Life of spice

Chicken and peppers.

Adam Liaw   Spices can easily overwhelm a dish, so a light touch is best when you want to add some zing.

Celebrity chefs

Why we should give female food writers more respect

Nigella's newest book.

Carody Culver   Fresh from the Australian leg of her Simply Nigella book tour, Nigella Lawson is still being touted by the media as a 'domestic goddess'. This cutesy moniker has stuck ever since the release of Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess 16 years ago – a title that was meant to be ironic. But our characterisation of women who cook (for some people, that equates to 'all women, everywhere') hasn't moved far beyond the 1950s housewife cliché.

Advance Australia fare

The ultimate barbecued sausage.

Adam Liaw   If you are going to toss a sausage on the barbie, there is a perfect way to do it. Then follow up with a novel take on the beloved lamington.

Cold comfort

Chicken noodle salad.

Adam Liaw   Feel-good food doesn't have to be heavy: you can make something lighter and still feel the love.

Lighten up

Salmon sang choy bao.

Adam Liaw   Set your summer table for a two-course Asian-inspired menu perfectly suited to the warm days ahead.

Taste of tokyo

Cherry tomato salad with Japanese onion dressing.

Adam Liaw   Quality ingredients and simplicity are the hallmarks of Japanese home cooking. Adam Liaw suggests two easy recipes for beginners to try.

Winner chicken dinner

Yoghurt roast chicken.

Adam Liaw   Adam Liaw offers up a fresh twist on this classic, with a perfect-for-summer salad as accompaniment.

One wok wonders

Chinese-style prawn and eggs with oyster sauce.

Adam Liaw   It's not what you cook but how you cook it when stir-frying. It all comes down to wok technique, says Adam Liaw.

Sunday roast

Beef fillet with chilli and spring onion oil.

Adam Liaw   With summer on the way, it's a great time to give an old favourite a light, fresh makeover, says Adam Liaw.

Better spaghetti

Garlic bread salad.

Adam Liaw   Traditional dishes are lovely, says Adam Liaw, but a few simple twists can make a classic even finer.

Long lunch in Kolkata

Mullik Ghat banana market in Kolkata.

Christine Manfield   Chef Christine Manfield meets a Bengali family who are even more obsessed with food than she is.

Modern twist

Adam Liaw.

Adam Liaw   Australian cuisine is the everyday dishes we like to cook and eat, says Adam Liaw, who gives two home-grown favourites an update.

Tasty bites

Vietnamese fish cake parcels.

Bill Granger   Fish cakes need to pack a flavour punch, so pep them up with spices and herbs from different cultures and cuisines, says Bill Granger.

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's thai corn fritters with cucumber relish

Thai corn fritters with cucumber relish and herbs.

Bill Granger   Fritters and pakoras are a fantastic – and endlessly versatile – solution to the problem of leftover vegetables, says Bill Granger.

Frittered away

Thai corn fritters with cucumber relish and herbs.

Bill Granger   Fritters and pakoras are a fantastic – and endlessly versatile – solution to the problem of leftover vegetables, says Bill Granger.

Smokin' hot

Hot-smoked salmon with beetroot and radish salad.

Bill Granger   Smoking food at home is almost as easy as steaming, with no need for fancy kit or exotic woodchips, says Bill Granger.

Elegant fowl

Roast duck with tangelos and sticky ginger sauce.

Bill Granger   Duck lends itself to a special meal and a Chinese approach makes the most of this rich, flavoursome meat, says Bill Granger.

Beef it up

Sticky ribs with lettuce and gochujang.

Bill Granger   Sticky ribs Korean-style will give dad a meat treat the whole family will want to tuck into as well, says Bill Granger.

Slow burner

Lamb tagine with prunes and roasted honey vegetables.

Bill Granger   A little advance preparation is the key to this warming meal. Once that's done, kick back and let the oven do the rest.

What's for pudding?

Pear and chocolate self-saucing pudding.

Bill Granger   Make the most of cool nights by warming up with delicious, indulgent desserts the family will love. by bill granger.

Curry favour

Make double quantities of curry pastes and freeze the extra.

Bill Granger   Think you can't make a curry from scratch? Don't be daunted - the flavour is worth it.

Kale storm

Cavolo nero and zucchini soup with chickpeas.

Bill Granger   Known also as Tuscan kale, cavolo nero adds a tangy twist and a dash of colourful drama to any dish.

Light work

Steamed bream with orange peel.

Bill Granger   The beauty of this menu is that the main dish is so fresh and simple, there's no guilt when you dive into dessert

Dinner at my place

Bill Granger.

Bill Granger   Our chef-in-residence Bill Granger lights the fire, hangs out for a while in the kitchen with friends, then sits everyone down to a hearty winter repast.

Eating by the seasons

"I want to enjoy slowly braised root vegetables, a roast chicken or leg of lamb."

Stephanie Alexander   Most foods are available all year round, but Stephanie Alexander does not want asparagus in the dead of winter.

La dolce vita

Sharing Italy: Silvia Colloca, in a dress by Alex Perry, tucks into some traditional fare.

Erin O'Dwyer   She learnt to cook at her Nonna's knee, but Silvia Colloca was an actress and an opera singer long before she found her fame in food. Erin O'Dwyer skips breakfast, then misses lunch to meet her.

Middle East feast

Roast chicken legs with fennel and onions.

Bill Granger   Entertaining doesn't have to be a chore. Start with share dishes, then an all-in-one main bursting with flavour.

Bill Granger's movie night

Smoky beef nachos with tomato salsa.

Cuddling up next to my girls on the sofa with a DVD and some fantastic snack food is my perfect night in.

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's modern Italian

Orecchiette with tomatoes, zucchini and ricotta.

Bill Granger   These contemporary classics embrace italy's approach to cooking: food that's prepared simply and savoured slowly.

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's kids' stuff

Blueberry swirl cheesecake.

Bill Granger   If the kids are going to indulge – and they will – you might as well make sure their sugar fix is home-made.

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's aloha Hawaii

Prawn burger with pickled zucchini and radish.

Hawaii is home to the ultimate fusion food, with Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and American all coming together.

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's Easter lamb

Roast lamb and potatoes with fresh mint relish.

 A perfect menu for this long weekend, when you want to relax with friends. Just whack it in the oven and let it happen.

Bill Granger's Easter baking

Chocolate, fruit and nut bread.

Why stop at hot cross buns when there are other delicious treats you can pull out of the oven?  

Bill Granger's Eastern eggs

Egg nets with prawns.

These recipes marry two of my great loves (some say obsessions) – eggs and the fresh, spicy flavours of Asia.

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's lamb rump and minted runner bean salad


Bill Granger   Fresh beans bridge the gap between summer and autumn, with a crisp, sweet, earthy taste that is unrivalled.

Bill Granger: full of beans

Lamb rump and minted runner bean salad.

Bill Granger   Fresh beans bridge the gap between summer and autumn, with a crisp, sweet, earthy taste that is unrivalled.

Bill Granger: currying flavour

Sri Lankan prawn curry.

Bill Granger   If you've never tasted Sri Lankan food, you're in for a treat: it's a delicious mix of earthy spices and mellow sweetness.

Bill Granger's fruity ices

Negroni granita.

Fresh, fun and delicious, here are great ways to cool down while treating yourself to some fruity goodness.

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's delicious, healthy breakfasts

Egg white and ricotta omelette.

Bill Granger   Keep things light and healthy in the morning so you can save your egg yolks for custard or mayonnaise says Bill Granger, a man after our heart.

Bill Granger's healthy beginnings

Egg white and ricotta omelette.

Bill Granger   Looking in the mirror and seeing a mamil (middle-aged man in lycra) inspired Bill Granger to come up with some healthy breakfasts.

Bill Granger's taste of Provence

Food CI 16/2

Provencal food is healthy, light, big on fish and vegetables, and pile-on-the-plate simple – my kind of cooking.

Bill Granger's simple desserts

Passionfruit prosecco jelly with mangoes and lychees.

These desserts are seductive and so easy, leaving you plenty of time for the important business of romancing.

Rare treats

Seared beef, zucchini and asparagus salad.

Forget about slaving over a hot stove right now, says Bill Granger. A quick marinade or sear lets the natural goodness shine through.

Surf and turf: Bill Granger's Australia Day barbecue

Barbecued prawns and lamb with fresh peach relish.

Bill Granger   Celebrate Australia day with a colourful barbecue of prawns and lamb – it's the perfect patriotic combination.

Crowded house

Baked Chinese-style bream with bok choy.

Bill Granger   Friends for dinner? Try these light, Asian-inspired dishes made to please a crowd on a summer evening, says Bill Granger. 

Bill Granger

Bill Granger's best canapes and drinks


Inviting friends over for an aperitif? A bowl of nuts just won't cut it. Instead, try these moreish canapes.

Bill Granger: nibbles and drinks

Sticky chicken wings & apple and ginger whisky cocktail.

Bill Granger   Inviting friends over for an aperitif? a bowl of nuts just won’t cut it. Instead, try these moreish canapés.

Bill Granger

Braised lamb neck with capsicum and white beans


Bill Granger   Bill Granger tempts us with two tasty ways with lamb – a casserole and spiced cutlets.

Bill Granger

Two seafood dishes to warm your heart


Bill Granger   Think seafood's a summer thing? Bill Granger begs to differ with these tasty shellfish recipes.

Bill Granger

These salty-sweet desserts will become your new obsession

Bill Granger - Salted Caramel

Bill Granger   The sweet and savoury combination of salt and caramel is a trend that is here to stay.

Neil Perry

Warm up with Neil Perry's spicy clam and white bean chowder

Neil Perry's seafood chowder

Neil Perry   Beans mean business, especially when teamed with fruits of the sea. Use them as a base to thicken soups or as the main feature in a side dish.

Cooking secrets

Top chefs reveal their cooking secrets

Hot buttered banana pudding.

Drumroll, please. We'd like to announce our crack team of recipe writers, Pete Evans, Neil Perry, Karen Martini, Dan Lepard and Adam Liaw, who share the cooking wisdom they live by and some of their favourite recipes.


Neil Perry

Spicy salmon salad and fragrant broth

spicy salmon salad

Neil Perry   Heat and spice come to life in a noodle broth boasting big, beefy flavours and a simple but saucy salad.


Roll play

Frank Camorra's summer sandwiches


Frank Camorra   The idea of putting tasty fillings in bread has been part of Spanish and Australian culture for a very long time. Spice things up with these tasty fillings.


Duck fat chips

Creating the perfect duck fat chip


Annie Stevens   Meet Sean Connolly, creator of perfect duck fat chips among other talents.

Celebrity chefs

Q&A with Mr Wong's Jowett Yu


Annie Stevens   We chat with uber cool chef Jowett Yu about the evolving food scene in Australia and what's next.

What he knows about women

What Marco Pierre White knows about women


Paul Connolly   Chef Marco Pierre White reflects on the significant women in his life.

Malaysian Feast

An interview with Poh Ling Yeow

Poh in her kitchen.

Katrina Meynink   Poh is on a mission to make Malaysian food as commonplace as spag bol so she's shared her recipe for Nonya chicken curry.

Female chefs

''Female chefs are much easier to work with. Both in the kitchen and on the floor, far less ego.''

Kylie Kwong with Homestyle Fried Biodynamic Eggs with Homemade XO sauce and organic Tamari. The dish has been on the ...

And other things famous food people said at the Crave Festival.

David Chang

Interview: David Chang

Korean-American chef/owner of the Momofuku restaurant group - DAVID CHANG , including Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney. SHD ...

Annie Stevens   David Chang, tastemaker, creator of the world's most famous pork buns and general nice guy has a lot of opinions about things.