This Brisbane-based 'entertainer' thinks it's funny to push his girlfriend around


Jenny Noyes

Brisbane 'entertainer' Shammi Prasad.

Brisbane 'entertainer' Shammi Prasad. Photo: Facebook/Shammi

Anyone who's been the target of a school bully understands the complex, lose-lose situation of being the butt of a 'joke' that involves being humiliated and hurt. The options are to play along, act cool, be 'in on it' and accept the abuse or humiliation; or cry, get angry, complain to someone - and risk further humiliation or physical consequences. 

You'd hope that most grown adults had graduated from that stage of childhood in which they are constantly testing others' boundaries to see how far they can go before the person they're teasing or hurting snaps. 

But thanks to the wonders of social media, manchildren who still think schoolyard bullying is 'funny' somehow manage to find themselves a platform. 

This week, Brisbane based 'entertainer' Shammi Prasad posted an extremely unfunny video with the title "How to impress your girlfriend" to his Facebook page.


In it, he's shown 'pranking' a woman who may or may not actually be his girlfriend - by cracking an egg against her head while she's doing her makeup, deliberately braking hard while driving so she hits her head, shoving an icecream in her face while taking a selfie, shoving her into oncoming walkers, into bushes, and into the river. All for the lols. 

And she takes it, the good sport. That's how you know you've found a cool chick. 

How to impress your girlfriend ! Sarah Jane - Model

Posted by Shammi on  Sunday, December 13, 2015

The post has been shared on Facebook more than 230,000 times. But although the top comment says "Finally a girl that can take a joke.. like she knows his goin over board but she still knows it's just a joke [sic]", not all the attention is positive. 

Of the 177,000 comments on the post, plenty are scathing. Lexxa Colbert writes "'A girl that can tolerate abuse disguised as a joke' is what that basically translates to. if a dude pushed me into the dirt he'd be eating his teeth"

Lee Hilliard adds "Don't really care even if she thinks it's fun and games, you should treat your girlfriend with respect not fucking push her over to get a few likes on Facebook. If I saw a guy do this to a girl, I'd knock him the f--k out. Grow up mate and be a f--king man, not a child. You won't be laughing when she ends up in hospital."

Abbi Louise Smith points out the negative impact videos like this can have beyond the individuals involved in making it: "If your happy to let your boyfriend push you into people, face first into some bushes then into a river all for the sake of the internet then you have problems! Advertising and encouraging abuse in relationships is wrong on so many levels and to make out like its all just a joke is worse. If this is how you both get your kicks keep it to yourselves."

It's not the only video on Shammi's page that shows him engaging in abusive behaviour for the sake of a 'joke'. He also seems to enjoy invading strangers' personal space for the sake of 'creeping them out' and provoking them to get angry. Such lol.  

I'm just gunna go for it.. #AngryPeopleNew Instagram: shammi_ltd

Posted by Shammi on  Thursday, December 10, 2015

Or what about those hilarious times he told a bunch of guys walking down the street that he was going to 'steal' the woman they were walking with (and therefore apparently own)?! Or alternatively, offer to buy her for $20! 

Stealing Guys Girlfriends!

Posted by Shammi on  Saturday, November 7, 2015

But really, the funniest thing on Shammi's Facebook page, by a long shot, is his bio. 

"I made this page to try bring some positive vibes into the newsfeed," he's written. "I love making people happy and that's why I make videos and photos just being an idiot.

"My aim is to motivate others to reach their personal goals in life. If I can make one person smile from my posts, then I am a happy. I don't care what other people think about me, I do what I want to do and I would love if I gave inspiration to others to do the same."

Now that's comedy.