Stanford sexual assault victim says her anonymity is a statement

Brock Turner and his father Dan Turner in court.

Brock Turner and his father Dan Turner in court. Photo: Supplied

The 23-year-old sexual assault victim of Brock Turner might be the most famous anonymous person on the internet right now. 

And she doesn't need to explain why she has chosen to remain anonymous. There is no reason for women who have been through sexual assault to be re-victimised by having their entire identity online forever tied to that assault. 

But the woman known as Emily Doe has nevertheless released a statement on her choice after the extraordinary 7,000 word letter she read out to her rapist in court became an international news story and propelled her into the spotlight - not just a victim of a horrific crime and a failed justice system, but as an incredibly compelling advocate against rape culture. 


Her statement, delivered to a local news station through the prosecutor, made the point that her choice is as much about her advocacy as it is about her privacy.

"I remain anonymous, yes to protect my identity.
But it is also a statement, that all of these people are fighting for someone they don't know.
That's the beauty of it. I don't need labels, categories, to prove I am worthy of respect, to prove that I should be listened to.
I am coming out to you as simply a woman wanting to be heard.
Yes there is plenty more I'd like to tell you about me.
For now, I am every woman."

And every woman is thankful for her words.