Rick Owens Ditched Runway Models In Favour Of Step Team


Effie Mann

It might have been intimidating if it wasn't so darn thrilling - fierce, racially diverse women of all shapes and sizes stormed the runway in Paris for Rick Owens' Spring 2014 RTW show yesterday, rousing audience members from fashion week-inflicted slumber and sparking social media hysteria.


Dressed in black and tan, with matching high-top sneakers and do rags, the troupes formed wild conga lines, chest-thumping, stomping and high-kicking their way along the catwalk, proving Owens' designs boast a durability not oft witnessed on fashion's most hallowed runway. 



Flown in from the US for the fearsome display, the step teams included the New York City-based troupe Step With Momentum

Susie Bubble took to Twitter and Instagram: "The most powerful and provocative statement this season, nay in the last decade (?) yet from Rick Owens".