John Oliver is now an action hero figurine

John Oliver's now an action hero figurine.

John Oliver's now an action hero figurine. Photo: NBC

Finally, here's the perfect gift for the satirical news junkie in your life.

Your favourite Midlands-accented, headline-shredding TV host, John Oliver, is now an action doll.

Created by cult toymaker Funko Pop!, the former Daily Show correspondent and current host of Last Week Tonight has been transformed into a cute 4-inch figurine, armed with a wooden desk, satirical fury, and a reel of viral videos.


Not really, his only "accessories" are his pressed navy suit and severely oversized spectacles. But somehow, it's enough.

"Whether he's generating discourse throughout the nation on net neutrality, LGBT discrimination, or even founding his own church, John Oliver is a constant source of intelligent satire and call for change!", adds Funko's own delightful product description.

Sadly, all those wonderfully brainy kids scribbling 'John Oliver doll!' at the top of their Santa wishlists right now will have to hold on: the thing's not on sale till February 2016