Fashion Coverage

Pink Tax

New clothing study shows it's cheaper to be a man

COS Sydney

High-street stores such as Levi's, Marks & Spencers, Topshop and River Island charge more for women's garments.

Queen Bey

You can already buy Beyoncé 'Formation' merch

Formation Collection

Because every lady needs an "I TWIRL ON THEM HATERS" sweatshirt.

Underage Models

Top modelling agency signs a 10-year-old girl

At 9, Kristina Pimenova appeared in the July 2015 issue of Vogue Italia.

Kristina Pimenova is a whole 10 years and 1 month old. And she's just signed with a top modelling agency under its growing 'Youth' category.

Bridget Malcolm

Q&A with Perth model Bridget Malcolm

Photograph by Trevor King / bridget malcolm, photographed for Sunday Life fashion. Jan 31 issue

Georgie Gordon   The face of Polo Ralph Lauren and new Victoria Secret Angel reveals her love of denim, ballet, books and backgammon.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks inspires designers at Milan Fashion Week

Oversized cardigans and varsity uniforms on the runway. You can thank Nadine (and Raf Simons) for that one.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   David Lynch's 70th birthday just happened to coincide with the very Lynchian showings at Milan Fashion Week. Coinkydink?

Fashion exports

Five Aussie fashion designers the world is finally noticing

Go to Zimmermann for bohemian chic with a Victoriana vibe - like this 'Mischief Rosette' dress.

Georgie Gordon   The world is finally paying attention to these Aussie luminaries. Here's the lowdown on our best fashion exports.

Vogue Veteran

Grace Coddington steps down as Vogue's creative director

Grace Coddington

Kathleen Lee-Joe   74-year-old Coddington's departure is "effective immediately", though she will continue to contribute "at large".

Ab Fab

Everything we know about the Ab Fab movie so far

Ab Fab

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Fans of the Gucci-wearing, Lacroix-loving, pill-popping, gin-downing Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley), listen up!

Harmful Ad

You can probably see why this corset ad was banned

Velform Miniwaist

Kathleen Lee-Joe   File this corset commercial under 'Ads that surely belong in the pages of The Onion.'

Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward models menswear for Calvin Klein

Oversized outerwear has never looked sexier.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Leave it to fashion to destroy gender stereotypes at every turn.

Age Diversity

Does age matter less in men's fashion?

Nick Wooster provides a convincing case for grown men in shorts.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Women have had to contend with diktats on age appropriateness for years, but men are noticeably less constrained by age-related sartorial rules.

Swim Fan

GabiFresh's hot new swimwear collection has cup sizes that go up to a 'H'


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Gabi Gregg, the plus-size blogger better known as GabiFresh, has just released her fourth collaboration with

Face of Courage

Indian retailer casts acid attack survivor Laxmi Saa in fashion campaign


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Viva N Diva went out in search of a woman who encapsulated bravery, strength and perseverance, to tie into the campaign's theme, 'Face of Courage'.

Fashion Face Palm

What's with Valentino's 'Africa' inspired ad campaign?


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Another week, another culturally tone-deaf campaign delivered up by the fashion industry.

Trans Visibility

Marc Jacobs casts transgender director Lana Wachowski in new campaign

Lana Wachiowski

Kathleen Lee-Joe   We didn't think he'd be able to top his Zoolander re-enactment from last week, but this just did.

Courtney Love

Get a sneak peek of Courtney Love x Nasty Gal

Courtney Love x Nasty Gal

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Time to dig out the hair bleach and ripped fishnets – Courtney Love has just released a clothing collection with nostalgia-loving retailer Nasty Gal.

Haute Hijab

Dolce & Gabbana debuts fabulous new line of hijabs and abayas

D&G focuses its decorative Sicilian spirit into a new range of hijab and abaya.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The range features veils and outer garments in a palette of "luxe black and sandy beige", bearing typical D&G markers like rich lace accents and bold bursts of Sicilian-inspired florals.

Trans Models

A Delhi-based LGBTI charity is launching India's first transgender modelling agency

Trans is beautiful: The first of the campaign imagery released by Mitr Trust.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The dream? A modelling agency "run by transgender people, for transgender people."

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton casts Jaden Smith in its latest women’s campaign

Jaden Smith

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Jaden Smith is first male star to front women’s campaign for Louis Vuitton.

On the runway

What were the defining fashion moments of 2015?

Kim Kardashian's sparkly see-through Met Gala ensemble reminded us of a princess ice-skater.

Vanessa Friedman   What stood out amid this year's silk-draped, star-spangled carnival?

Body Positivity

Armpit hair, birth marks and tattoos appear in bold new lingerie campaign

& Other Stories provides a refreshing break away from Victoria's Secret. #FreeThePits

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Lingerie has long been about feeling sexy in your skin – and these women epitomise that, appearing comfortable, confident and natural.

Ditto x Gaultier

Beth Ditto and Jean Paul Gaultier team up on plus-size fashion line

Beth Ditto

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Two legendary artists joining forces to create some kick-arse clothes? Now that's something we can get behind!

Tina Fey

Tina Fey talks first-time bra shopping with Graham Norton

Tina Fey

Kathleen Lee-Joe   If anyone else had a mother who managed to find you painfully embarrassing ways to try on undergarments before members of the public, find solace.

Christian Louboutin casts 'plus-size' model for first time

Clementine Desseaux

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Christian Louboutin has revealed that Clementine Desseaux, a French plus-size model, will be the face of its newest lipstick.

Ugly Ads

Sexist ad campaign uses women's bodies as props

I Love Ugly

Kathleen Lee-Joe   New Zealand label I Love Ugly has come under fire for a sexist holiday campaign in which male models place their hands around a woman's naked breasts, buttocks and genitalia.

Fair trade

A guide to buying ethical gifts

Christmas Stockings from Bangladesh made by women who have escaped sex trafficking or were at risk.

Catherine Candiloro   A few tips for how to make your holidays a little more ethical without quitting your job and moving abroad.

Coco Chanel

Watch Karl Lagerfeld direct Kirsten Stewart in short film about Coco Chanel

K-Stew as a stroppy young actress playing Coco Chanel. #Meta

Kathleen Lee-Joe   That cane-twirl dance routine is everything and more ...

Feminist Fashion

This T-shirt has a long feminist history

The Future Is Female

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Since its celebrity-fuelled comeback, the T-shirt has drummed up its fair share of controversy.

Ethical Fashion

This app checks if your clothing is ethically made

This app checks if your clothing is ethically made

Kathleen Lee-Joe   How to avoid brands that don’t deserve your money.

Female Gaze

This gorgeous Instagram celebrates female body hair

"I'm interested in creating a platform for girls, by girls, completely the female gaze."

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Photographer Ashley Armitage stages rose-tinted poolside dreamscapes that are peppered with body hair, tampons, period stains and granny panties.

Insta Backlash

Grace Coddington thinks Instagram is 'pathetic'

Grace Coddington

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Vogue's creative director is calling BS on the whole charade.


#SareeNotSorry is using fashion to fight xenophobia

#SareeNotSorry wants to fight the stigma of looking (and dressing) different.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Women are celebrating their Indian culture on Instagram and Twitter with the trending hashtag.


Victoria's Secret Model shuts down 'stupid' food question

Magdalena Frackowiak has walked in five Victoria's Secret shows.

"This is stupid. Ask more smart questions, not 'eating after the show'."

Cultural appropriation

If you understood the story my hair tells, you wouldn't call it a trend

Models with cornrows at the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week last month.

Andrea Arterbery   "I always experience a flash of annoyance when I see white girls wearing cornrows," writes Andrea Arterbery.

Kurt Cobain

You can now buy Kurt Cobain's ratty MTV Unplugged cardigan

Starting bid on the sweater? Your kid's education fund.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Take your creepy Nirvana fandom to the next level by bidding on an iconic piece of clothing that touched Kurt's actual, beautiful, feminist flesh.

Spring Racing

An ode to the Melbourne Cup and its ridiculous fashions

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 04:  Geoffrey Edelsten and Gabi Grecko attending the Emirates Marquee on Melbourne Cup ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The fashion is just as much a part of the Melbourne Cup as the sparkling Chardonnay and horseys are.

Baby Swagger

The baby street style at Seoul Fashion Week is everything

Face it, you'll never be as cool as this.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   At Seoul Fashion Week, the finest street style came courtesy of these pint-sized (impossibly adorable) toddlers.

Mastectomy Bras

The brands redefining mastectomy bras

Linda Listening Bra

Kathleen Lee-Joe   For breast cancer survivors, the task of finding a bra that makes them feel comfortable and confident isn't just bothersome and frustrating, it's almost impossible.

Fashion Solutions

This brand is making fashionable prosthetic leg covers for amputees

The future of prosthetics is beautiful.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   "Our clients and models are seeing themselves in ways they've always imagined — or never imagined before."

Grace Coddington

There is a Grace Coddington movie in the works

Grace Coddington

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Who will play Anna? Who will play Grace? And will their hair do justice to the bewitching cloud of wonder that is Grace's luminous red mane?

This Studio Ghibli-inspired clothing line is the stuff of dreams

Wizards of the West

Kathleen Lee-Joe   This brings you one step closer to living in a lovingly hand-painted Hayao Miyazaki dream world.

Tone deaf fashion

'Art gone berserk': outrage over Hungarian 'migrant chic' fashion shoot

'Migrant chic'

Many argue that the fashion world is warped.

Body Diversity

ModCloth drops the 'plus', makes all clothes equal

ModCloth's recent summer swimwear campaign, starring company employees.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   "Our categories should be defined by types of clothing, not bodies."

American Apparel

American Apparel has finally filed for bankruptcy

American Apparel has finally filed for bankruptcy

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The company has been struggling for the past few years, crippled by huge financial debts, plunging sales and a drawn-out legal battle with the retailer's ousted founder, Dov Charney.

Carine x Uniqlo

Carine Roitfeld's collection for Uniqlo is just as foxy as you'd hoped it to be

Carine Roitfeld working her trademark mussed up, rocker edge.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   "I started from the idea of clothes that I would want to wear myself, and developed this into clothes that anyone would want to wear," Roitfeld explains.

Big Noses

Fashion just went and declared 'big noses' a trend

Cancel your nose job! Big schnozzles are back in fashion. At least that's what Grazia has to say.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   A body part isn't a passing trend. There's nothing we can do to alter the noses we were born with – bar some unnecessary, painful and expensive nips and tucks – so can't we just be told to celebrate what we have?

Modern Hijab

H&M features first Muslim model in a hijab

H&M's first hijab-wearing model, salon owner Mariah Idrissi.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   "It always feels like women who wear hijab are ignored when it comes to fashion."

Pirelli Calendar

Go behind the scenes: Annie Leibovitz shoots Patti, Serena, Tavi, Yoko and more in new Pirelli Calendar

Annie Leibovitz shoots Patti, Serena, Tavi, Yoko and more in new Pirelli Calendar

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Famed for its portrayal of top models baring flesh in exotic locales, the exclusive calendar has decided to head in an entirely different direction for 2016.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has created a mastectomy bra in memory of her mother

Stella McCartney

Jenny Noyes   “We wanted to bring something feminine and beautiful into a bra that is taboo."

Serena Williams

Serena Williams recovers from U.S. Open by staging NYFW show

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 15:  Designer Serena Williams attends the KIA STYLE360 Hosts Serena Williams Signature ...

After losing her match to Italy's Roberta Vinci at the U.S. Open on a Saturday, she recovered by staging a runway show at New York Fashion Week the following Tuesday. As you do.

Dapper Dressing

These women prove menswear ain’t just for the guys


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Meet The Dapper Chicks of New York, the women who do menswear better than most guys do menswear.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood proves she’s the most badass boss in fashion

The punk icon got behind the wheel of a heavy-duty white tank, driving it to the front of UK Prime Minister David ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The punk icon got behind the wheel of a heavy-duty white tank, driving it to the front of UK Prime Minister David Cameron's house to protest 'fracking'.

Spirit of now

Q&A with Aussie model Shanina Sheik

sunday life 13 september shanina

Georgie Gordon   Shanina Sheik's career took off after she appeared on the reality show 'Make Me a Supermodel'. She's since walked the runways for Chanel, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and Victoria's Secret.

Wearable Tech

How female coders are shaping the future of fashion

Coco Rocha commands the runway in an LED-studded dress created by Google's Made With Code at Zac Posen. (Photo by Slaven ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Zac Posen recruited a team of teen girl coders to design a dress for his recent show at New York Fashion Week.

Gender neutral

Could this 11-year-old be the gender-bending future of fashion?

Acne Studios

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Meet the 11-year-old boy who has just landed the latest ad campaign for Acne

Alex Wang

Alexander Wang's new campaign features more celeb cameos than T-Swift tour

Kirsten Wiig poses for Alexander Wang's charity campaign. The two frequently play dress ups on the red carpet.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   To celebrate the brand's 10-year anniversary, Alex Wang has teamed up with youth social advocacy group Do Something.

Alex Wang

Alexander Wang's new campaign features more celeb cameos than T-Swift tour

Kirsten Wiig poses for Alexander Wang's charity campaign. The two frequently play dress ups on the red carpet.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   To celebrate the brand's 10-year anniversary, Alex Wang has teamed up with youth social advocacy group Do Something.

Hijab Confessions

Women open up about wearing the hijab using anonymous app

Whispers prove there's no blanket experience to wearing the hijab.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   "I get away with listening to music during class because no one can see my headphones ..."

Hermés is making fancy bow ties for women


Kathleen Lee-Joe   All hail, Hermés, for taking this traditionally masculine accessory to the necks – heh, heh – level.