karen Martini Vietnamese Falvours Recipes. 
Poached chicken salad with young coconut, vermicelli and Vietnamese mint .
Pictures by Marcel Aucar. Styling by Caroline Velik. To be used in upcoming Epicure/Good Food recipe spread.

KAREN MARTINI Positively bursting with flavour.


Food that reminds you of your beach holiday

Food. Neil Perry's raspberry and mascarpone cake.

NEIL PERRY Revive your beach holiday memories with this saucy seafood combination that brings a little fire and spice to the table.


Healthy breakfasts

Breakfast cous cous is quite delicious

Good Food - Hot Food. with Jill Dupleix. Breakfast Grains - Sweet Couscous. Photographed Wednesday 15th January 2014. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH GOOD FOOD 140115

Jill Dupleix Grains for breakfast can go beyond the usual porridge and muesli, to incorporate pearl barley, bulghur, cous cous or farro.


Ultimate summer fare

Bill Granger food - Australia Day 
(published Sunday Life Jan 26th 2014)

Photography: Kristin Perers; Mikkel Vang
Food stylist: Marina Filippelli 
Prop stylist: Rachel Jukes

Lobster rolls and mango meringue sundaes equal sublime happiness.

Neil Perry classics

Neil Perry reinvents some classic restaurant meals


NEIL PERRY Step away from the takeaway menu.


Kitchen sexism

"Food is definitely having a feminist moment"

Dessert Chef Making Cake

Julia Moskin The boys club of the fine dining chef is being overrun by women. Turns out, women can handle the heat. Shock!

Japanese cuisine

A taste of Tokyo


In the form of wasabi prawns. Ah, yes.

Classic recipes

Wheat, dairy and sugar free takes on Australian favourites

Pete Evans' 'Ultimate Occa Burger'.

Pete Evans And they're totally not a drag! As in, they're delicious.

Deliciously light curries from Bill Granger

Bill Granger food - Light Curries
Photography: Kristin Perers
Food stylist: Marina Filippelli 
Prop stylist: Rachel Jukes

Bill Granger Curries that are a little kinder to your waistline. Hurrah.

Summer drinks

Five delicious Asian drinks


Lauren Wambach Asian drinks are not only colourful, but they can be a meal in a glass, enjoyed as a snack, digestive, cooling tonic or thirst quencher.

Taste of summer

The secrets of really tasty tomatoes

Herb oil.

Rachel Clun The humble heirloom tomato has one big win over commercial varieties, and that's their flavour.


So vanilla

Vanilla has a PR problem

Philippe Variane, owner of the Confiseur patisserie, Mosman, in his shop, serving customers Close up of the vanilla slices.
SMH Good Living. Pix by Quentin Jones. qcj090122. SPECIAL 99744

When and why did vanilla become a shorthand for bland, in both food and life?

New Cocktail

Why not try a delicious Peruvian cocktail?


It is Friday after-all.