Let's peek inside some celebrity wardrobes


Simone Mitchell

The other day when we were "surfing" the internet, we came across a feature that gave a sneak peek into celebrity wardrobes. And we thought we'd share it because who doesn't love to have a stickybeak at somebody else's home. This guy certainly does.

Let's take a look (images via Architectural Digest).

This is Mariah Carey's dressing room in her apartment in Manhattan. "All of the songstress’s outfits are on display and arranged by color and type, while an adjoining shoe room contains hundreds of her signature stilettos." God, she has some space, doesn't she? No undies spewing out of drawers here.


"Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi stored their respective sneakers and high heels in the elegant closet of their Beverly Hills home, which was revamped by decorator Melinda Ritz. The shelving was constructed of stained walnut and the vintage sign was found at a flea market."

"At Woodside, Elton John’s palatial English estate in Old Windsor, shelves were built into the attic eaves to showcase the singer’s astonishing collection of sunglasses, which he has been amassing since the mid-1970s". OUTRAGEOUS. This is a better range than we've seen in any Sunglasses Hut.

"Actress Brooke Shields’s closet at her Greenwich Village townhouse was built of rift-sawn white oak by Brooklyn-based design/build firm MADE. The compact space makes use of a rolling shoe rack and library ladder, helping to maximize storage and accessibility." Do you not love the way a pair of shoes and a handbag have been artfully placed on the floor to make it look like someone actually lives there?