Jean dream

Do you dare to double denim?

Canada has delivered to us many a delicious thing: Ryan Gosling, maple syrup drizzled onto bacon, and the cyclical trend that is the Canadian Tuxedo – more commonly known as 'double denim'.

Crafty pants

On Etsy, real men wear crochet

Crochet, it’s not just for your grandmother’s afghans and tea cosies.

MBFWA Trends

10 Fashion Week trends ...

The sparkly dust has settled from Australian fashion week, leaving these need-to-know trends in its wake.

Parody Pics

The best fashion ...

These legendary takedowns put the 'ha' in haute couture.

Bridesmaid Style

ASOS solves your ...

One to bookmark, whether you're a bride-to-be or have been drafted for duty.

Fast Fashion

This doco reveals the ...

"There are hands, physical human hands that touch the things that we wear, and those hands are lives, and they matter ..."

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Angels light up Victoria's Secret show

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande took an unusual backstage as Angels wowed London at the first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show held outside the US. 01:57