Kate Winslet, looking regal as ever. Photo: Getty

Two years after her divorce from director Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet has announced she married new partner Ned Rocknroll in a secret ceremony.

Winslet has been dating Rocknroll, who is Richard Branson’s nephew, for a year and a half. The pair married in a secret ceremony in New York. A rep from Winslet’s camp told E! News that the wedding was "attended by her two children and a very few friends and family."

This is Winslet’s third marriage, and Rocknroll (who was born  Able Smith)’s second. Winslet has two children from her first and second marriages.

It’s been a bumper year for secret celebrity weddings, with Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Blake Lively all tying the knot in paparazzi-dodging ceremonies. In fact, this isn’t even Kate Winslet’s first “secret” wedding. Her marriage to Sam Mendes in 2003 was also attended by very few guests, and Winslet’s parents told the Daily Mail at the time that they were unaware the couple had planned to wed.

Winslet’s third service, though small, was apparently still star studded. The Sun is reporting her two time co-star Leonardo DiCaprio gave her away. Meanwhile Winslet’s father, again unaware that the ceremony had taken place, said “It’s not something I know of — but nothing would surprise me with those two.”


From: The Vine