Sorry boys, the 2013 Pirelli calendar doesn't feature nudes

The Pirelli calendar (once known as something of a chest-fest), has gone classy this year, featuring fully-clothed models. Gentlemen, dry your eyes.

This year the shoot was set in Rio de Janeiro, and as such Pirelli decided to include several Brazilian women; they cast Pirelli veterans Isabeli Fontana and Adriana Lima (who was pregnant for the shoot), as well as actress Sônia Braga and singer Marisa Monte. Images of local street life are interspersed throughout.

An article in the NY Mag explains the decision to depart from nudity this year.

The decision to cover up was twofold: All of this year’s calendar's models were chosen specifically for their extensive charity work, and it was thought that nudity might, as Starr put it, "dilute the message." Meanwhile, the Pirelli team knew that some women might feel uncomfortable posing nude because of the causes they supported. Kuhn, for example, does a lot of women’s rights work in Afghanistan, and a nude photo could compromise her efforts.


Apparently the models had a mixed reaction to the different bent of the 2013 calendar:

“When I told the models there would be no nudity, some of them were disappointed,” laughs casting director Jennifer Starr, who has worked with Pirelli on the calendar for seventeen years. Petra Nemcova was one of them: “I found out only a week before that it wasn’t nude,” she said. “I’d been, like, working out, getting ready, and I was like, 'Oh, I have to wear these?'” Kyleigh Kuhn, on the other hand, was relieved: “I have three brothers."

Click through the image gallery above to take a sneak peek at the pics, photographed by Steve McCurry. It's a refreshing change from the predictable Terry Richardson-style photos ...