Weekend brunch

A Portuguese croque-madame

The Francesinha (meaning "Little Frenchie" in Portuguese) is Portugal's decadent answer to the croque-madame.

Fast Fashion

This doco reveals the true cost behind those $8 T-shirts

"There are hands, physical human hands that touch the things that we wear, and those hands are lives, and they matter ..."

Neil Perry

Neil Perry's vanilla, prune and armagnac tart

Count down to the weekend with this rich yet simple tart.

Fun Flats

10 flats that are even fancier than your heels

Because fun flats topple sky-high heels any day of the week.

Radical empathy

The ways trying to cheer someone up can backfire

And how to avoid potentially awkward or hurtful conversations.

Bra fitting

Six questions you should ask at a bra fitting

You may not have been fitted in many years or even ever, but an expert fitter can make all the difference.


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