Sneak peek at the Archibalds


Daisy Dumas and Simone Mitchell

The portrait of Anne Summers, by artist Neil Moore.

The portrait of Anne Summers, by artist Neil Moore.

The deadline for paintings to be entered in to the 2013 Archibald prize falls on International Women's Day this year and there are a wide variety of portraits of Australian women in the running for the prize.  

Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herlad reported that Kiwi artist Gabrielle Pool created her entry, a portrait of reality TV star Lara Bingle, in just 20 minutes in her Woolloomooloo studio on Tuesday.

This hasty approach differs from the method used by artist Neil Moore when painting his portrait of author and social commentator Anne Summers.

"I sat for the portrait at my first meeting with [Moore]", explains Summers.


"He came to my house and did a series of pencil sketches and he also took quite a few photographs of me. He came back a few weeks later and showed me the sketches and took some more photos. Then just a couple of weeks ago when the portrait was pretty well finished I went to Neil's house to see it and to provide him with a couple more details (eg my pink fountain pen).

"I was expecting the portrait to be large because Neil said was going to paint larger than life but it was still very confronting to actually see it. I think he has captured something about me which is pretty remarkable since we had never met before he approached me (by email from Italy) to ask me if he could do it".

Other noteable women whose likeness is in the running are fashion designers Collette Dinnigan and Prue Acton who have been painted by Robert Malherbe and Andrew Sibley respectively. 

Finalists will be chosen by March 14, with the winner of the $75,000 prize announced on March 22.