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Danish magazine apologises after underweight cover model backlash

Cover magazine photo shoot in question.

The hashtag #covergate took off after thousands joined a 'Corpse or model?'Reddit thread.

Mini history

Was the miniskirt actually invented in Africa?

An image from a 1969 copy of The Drum.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Though debate over who designed the first miniskirt has raged on for decades, the mainstream view cements its origins firmly in 1960s London. But a new article calls this belief into question.

Fugly footwear

A new dawn in fugly footwear at NYFW

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: A model walks the runway at the Coach fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 on February 12, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Kathleen Lee-Joe Want to put your trendiest foot forward? At New York Fashion Week, the hottest things going are traditionally daggy shoes.

Best of Etsy

8 designers to bookmark on Etsy

Queen Bey

Kathleen Lee-Joe A decade ago, fledgling labels would push their wares at the local markets. These days, Etsy is the place to be.

Down Syndrome model

First Down syndrome model walks New York Fashion Week catwalk

Jamie Brewer became the first person with Down Syndrome to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Actress Jamie Brewer has become the first person with Down syndrome to grace the New York Fashion Week catwalk.

'90s fashion

Here's the '90s fashion doco you've been waiting for

There's a new fashion documentary that's set to fully indulge your obsession with everything '90s.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Stop reblogging vintage pictures of Kate Moss and listen here for a moment.

Llamas & Pajamas

Today, Vogue's website is covered in llamas

Trending: llamas.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Click on Vogue's US website today and you’ll notice that almost every story featured on its homepage is about llamas - not luscious llama fur, actual llamas.

'Girly' clothes

Clothing that doesn't make girls choose between pink and dinosaurs

Colourful dresses printed with dinosaurs, maths symbols, pirates, and ninjas.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE These mums couldn’t find their daughters dresses with trucks and dinosaurs on them so they designed their own.

Star Wars Wedding

This Star Wars-themed wedding is actually gorgeous

Star Wars is Jennifer and Joshua's jam and they chose their wedding day to brandish their inner geekdom to the world.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE The best weddings are always a reflection of the couple. And the best-best weddings reflect a couple that just so happen to be mega-fans of an ever-popular sci-fi trilogy set in a galaxy far, far away.

American Apparel

American Apparel's new CEO wants brand to show less skin

A past American Apparel campaign image banned for being too 'sexually suggestive'.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE American Apparel’s first female CEO is taking the brand in a new direction.

Oh Kanye

Kanye predicted he'd be world's "best-dressed rapper" back in 2003

On stage in 2011.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Kanye West has come a long way on the style front. Chicago's finest has transitioned from humble streetwear and Ralph Lauren teddy bear sweaters to Céline print blouses and high-fashion masks.

Cartoon Choupette

Karl Lagerfeld taps cartoonist for latest collection starring Choupette


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with French cartoonist to create a spring-summer capsule collection starring himself and the most pampered cat in couture, Choupette.

Anti V-Day undies

A case against giving lingerie this Valentine's Day

Like Frida, we LOL at your feminine beauty ideals.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE ... and some suggestions if you absolutely MUST go there.

Ye olde fashions

Tudor style is causing a ruffle again

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 28:  A model walks the runway at the Valentino Spring Summer 2015 fashion show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week on January 28, 2015 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images)

Lisa Armstrong Capes, bodices, low-cut necklines - designers finally braved the forgotten era in fashion at the Paris Couture shows last week, says Lisa Armstrong.

Chanel couture

In Bloom: Watch how Chanel haute couture is made


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Chanel takes us behind the curtains at its spring-summer 2015 couture show in Paris last week with a mesmerising video posted to social media.

Freetown Fashpack

The fashion blogger documenting the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone

Miniratu is a surveillance officer who works at the Freetown Command Centre, a unit that coordinates the management of Ebola cases.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Jo Dunlop is an Australian UNICEF consultant currently based in Sierra Leone. The creative force behind the street style blog, Freetown Fashpack, she dedicates her spare time to capturing the kaleidoscopic prints and eye-jolting colours worn by locals on a daily basis.

Heir apparel

Why Japanese fashion label Uniqlo is such a success

A model poses for Uniqlo.

GEORGINA SAFE Georgina Safe on how Japanese fashion label Uniqlo is pursuing world domination.

Fashion equality

Gender-neutral clothing goes mainstream


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Selfridges is creating the ultimate gender-neutral shopping experience.

Toast the dog stars in Karen Walker's latest lookbook

Karen Walker has tapped four-legged Instagram sensation Toast the Dog for her spring 2015 campaign.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Karen Walker has tapped four-legged Instagram sensation Toast the Dog for her spring 2015 campaign.

Deadly Fashion

Watch what happens when fashion bloggers are sent to the sweatshops where their clothes are made

A scene from the new web documentary series 'Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion'.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE That pretty much sums up the premise for a new web documentary series out of Norway, Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion.

Models bare their penises at Rick Owens

RIck Owen's collection on the runway.

Marc Burleigh To quote GQ magazine the designer went "balls out".

Get shorty

Fashion trends that disadvantage shorties


KATHLEEN LEE JOE There are definitely advantages to being a short person, but fashion isn't one of them.

We heart Cumberbritches

Benedict Cumberbatch leggings exist and we're buying them immediately

Benedict Cumberbatch Leggings

Emma Day Introducing the $100 Cumberbritches.

Bruises on the runway

When bruises become a fashion accessory

A model walks the runway during the SANKUANZ presented by GQ CHINA show at the London Collections on January 12.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Bruises are in vogue and we’re not just talking the celebrity back cupping craze.

Smart mirrors

'Smart mirrors' make trying on clothes a less painful experience

Neiman Marcus has entered the future of shopping, installing smart mirrors in three of their departments stores in the US.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Though it sounds like something of out The Jetsons, 'smart mirrors' are now a thing.

Working style

How to pack for a work trip

Choose interchangeable pieces that go with everything

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Travelling for work is always a drag. Take some of the stress out of what’s essentially a four-day getaway with your boss with these handy packing tips.

Cara Delevingne suits up in menswear for DKNY


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Cara Delevingne is one of the boys in this latest ad for DKNY MEN.

Same-sex marriage

The wedding industry can't wait to celebrate gay couples

KATHLEEN LEE JOE As soon as legislation is passed and the ink dries, the good ol’ reliable wedding industry will be there, waiting to shower same-sex couples with expensive confetti and every other exorbitant trapping of the hetero wedding.

Tiffany for equality

Tiffany & Co.'s latest engagement campaign features real-life same sex couple

The new Tiffany & Co. advertisement.

EFFIE MANN A new Tiffany's ad proves gay couples are just as ridiculously good looking as straight couples... oh, and supports marriage equality. Hurrah!

Fashion Dads

This Instagram proves dads acting as fashion bloggers is the best

A sneak peek of Fashion Dads

Kathleen Lee-Joe A sartorial take on the dad joke, Fashion Dads is the best thing you'll click on all week.


When toddlers become style icons

Prince George showing off his #babyswag.

Kathleen Lee-Joe British GQ recently put Prince George on their best-dressed list. Welcome to the age of 'toddlercore'.

Didion for Celine

Joan Didion is the new face of Celine


In the words of Vogue, this is "achingly, achingly cool."

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham lands cover of Elle magazine, rocks polka dots again

Lena Dunham for Elle.

A quick game of 'spot the difference', anyone?

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn’s Vogue cover isn’t enough to change the fashion industry

Jourdan Dunn’s new British Vogue cover

Kathleen Lee-Joe Jourdan Dunn is the first solo black woman to feature on one of their covers in 12 years. But are we too quick to applaud Vogue?

The new Tavi?

Could Mappy be Japan's answer to Tavi Gevinson?

Meet Mappy, Japan’s 13-year-old street style star.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Meet Mappy, Japan’s 13-year-old street style star.

Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons paper dolls will appeal to your inner cool kid

Jenna Lyons

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Enter Flatforms, a decidedly more high-end version of the ratty paper cutouts you used to play with as a kid.

Fashion 2014

10 key fashion moments in 2014

An image from Barney's 'Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters' campaign, shot in New York by photographer Bruce Weber.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Fashion highlights worth celebrating.

Lazy styling

Cute clothes to be lazy in this Christmas

Cute clothes to be lazy in this Christmas

KATHLEEN LEE JOE With no one to impress but your family, you have every excuse to embrace elasticised waistbands and loose cotton separates that allow for maximum face stuffing from December through to January. Heck yeah!

Fair Trade

If you’re going to spend a fortune this Christmas, spend it on ethically sound products


Catherine Candiloro Here's five things all shoppers can do...

Online shopping

What you need to know about buying online from US retailers

KATHLEEN LEE JOE COS. Sephora. Forever 21. Uniqlo. Australia is finally joining the big kids, but there are other brands the US has that we’d love to see hanging in our wardrobes.

H&M's 'only got ice for you' singlet hits shelves

The shirt in question.

JASON DOWLING Large Swedish fashion retailer H&M is selling a singlet top aimed at a young audience that would appear to encourage the use of the destructive drug ice.

Designer baby

J.Crew's latest designer is 4 years old


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Jenna Lyons was so impressed with Mayhem’s level of creativity that she personally reached out to her and asked her to collaborate.

Tech toes

These ballet shoes just got the wearable-tech treatment

KATHLEEN LEE JOE The latest piece of activewear to get the wearable-tech treatment? A humble pair of ballet shoes.

Julia Roberts for Givenchy

Stripped-back Julia Roberts fronts Givenchy's stunning new ad campaign

Julia Roberts for Givenchy.

Well, you don't get branded Pretty Woman for nothing. Can we please look this good when we're 47?

Going viral

Watch these women try on vintage bras and be thankful you don't have to

vintage bras

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Underwear has come a long way since the days of steel-boned corsets and rigid girdles. Thank goodness.

Shop the book

Shop items from Miranda July's new book

Miranda July.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE Miranda July, the filmmaker, writer and performance artist is about to release her first novel and you can shop 40 real-life objects mentioned within its pages.

Kate Moss stars in David Walliams's 'The Boy In The Dress'

Kate Moss and Billy Kennedy, in the first picture from BBC One's forthcoming The Boy in The Dress.

KATHLEEN LEE JOE The supermodel will play herself in the BBC One's forthcoming adaptation of David Walliams's children’s book.

Malala Yousafzai displays bloodstained uniform from Taliban shooting


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Malala Yousafzai has unveiled the school uniform she wore when she was shot in the head by the Taliban on her school bus two years ago.

Rose Byrne: acting has become more of a 'beauty pageant'

The Australian actress chats about the changing face of acting and why it’s a much tougher profession for women than men.

Child supermodels

Why do we have 9-year-old supermodels?


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Doesn't the whole thing make you feel a tad uncomfortable?

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is designing clothes for women of all sizes

SANTA MONICA, CA - NOVEMBER 16:  Actress Melissa McCarthy arrives at the P.S. ARTS Express Yourself 2014 at The Barker Hanger on November 16, 2014 in Santa Monica, California.  (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

KATHLEEN LEE JOE "It’s a strange thing to stop at a certain size," she says. "Women don’t, so why should clothes?”

COS Australia

COS, welcome to Australia!


KATHLEEN LEE JOE COS has taken its sweet, sweet time arriving on our shores, but today, everything changes.

You will not believe how much this castle-shaped jewellery box will set you back

Hide your jewellery in royal style with this Highclere Castle jewellery box from David Linley. Only five were made and comes with a regal price tag of $130,000.

Julie-Anne Sprague The ultimate jewellery box costs $130,000 and is designed by David Linley - the Queen's nephew.

Watch Pharrell and Cara Delevingne sing Chanel's praises, quite literally


Chanel has unveiled a sneak peek of a splashy music video featuring US pop star Pharrell Williams and British supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Retail trickery

Beware: Stores may be using 'skinny mirrors' to convince you to buy their clothes


KATHLEEN LEE JOE A lingerie store in Sweden reportedly saw a 20 per cent boost in sales after Skinny Mirrors were installed in the dressing rooms.

Summer sandals

Six summer sandals that aren’t Birkenstocks


KATHLEEN LEE JOE The fashion pack has dubbed Birkenstocks this season’s ‘it’-sandal, but why be so predictable?

Body image

Why is the hourglass figure the only version of plus size that we see?


Jes Baker 'What happens if you're a woman with less boob than behind or more stomach than ass?' asks body love activist Jes Baker.

Androgynous style

7 androgynous brands changing the fashion industry


KATHLEEN LEE JOE The clothes we wear help shape our identity. They proclaim who we are, both to ourselves and the people around us.

En pointe

The work that goes into a pair of ballet shoes


KATHLEEN LEE JOE Watch this mesmerising video and prepare to fall down a rabbit hole. There’s something completely soothing and ritualistic about it.